Toyota cars You can buy under 13 Lacs!

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Note: Last updated in April 2024

Toyota is the second most valuable car brand in the world and makes a wide variety of cars for different markets of the world. Most of their cars are best-sellers in the whole segment, and the recipe for that kind of success is not hidden. The two words that define Toyota are durable and reliable. And this is why Toyota sells like hotcakes. If you are looking for your first Toyota, we’ve got you covered. There are many Toyotas which you can buy easily in Pakistan. So here is our list.

1. Toyota Corolla 7th Generation

Highly durable and reliable car for family use, Corolla is the signature car for Toyota. They are just built to last, even if you put so many miles on them. Toyota claims that 90% of the Corollas ever made are still on the road. So lucky for you can buy Corolla is available in all price ranges and for 8-13 lakh rupees, you can get the 2000-2004 model year which makes it to 7th generation of Corolla. Being on sale in Pakistan for a long time now, you don’t need to worry about anything from maintenance to engine parts; you can get everything done at cheap for almost any city.  XLi, GLi, and 2.0D(Diesel) were the variants on sale in Pakistan. However, the 2.0D is very rare so consider looking for the GLi variant as it comes with all the basic features you will need including power steering, power locks, power windows, and A/C. Rest of the car is tough and comfortable to travel and is able to return a good fuel average.

Price range: 12 lacs to 13 lacs

Indus Corolla Pakistan (2)


2. Toyota Starlet

Offered as both three- and five-door hatchbacks, the Toyota Starlet has been in production till it was replaced by Vitz in 1995 by the JDM Toyota. This car has proved to be an economical and practical car for city use. The reason it’s practical is because it’s as wide as most small family sedans, which means Starlet provides ample space for its passengers. However, it’s significantly shorter in length than any family sedan on sale. Combine it with the small turning radius of the car, and you have a car that can just fit anywhere without much hassle.

Price range: 5 lacs to 7 lacs


3. Toyota Cars: Toyota Platz

Though Platz has been discontinued for the Japanese market and Toyota has replaced it with a 1.33L Toyota Axio for nearly the same price. It’s still being sold as Toyota Vios in various other markets, including Indonesia and Thailand. Platz is designed for people who like the Vitz but don’t want a hatchback. That is exactly what Toyota did: it gave Toyota Vitz a boot and named it the Platz. The car gained huge popularity in Pakistan due to its spacious interior, low running cost, and, most important of all, low price. This makes it a perfect choice for families who want to drive long distances and use it day to day.

Price range: 12 lacs to 13 lacs


4. Toyota Cars: Toyota Crown

In the Japanese market, the Toyota Crown has been the flagship model for 6 decades now. “Crown” is also the longest-running badge for any Toyota passenger car. This car has a long history of being the ultimate symbol of luxury, and the latest models are a sight to behold. Top-notch exterior quality and amazing craftsmanship await you when you step into this beast’s cabin. This statement has always been true for every generation of Crown, and though for the price range, you can’t even think of getting the latest models. But the 9th Generation model (1991-1995), which is currently being sold around 8 lakh, is flooded with features you won’t even find in most modern cars yet. Just for reference aside from the basics such as power steering, abs, and airbags these units are also equipped with features like:

  • Power adjustable seats
  • Traction Control
  • Heated seats
  • Power trunk opener
  • 5-Speed Auto Transmission
  • Climate Control
  • CD Music Player

Price range: 12 lacs to 13 lacs


There are a lot more, but you get the idea of how luxurious these cars are. Most of these units come with a 3.0L engine, which is a fuel-hungry monster, so don’t expect good fuel economy figures, unlike the latest hybrid models. There are multiple variants of this car in Pakistan, including Standard, Royal Saloon, Royal Saloon G, and Majesta.

So, which of these by Toyota floats your boat? Or if you have other Toyota cars under a million in your mind, let us know in the comments section below.

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