Tips To Keep Calm When Driving During Ramadan In Pakistan


We have crossed Ramadan mid-point, and almost 13 days are remaining. The heat is still as intense as it was when we started. Many can handle the hunger, but it is the thirst that can get you. Sweating and working when you can’t replenish yourself can lead to agitation and aggressive behavior. And in such conditions, if you are stuck in traffic, that can be hard for anyone. Not all cars have A/C units in them. So it is paramount that you keep your cool and make sure you reach your destination safely without losing your temper.

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There isn’t much one can do when you are feeling parched but can’t drink but there are a few things you can do to have a relatively easier journey.

Park your car in shade

Try to get some shade when you are parking your car. You will be returning to your vehicle sooner or later. If you don’t have A/C unit in your vehicle, this is something that can save you a whole lot of pain and sweat when starting your journey. Parking in a shade means your car won’t be oven hot when you get back into it.

Distract yourself

If you are stuck in traffic, and you are not moving anywhere, try listening to the radio for some distraction. Sitting in a hot car without an A/C is tough. You need something to distract you from the current situation. Listen to something soothing and relaxing. Even if you do have a working A/C unit, listening to the radio can calm the anxiety.

Drive defensively

Don’t be rash during rush hour. If you are not in a hurry, take your time. If you see traffic piling up in front of you, take your foot off the accelerator and try to stay in the outer circle of the traffic jams. No point getting stuck right in the middle of a traffic jam where ambient heat reaches crazy levels.

Choose alternate routes

If there is a slightest of hint that the traffic will be slow or stuck where you are heading, try a different route. People sometimes choose the easiest or quickest route, but since everyone is driving on that road thinking the same thing, you end up stuck in traffic.

Keep a water bottle

Not for drinking, but to use in case your vehicle heats up in the traffic. You should check your car almost daily when leaving home. But sometimes a problem can arise due to some unforeseeable reasons. Most of the times broken down cars you see in the middle of the road have an overheating problem. So if you don’t need it, maybe someone else on the road might need it.

In the end, just try to stay calm and relax yourself. I know it is easier said than done. But no harm in trying. Happy motoring.