Factors that affect the fuel economy of your car

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Fuel prices in the country are frequently changing, burdening the ordinary people with inflation in every sector. Maintaining the car alone is much difficult, and with the fluctuation, in petrol prices, the money being spent on the car becomes much higher. In this particular write-up, we will be exploring the factors that cause the fuel economy of the vehicle to diminish quite a lot, and if one filter out those factors, the fuel economy of the vehicle can be increased exponentially, and you can save a lot of money from being spent on fuel.

There are many factors that cause the fuel economy of the car to deteriorate. However, we will be focusing on a few important ones.

Bad fuel injectors

One of the common cause that affects the fuel economy is clogged fuel injectors. The phenomenon occurs when filter inside the fuel injector get clogged with dirt, which causes the fuel to flow less through the fuel injectors and this thing forces ECU of vehicles to adjust by injecting more fuel, which trims down the fuel mileage of the car. So, always pay attention and get the fuel injectors cleaned after an equal interval of time. And if they still cause the problem; replace them so avoid more fuel consumption.

Clogged air intake system

The other reason the fuel economy of your car is affected is due to the clogged air intake system. The clogged air filter does not allow air to pass through the engine freely. Get your clogged air filter changed and throttle body clean to achieve high fuel economy.

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Piston rings

Worn out piston rings and valve decrease the engine compression, which leads to high fuel economy. Remember to get compression test of your car. Moreover, misfiring of the spark plugs and carbon in spark plugs also decrease the fuel economy.

Not driving at moderate speed

People love to floor the accelerator whenever they see a clear road ahead of them, which is another cause the car eats more fuel. Drive the vehicle at moderate speed to get maximum fuel mileage. Also, avoid harsh acceleration and sudden stops.

Misaligned wheels

Keep your vehicle’s wheel-alignment within the manufacturer’s specified limits as misalignment can cause extra load on the engine to turn the wheels, which leads to high fuel consumption. Additionally, the improper air in the tyres is another reason the vehicle consumes more fuel, giving less mileage to its user.

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That’s it from our side, if you’ve got any tips, please do share in the comments section below.

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