Toyota Revises Its Vehicle Prices

Toyota IMC has revised the prices of its vehicles, including Toyota Corolla and its variants, Toyota Hilux and its variants and various other Toyota CBUs.

According to Toyota’s latest standardized price list, which comes into effect from March 11, 2019, the following will be the price of its vehicles:

Interestingly, the above mentioned only list the price for filers, when in fact the non-filers may also purchase all locally made models of Toyota irrespective of their engine capacity. However, there is a caveat; they will have to pay higher advance income tax u/s.231B of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Here is the updated sheet of charges applicable on filers and non-filers:

S.No. Engine Capacity of Vehicle Rate of Tax on Filers Rate of Tax on Non-Filers
1 upto 850cc Rs.7,500 Rs.15,000/-
2 851cc to 1000cc Rs.15,000 Rs.37,500/-
3 1001cc to 1300cc Rs.25,000 Rs.60,000/-
4 1301cc to 1600cc Rs.50,000 Rs.150,000/-
5 1601cc to 1800cc Rs.75,000 Rs.225,000/-
6 1801cc to 2000cc Rs.100,000 Rs.300,000/-
7 2001cc to 2500cc Rs.150,000 Rs.450,000/-
8 2501cc to 3000cc Rs.200,000 Rs.600,000/-
9 3001cc to onwards Rs. 250,000 Rs.675,000/-

The government has also levied a 10% FED on locally built cars of 1700cc engine displacement and above. The increase in the price of Toyota Grande and its variants is most likely because of it.

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Notable Replies

  1. Seems false news. No update on official website yet. 2ndly that 10% increase can't be implemented before the receipt of circular from govt. And that's sure no circular received by Indus as of today. I checked it today eve. When the circular will be received, it will also allow non filers to buy any local car but with increased withholding tax than before.

  2. rok sako to rok lo tabdeeli aayee ray....

  3. soka6 says:

    There is every reason to be excited about because I have checked with four dealers and all have confirmed the price increase . Also welcome to Naya Pakistan . Forget your old Pakistan .
    Also this is how ***** responds .deal with it.

  4. Yes. Today all dealerships received the SRO. It's official now. Suzuki Mehran zinda baad

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