Toyota Pakistan to Discontinue Corolla XLi and GLi


Both the Corolla XLi and Corolla GLi have remained the hot favorite of many automotive consumers in Pakistan for a very long time. Toyota introduced both XLi and GLi variant back in 2001-2002 when Indus Motors launched 9th generation Corolla. And since then, the company has kept the moniker for branding it lesser Corolla variant.

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But now the rumors are that Toyota Pakistan has finally decided to get rid of these two models. And it is not just about killing the name. Rumors suggest that Toyota Indus is ultimately going to kill the 1300cc Corolla. And instead, a new 1300cc Toyota model will be launched. For now, people are suggesting it is going to be some sort of Honda City competitor. So it could be either a Yaris or a Vios. And since Toyota in Pakistan is closely link with Toyota Thailand, I would bet my money on 2018 Toyota Vios.

Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios in Pakistan

But I must say this once again; for now the news is not confirmed and mostly rumors. So I would advise you to take it with a grain of salt. Also, this is not new. A couple of years, similar rumors surfaced but nothing happened. But let’s hope it happens this time.

But if Toyota does launch a smaller car, a Honda City competitor, Toyota must have realised that maybe what Honda Pakistan is doing is a better strategy. Then they will have one bigger model with 1.6 and 1.8 Corolla, like Honda has its Civic. And a smaller version with a smaller 1.3L engine, like Honda City. Also, some are suggesting that Toyota Pakistan will launch two variants of Toyota Vios /Yaris, a hatchback and a sedan model. But let’s just wait and see.

We all would like to see new models being introduced in Pakistan like this Toyota Vios, but what are your thoughts on Toyota killing such iconic models like XLi or GLi. Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. It is good....they are underpowered cars....they have an 84hp engine fitted on a 1270kg body......what that does is it kills the pick and the fuel efficiency......the vios sedan will be a better might be cheaper......have a better engine....and a better power to weight will be a new beginning for the better......because as i see it....the current body of corolla is not made for an 84 hp engine.......

  2. ali454 says:

    They will launch this car. Price it equal to current prices of Gli and earn a whole lot more money because the chassis will be cheaper to make since its based on a vitz.

    Real deal will be the time they price it equal to the current city.

    Its just a dream within a dream at the moment.

  3. Grande, a failure? Maybe you live in some remote Lahore locality where about a hundred people have bought a Civic, making you believe that it is more favorite than a Grande otherwise, a sane man reading newspapers and PAMA reports would never talk rubbish as you are doing just now.
    True, that around 60% of the 8,500 Corollas' being sold are Xli and Gli but, still the 40% figure is better than what the combined City and Civic sale is achieving. Also it is people like you, who posses too much money to spare for the after purchase maintenance of the cars else, smart people who know the worth of their hard earned money would rather go for a reliable and moderately comfortable workhorse like a Grande.
    Last but not the least, you call it a better strategy, eh? Offer the same old model for over eight years because the introduction of new generation shall increase product's price thereby, making it more difficult to compete with the Toyota. Also perhaps, to you maybe the discoloring of the door handles or the failure of AC coil on the sporty Civic is a good strategy, but the professionals would term it a failure. Thanks to Allah that my brother got rid of this three million crap before it broke.

  4. My dear u seem to be a diehard fan of Toyota who thinks more emotionally than calm while responding....u can't change one's perception according to ur own wish n will.....thank you.

  5. you seem desperate and a totally committed toyota fan who is always comparing corolla to Civics, be calm. And it's true that Honda is winning these days with it's Civic, just have to accept it

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