Toyota Pakistan increases prices of its cars once again!

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As expected after the statement of the Indus Motors Corporation CEO, Ali Asghar Jamali, the automaker has increased the prices of both of its locally assembled as well as imported Toyota vehicles. The new prices will come into effect from 22nd March; that is tomorrow.

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Here are the new ex-factory prices:

Toyota Corolla New Prices

Variant New – PKR Current – PKR Difference -PKR
XLI 1,894,000 1,819,000 75,000
GLI MT 2,049,000 1,949,000 100,000
GLi MT SE 2,159,000 2,059,000 100,000
GLI AT 2,124,000 2,024,000 100,000
Altis 1.6 2,274,000 2,199,000 75,000
Altis 1.8 MT 2,339,000 2,264,000 75,000
Altis 1.8 CVT 2,464,000 2,389,000 75,000
Grande MT SR 2,514,000 2,439,000 75,000
Grande CVT SR 2,664,000 2,589,000 75,000

Hilux and Fortuner New Prices

Variant New – PKR Current – PKR Difference – PKR
Hilux Deckless 2,319,000 2,219,000 100,000
Hilux 4×2 2,569,000 2,469,000 100,000
Hilux 4×2 (up-spec) 2,599,000 2,499,000 100,000
Revo G MT 4,374,000 4,124,000 250,000
Revo GAT 4,599,000 4,349,000 250,000
Revo V AT 4,949,000 4,649,000 300,000
Fortuner 4×2 (Petrol) 5,849,000 5,549,000 300,000
Fortuner 4×4 6,199,000 5,899,000 300,000

New prices will be applied to all partial payments orders as well. If you are expecting your car in March or April and have already paid full payment, you will not have to pay the difference.

Mr Jamali said at an event just a few days ago that the devaluation of Pakistani Rupee is making it harder to maintain the current prices. Combine that with the increased taxes on raw material as well as the escalating costs of the material itself, Toyota Pakistan will be forced to revise its cars’ prices as well. And it appears that it did not take long for the company to make that decision.

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IMC only recently cancelled a bunch of more booked cars in order to discourage investors from buying them and later selling them at higher prices in the open market. Previously Toyota Pakistan cancelled more than 1300 orders. Both times the general public praised the efforts of the company to cater a genuine buyer. But how the same genuine buyer will respond to the news of increased prices, that will surely be interesting to see.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Fahad Muneeb says

    No ?

  2. RAHIM says

    Its ridiculous if dollar comes they will decrease prices NO AND EVER LANAT HY IMC PER.. they are making of there customer, unfortunately customer have no choice they are handicapped with SUZUKI, HONDA, AND TOYOTA.. LANAT HY

  3. Zahoor gahia says

    Its sad to see each time the ishaq dollar goes up the car prices goes with it
    Can the poor man cope with increases
    I think its only about making $$$$$$$
    Shame on the in charge . only in pakistan peoples got wait 9 months to get the bloody car

  4. farok sayer says

    At the time of Musharraf import of 5 year old cars was allowed and the common man could get a good quality vehicle at reasonable price.But after the democratic governments of MR 10% and Mr Panama cam e to power it was reduced to 3 years and duty was increased now a car which costs 600,000 CIF being sold at a price of 16,00,000 and the poor consumer is paying tax to the useless Pakistani government.Local manufacturers are cooperating with dealers and black marketing cars.Where is the Supereme court NAB and all the other socalled institutions which are feeding on the poor PK taxpayer?????? why dont they take action????

  5. farok sayer says

    only in Pakistan where is baba rehmata ????

  6. Salman Ahmed says

    I have the money but I refuse to buy these sub standard cars for such a high price .

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