Toyota IMC set out Fortuner on a Test-drive

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Upon finding a car that you fancy, what follows is a test-drive, which is a must. Understanding the importance of a test-drive, Toyota Indus Motors Company arranged an experiential drive activity with Fortuner in Karachi.

The variant used in the test-drive was the new Fortuner Sigma 4, which is a diesel variant that the company launched at the beginning of 2018. Many people signed up for the activity to witness the drive experience Fortuner gives.

The main objective to carry out this activity was to show Fortuner’s ability to perform on tracks that were built with hurdles and to give people a chance to experience all the off-roading features that Fortuner Sigma 4 offers. During the activity, Toyota IMC gave a purpose-built test course, where the car was taken to 7 different terrains like a bumpy ride, muddy, rumble steps, rocky, side-incline, uphill and downhill, and a waterbed to test Suspension, Downhill-Assist test, Hill-assist control, etc. With its firm build quality and powerful engine, Fortuner Sigma 4 rolled out on each course seamlessly.

The Bumps:

Starting with the bumps, the car balanced with high-efficiency, motioning smoothly over the bumps just like we experience on our city roads.

Rocky Road:

Then began the rocky road. Ever experienced how the road condition worsened due to several reasons? But Fortuner made its way through it smoothly.

The Rumble: 

Without any hassle, the Fortuner made it through the rumble track with great control.

The Scary Side-incline:

Then came the scary one; the side-incline, but the strong grip of Fortuner made it so easy that it seemed comfortable.

Going Up and Down the Hill:

The steep hills and descending slopes are something people don’t get to experience often, and going up and sliding down can be deadly if the car doesn’t extend full support. But, Fortuner kind of manoeuvred itself smoothly with the technologically advanced Hill Assist and Downhill Assist Controls.

Muddy and Water Pit:

Though both of them seem easier to pass through, however, for a driver it is often tricky to drive in extreme mud and water surface. But, Fortuner made that journey smooth as well.

As per the experiences of the people who signed up for this Fortuner activity, it was a wholesome experience, where people got a chance to use the off-roading features, which are not used during a regular drive. The off-roading ability of Fortuner is on point.

The activity was carried successfully in Lahore and Islamabad as well.

Below, are the technical specifications of Fortuner Sigma 4.

Outline of Diesel Engine

Diesel engines use diesel fuel (light oil) for running the engine, in which the fuel is self-ignited and combusted under high temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber by compressing the intake air, giving a high compression ratio and thermal efficiency. Therefore, diesel engines are relatively superior to gasoline engines in fuel economy (lower CO2 emissions).

In recent years, Toyota diesel engines are equipped with a common-rail system that can inject ultra-highly pressurized fuel at any time plunger as well as at multiple steps thanks to the electronically controlled injectors.

New Fortuner 1GD-Diesel engines electrically controlled fuel injection systems and the latest emission after-treatment technologies are being rapidly introduced into diesel engines to achieve higher environmental and driving performance.

Performance enhancements

‐ Newly developed, compact, and higher efficiency turbocharger.

‐ High-efficiency intercooler positioned in front of the radiator.

‐ Newly developed radiator core with enhanced cooling performance.

‐ Due to above Acceleration performance increased up to 7% in comparison with petrol engine.


‐ Significant reduction of combustion noise thanks to precise injection control.

‐ Chain‐driven valve train.

‐ Resin cylinder head covers.

Fuel efficiency

‐ Friction reduction measures throughout the engine.

‐ EGR system utilizing highly efficient U‐flow EGR cooler.

‐ Electronically controlled common‐rail injection system.

‐ However, fuel efficiency improved up to 22% in comparison with the petrol engine.

Road Condition Conditions Result
City Drive Avg Speed 10 to 60 km/h with go & stop. 10 km/L + 2
Highway Drive Avg Speed 100 km/h 12 km/L + 2


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