Suzuki Pakistan Reduces Price of Suzuki Bandit GSF650SA

suzuki bandit in pakistan 2012

Suzuki Pakistan launched a few high-end models of motorbikes in Pakistan a few years ago. Bikes like the incredible Hayabusa, Suzuki Intruder, 250cc Inazuma, and the 650cc Bandit. Where Suzuki has its run of mill usual bikes like GD110 and GS150, it was nice of Suzuki to launch its top end models here in Pakistan. That is another story how successful they were in selling those expensive bikes.

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Only some months ago, Pak Suzuki reduced the price of its 250cc Inazuma from 6.81 lacs to 5.99 lacs in a bid to make them more attractive and accessible to Pakistani bike enthusiasts. We don’t know how successful Suzuki was in selling Inazuma after the price reduction. But maybe there was some hope because now the company has reduced the price of its Suzuki Bandit 650cc bike as well.

The 4-cylinder 650cc Suzuki Bandit was previously priced at PKR1,550,000. And the new price is PKR1,450,000. That is one full lac gone from the original bandit price in pakistan

Also, there are only five units of Bandit bikes left in the stock. Suzuki must really want to get rid of those five bikes that they cut the price by one lac. One cannot say how lucky Suzuki will be in selling those units, but no harm in trying. Although one can argue that if someone had more than 1.5 million rupees in the pocket for a bike, I doubt they will be waiting for the moment when Suzuki would reduce hundred thousand rupees from the bandit 2012

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