Toyota IMC offering discounted price on Corolla Xli!

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For the month of December, Toyota is offering Corolla Xli variant at a discounted price to celebrate its successful 30 years in Pakistan.

The special price is being offered on a limited 300 units of Corolla Xli. Visit your nearest Toyota dealership to avail this limited time offer. Toyota brand is renowned for producing reliable and long-lasting vehicles in Pakistan and has a solid brand image among its consumers.

It also has a wide network of dealerships in Pakistan to facilitate consumers in after-sales services. The following table contains the current prices and special prices for the Xli variant of Corolla

Variant Current Prices (PKR) Special Prices (PKR)
Corolla Xli MT 2,499,000 2,374,000
Corolla Xli AT 2,599,000 2,474,000

If you buy a Corolla Xli variant, both MT and AT models, you will avail a sizeable discount of PKR 125,000. This is an amazing offer by the Indus Motor Company for the public. With a massive increase in the prices of automobiles, this is surely a relief for the public.

Note here that Toyota Indus is soon expected to launch Yaris sedan in Pakistan as a replacement of the 1.3L XLi/GLi Corolla. Toyota Yaris, also known as Vios in some countries, is expected to be launched in different variants in Pakistan. 

That’s it from our side. Drop your thoughts on the story in the comments section below. Stay with PakWheels for similar updates on the automobile industry.

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  1. Shaukat Hayat says

    We don’t need such expensive cars. IMC Toyota, Suzuki and Honda, all of them are under tremendous pressure to sustain their market and business. Stop looting Pakistan and make drastic cut in your prices. We are not fool to buy low profile cars.

  2. khurram says

    You are free to buy a cheap Chinese copy or a JDM or even be brave and launch your own car company because that would make a lot of difference that will. Low profile cars! do most of the idiots on the road even where a seat belt? I suspect that lane departure alert does not even mean a thing to you than why ask for that expensive to maintain feature.
    Most of middle-class people cannot afford to pay a PKR 50,000 for a pair of side view mirror regularly, local assembled cars win in this regard and have cheaper and mid-grade parts that serve their promised purpose. Last but not least, mass of Pakistanis themselves have become corrupt and do not let go of a chance to cause trouble to others within power that they have. Well, then why curse local people working at IMC? Curse yourself.

  3. Ahmad Shahid says

    It seems that you are not a pakistani

    The word corruption that was used by you is right but Pakistani awaam is not corrupt we are poor and middle class because of our rulers? Its not our fault

  4. khurram says

    Really? Mr. Pakistan lover tell me? Have you ever gotten your car repaired from a poor man? What does that poor man do, he tries to appear as though he knows what he is doing in reality, the sick man might end up destroying your car. Do we work diligently in offices? I think we both know the answer.
    Further, what do you have to say about poor people thieving electricity, paying their friends in KE to come and slow down the meter? Can you not see all the unimaginable kind of ways that this poor awam think off to do best in destroying Pakistan. I still have not forgotten this poor awam looting petrol from that overturned tanker and the sick man throwing cigarette. Is that all patriotism? Shame on us.
    Last but not least, read Quran, it mentions clearly jaisay aimal upar jaingay, waisay failslay neechay aingay. Also, do you believe that these leaders have come down from sky? No dear they reside among us, they mirror us, the only difference is that they have power that is greater than this poor awam has.

  5. Adnan Shah says

    You can differ that is perfectly okay, but what we need to do first is to learn how to do a discussion as a gentleman, something we have lacked for many years.

  6. M Rahim says


    So staying on topic – this looks like a pretty good deal. No?

  7. Ghulam Sajjad Gopang says

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    Ghulam Sajjad Gopang

    Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan at Islamabad.

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