Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TZ 2004 Owner’s Review: Prices, Specs & Features

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Toyota Prado is a renowned offroading SUV across the globe, which provides an ample amount of interior space and elegant exterior design. Toyota Prado has been in Pakistan for a while and has established a strong customer base. The particular vehicle under review is the 2004 Toyota Prado TZ. This particular model remained active from 2003 to 2009. There were four different engine formations available in this model. These include a diesel engine, 2.7L VVTI, and non-VVTI petrol engines and a 4.0L engine.

The owner purchased this car in March 2019 in a price tag of PKR 5,000,000. Previously, the owner had the first generation of the Toyota Fortuner. Before making this purchase, the owner was also considering the Toyota Land Cruiser Cygnus and Fortuner. Upon purchasing the vehicle, the owner changed its brake pads. 

Exterior and Interior 

The exterior design and shape give this generation of Toyota Prado a pronounced look and presence on the road. There are no sharp design elements, and the exterior design is mostly a conservative nature. The Prado TZ came with a height control feature which is not present in the rest of the Prado lineup. The interior has dual air conditioning and the option of being a seven-seater vehicle. Both of these features come in the Prado TZ only. The interior also has a sunroof, which makes the interior roomy and airy. It also has cruise control that helps in driving on long journeys. 

The air suspension helps the vehicle provide a very smooth ride on rough surfaces. One of the flaws in this vehicle is that the dashboard gets cracked in hot weather or with time and age. Replacing the dashboard can be expensive at times. The seating capacity at the rear is ample, mainly due to the massive headroom, legroom, and a flat floor. 

Engine and Performance

Toyota Prado TZ came with a 3.4L 5VZ engine with a power output of up to 190 bhp and 298 Ib ft of torque. The 3.4L engine provides plenty of thrusts to propel a huge vehicle like Prado at ease. This engine is also very smooth to run and returns an incredible mileage when compared with other SUVs of the same league. 

Mileage and Maintenance 

Maintenance costs of Toyota Prado are not much apart from regular oil and filter changes. The reliability of Toyota vehicles is good, and owners do not have to encounter many problems. If there is a problem, spare parts of Toyota Prado TZ are easily available from the market as this a common vehicle in Pakistan. The Toyota Prado TZ returns 6.5 km/l in the city and 8 km/l on the highway. The cruise control can help improve fuel efficiency if it is applied below 120 km/h on the highway. Another good thing about this generation of Prado is that you can use spare parts of Hilux and other Toyota vehicles.


The Toyota Prado TZ is a rugged and tough vehicle which provides luxury and comfort at the same time. At the time of its launch, very few tough offroaders had luxurious features. It is still a very capable vehicle with a strong after-sales market in Pakistan.

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