Three Indian cars which best suit the Pakistani market

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The auto industry’s big three recently said that they did not have any issue over India being granted the MFN (most favored nation) status neither they mind Indian auto makers entering the Pakistani market as our local assemblers were off the opinion that we have what it takes to fight the competition created by Indian cars.

It was also reported last year that Tata has teamed up with a Pakistani company to assemble and sell the world’s cheapest car, Nano over here however, there are more better cars in the Indian market which suit the Pakistani conditions the best – as to the west – we both are just desis.

We have compiled a list of three cars that suit the desi condition which means they are low-cost, high-tech yet easy to assemble cars which have a very good fuel economy and built to be used for our unforgiving roads and driving conditions.

Tata Indigo CS:

Indigo CS (Compact Sedan) was launched in 2008 and since has been doing quite well in the Indian market. This is the world’s shortest sedan which finds parking space easily and comes with a 1.2 liter petrol and 1.4 liter diesel engine – all suited for perfect fuel economy and enough power to take the excessive load we put on our cars.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR:

We have reported earlier that Pak Suzuki will be replacing Alto with the WagonR but we are not yet sure about the details of the model that is going to be launched here.

Mahindra Xylo:

After SAAB has no options, it had to declare bankruptcy and even after shutting and setting everything it owned on auction, few buyers has shown interest in buying the now defunct brand – one of those is Mahindra and Mahindra.

This shows the stability and the performance Mahindra cars are doing everywhere they are introduced and one specific model which we believe could do well in Pakistan is the Xylo.

It is a MUV (Multi-utility vehicle) tailor made for desi use with small but powerful engines – it can carry the excessive load we put on the APV and Hi-Roofs and even more, the import of station wagons have shown that there is quite a good market for such family cars which can be use for more than just hauling your family around.

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  1. Afaq Khan says

    alls are best because the price of these cars are best for our public,,pakistani cant afford expensive cars corolla toyota etc,,nano my favorite 90.000 only,,

  2. zain says

    i like nano cars, these are very economic. and shape of these cars also good. how can we import these cars in pakistan, at same prices as in India.

  3. Mahmood Nawaz says

    when indian car avaliable in pakistan.

  4. mahmood says

    when indian cars avaliable in pakistan.

  5. Mian Saabir Hussain says

    Pakistan auto manufacturers sucks when cheap cars like India will be available in Pakistan

  6. Yasir Mubarik says

    i love xylo car and maruti suzuki gypsy cars in pakistan

  7. zangrodotus says

    Hello! I would have to disagree with you on this.

    Taking the terrain in both countries, ease of maintenance interior space and most importantly the fuel economy into mind, according to me the best 3 Indian cars for Pakistan’s auto market would be :

    1. Mahindra XUV 500 – The big, no non sense SUV would definitely be my choice over the Xylo. Xylo honestly looks comical. Although the pricing is a little above Xylo, this angry looking SUV armed with almost all modern features one would find in a Ford or Skoda, would surely win the hearts of Pakistanis. People from both countries have always had a soft corner for tough, pricey SUVs making this my first choice. (Would start at about PKR 18 Lacs)

    2. TATA Bolt – The fairly good looking hatchback priced below its competitor the Suzuki Swift, is quite impressive. With an OK Kmpl, Airbags, good overall interior and luggage space, dashboard dotted with features like Bluetooth Connectivity, touchscreen music interface etc., and relatively low pricing, I reckon this would do more justice to the ordinary Pakistani buyer than the old Indigo. ( Would start at PKR 6.90 Lacs)

    3. Mahindra KUV100 – This newcomer is currently my favourite. In one line this SUV-Hatchback cross is surprisingly cheap, well equipped, stylish, sporty,very spacious and most importantly convenient. By convenient, I mostly mean it has got these good concealed storage/hiding spaces like underneath the seats, the footrest etc. where one can easily hide… sorry, ‘accommodate’ a couple of beer bottles or a carton of cigarettes. So it could almost definitely prove to be the college going kid’s first choice! The front end looks somewhat like that of the Range Rover Evoque and the back door handle is designed like the one in Chevrolet Beat. The rear end however looks like a hideous Daewoo hatchback. However, this is the one to go for. It even has an armrest at this price!!!! (Would start at PKR 7.10 Lacs)

    TATA Nano is a horrible car. It ‘rides’ like an autorickshaw built on a plinth connected to four toy wheels with pencils. Xylo as I said looks comical, and the unfortunate Indigo customers after a while, will always curse themselves for even having considered the car for buying for their lives will be made so miserable by the constant refuelling and engine wobble. Frankly I loathe all the three choices given by you with an unbridled passion.

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