Toll Tax On Lahore Ring Road Increased by up to PKR 100


Amidst rising inflation and the struggling economy, the government has increased the toll tax on the Lahore Ring Road by up to a whopping 100 rupees. For daily commuters, the recent increase in toll tax is further eroding their disposable income and is a heavy burden on their pockets. This makes driving on the Lahore Ring Road and avoiding the hustle-bustle of the city a bit difficult, especially for cautious consumers.

The biggest hike in the toll tax is for the truck/trailer category. This has been increased from 350 to 450 rupees. The new rates have been effective from December 22, 2019. The transporters have also voiced their opinion against a consistent rise in toll tax rates which has adversely affected their business. 

The toll tax has also been hiked in the past on several occasions. Back in 2017, after the southern loop of the Lahore Ring Road was completed, the authorities hiked the toll tax on cars and jeeps from 20 to 35 rupees. This was also a major hike in the toll tax on the Lahore Ring Road and caused a problem for daily commuters. Even before this, toll tax for cars and jeeps was increased from 10 to 15 rupees in April 2016. Toll tax for cars and jeeps was set at 10 rupees when the authorities started taxing the commuters back in 2012. The Lahore Ring Road provides a fast and congestion-free route across the Lahore city. The final loop of the Lahore Ring Road is yet to be constructed with a private-public partnership. This loop will stretch for 8 kilometers and will be a six-lane road. 

The following table sums up the new and old rates for the respective categories on the Lahore Ring Road: 

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