Tips for Protecting Your car Tyres This Season!


It’s no secret that car tryes come expensive. Being the only component of the car in contact with the road it’s important to keep a track of their condition. Doing so will help you avoid changing tires much often and save you some cash. Here are few tips to take care of your tyres in summer and rainy season.

Keep them Tidy
Considering the weather conditions of our country, excessive exposure to heat can dry out and accelerate wear. On the other hand In the case of monsoon season car tyres get muddy and dirty very often. Al though this is somewhat unavoidable but make sure you don’t forget to clean your car tyres and coat them with tyre wax. This will significantly reduce heat damage in summers and keep the tyres new and shiny through the rainy season.


Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your car’s tyres for possible signs of lumps, cracks or wear. Along with that also keep the tyre pressure level to manufacturer recommended PSI. The immense heat in summers can cause tyres lose their air pressure. So why not catch the problems before they catch you? On the other hand, some people keep the tyre pressure low during the rainy season to increase tyre contact with the road. For the average consumer, this might make perfect sense but it is not a good practice. Why? This increase the chances of a puncture along with putting unnecessary stress on the tire sidewall.


Swap position

As most cars are front wheel drive, front tyres can end up wearing more than the rear tyres. Combine this with the weather conditions in summers you are looking at an accelerated tyre wear. To make sure all wheels wear equally over time it’s a good practice to swap tyres. Similarly, in rainy season less worn tyres reduces the chances of skidding only if you swap the tyres on time. Which is helpful considering the already low traction available.



Weight Reduction

Never overload your car especially in rainy season. Make sure you cut off extra weight by removing things which you don’t need. A heavier car means more braking distance. Resulting in more friction on hot surfaces ultimately increasing tyre wear. Similarly, in rainy season excessive weights can make it a lot harder for the car to stop. Hard braking under slippery conditions can make the car slide. This can prove to be very dangerous.


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