Toyota Indus plans to bring 2 new models to Pakistan

A few days ago we posted some photos of what appeared to be the Toyota Vitz/Yaris that Indus Motor Company (IMC) is going to launch soon. After obtaining those photos, we started to dig in and asked some of our internal sources at IMC about the authenticity of these photos.

According to our sources at IMC, the photos are indeed original. The car in the photos was a test car that Toyota Indus imported for test and analysis purposes. The car was showcased to some select vendors and the officials of IMC at an internal gathering at Pearl Continental Hotel earlier this month.

Our source further told us that the car in photos would be launched by the end of 2016 or mid-2017 and would be named Yaris to distinguish it from the imported Vitz that has been in the market for over a decade now. The car would be available in 1.3 liter engine with an option for either automatic or manual transmission. The price of the car would be similar to that of Suzuki Swift.

Not only this, but our source also told us that Toyota Indus would discontinue the Toyota Corolla XLi because the variant lacks basic accessories such as the Power Windows and many customers complain about that fact.

To fill the 1.3 liter sedan gap created by the discontinuation of XLi, Toyota Indus would introduce Toyota Vios 1.3 – the sedan version of Toyota Vitz/Yaris also known as Toyota Belta in some countries including Pakistan. The Toyota Vios would be priced close to the price of Corolla XLi and would go head to head with the Honda City in Pakistan.

Toyota Vios Pakistan

To add up to our excitement, our source further added that IMC will upgrade the engine of Toyota GLi from 1.3 liter to a new 1.5 liter engine and the GLi would be the basic variant of Toyota Corolla with Power Windows and other accessories as standard. The Toyota Corolla Altis Grande would remain the top of the line variant of Corolla.

We also asked our source about the latest development on IMC’s plans to bring Toyota Etios/Liva to Pakistan as previously reported by us. We were told that IMC has totally dropped the plan to bring Etios to Pakistan due to a lack of interest shown by the local vendors and dealers in the car. The Etios that IMC imported for test and analysis purposes is up for sale through an internal auction.

For the first time in several years, I would agree with the strategy of IMC. Currently, XLi is the supreme choice of all the cab and car rental companies; discontinuing XLi would really increase the social status of Corolla in Pakistan.

UPDATE: An independent source has revealed that the actual year of launch for these vehicles is 2018.

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Fahad Ullah

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  • Atta Ur Rehman Asad

    I seriously doubt local produced vitz would even close to the quality of imported one. ditching XLI seems a good idea though

  • Mohammad Vajih Rahman Saqib

    Crazy. Vitz/Yaris ought to Remain 1.0l as are the majority here and Belta should be 1.3l. Corolla, 1.5l and another Variant in 2.0l. The last Two would be successful in staff cars for the Armed Forces and the ministerial level Eliminating Honda Civic, to quite an extent. But who’s gonna tell these goons?

  • aliqadri

    2016 ~ 2017 is far away …

  • Talha

    Toyota Yaris SD is quite popular here in Saudi market…esp this new look. Its the same Belta (Sedan) you call it in pakistani market…just the 3rd gen.

    check below URL too:

  • Shaf Younus

    Tough competition for swift expected in case of competitive price tag..!

  • Manu Gee

    very clever IMC

  • Maxx

    XLi will be discontinued. Lol
    GLi will be 1.5 haha.
    New Models will be introduced by IMC. ROFL

    Do you really believe that this is gonna happen?

  • H__3

    I like Vios! Looks very cool

  • Rehman Khilji

    Well the topic is too ahead of its time, like the author said, a plan for somewhere in 2017. Nonetheless, XLi should be abandon and vitz should be produced locally. There will be a lot interested in it, rather then Suzuki Swift.

  • Tahir

    So for the very first time toyota Indus is about to fuel some competition for its best selling Corolla !

  • Muhammad Mansoor

    It’s actually a fare well rather than launch for the Vios.
    Courtesy: Indus Motor Company.

  • Skt_Z4

    2018!!! :0

    To H*ll with it! Instead of waiting for almost 4 years i would Self Import a nice SUPERBB QUALITY JDM! Like Toyota AQUA or Fit Hybrid, & Much more others in this Price Tag.

    Rather than this Makeup Beauty! & what You BIG 3, we Need Quality & New Vehicles at the Same Time, Not just New Vehicles with HEAVYY Price Tag & Junky Quality Inside.

  • saqib khalil

    When it will be available in pakistan

  • Mehran Ilyas

    where is crolla 2.0D gone? no doubt i has still a market

  • Haseeb Sheikh

    New Toyota Corolla GLi 2016 Model kab aygha???

  • Shahid Ghanghro

    i m wating new toyota 2018 and new names car coming two Toyota lounged company …
    Shahid Hussain hanghro

  • Shahid Ghanghro

    i m wating new toyota 2018 and new names car coming two Toyota lounged company …
    Shahid Hussain hanghro

  • Shahid Lakhmir Ghanghro

    i like toyota company insus

  • Shahid Lakhmir Ghanghro

    i like toyota company insus