Toyota Sells Record 57,000 Cars In 2015 In Pakistan

Pakistani automakers have seen some exponential growth lately. All three existing automobile assemblers (Suzuki, Toyota and Honda) have reported increase in sales. The number of total units sold went from 136,888 units in 2014 to 179,953 units in 2015. That is an increase of more than 31 percent.

Toyota saw one of its most successful years in Pakistan last year. Toyota sold 57,000 units in the year 2015. That is 2200 more than their plant capacity of 54,800 units. And Corolla is their star product.

Analysts have attributed the growth to the improved economics of the auto sector and the positive outlook of the overall economy. Weaker Yen has helped the assemblers to import spare car parts for less hence keeping the prices at a level and attracting more consumers. Around 75 percent of a locally assembled car is made up of imported spare parts. Also, the continuously declining oil prices have also helped consumers to spend more on cars, nationally and internationally. The third biggest factor is the low-interest rates by banks. The interest rates are at their lowest in the last 42 years. That has made the prospect of having your own vehicle quite easy for many.

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Pak Suzuki, a joint venture between Pakistan Automobile Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, upped its output by 54 percent. Thanks to Punjab Taxi Scheme, Pak Suzuki cars vehicles like Suzuki Bolan and Suzuki Ravi sold more than ever. Once the scheme has ended, it will be interesting to see how PS will manage to keep the momentum going.

Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgeer remarked,

“The auto industry must now focus on enlarging output of its cars and export more units to countries in its neighborhood. It should also tap new markets in Central Asia.”

We are exporting some spare parts to Sri Lanka and few African nations, countries to whom we have exported cars previously.

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  • Guest

    57,000 more cars without ABS and other safety features.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    42 years lowest bank interest?

  • Aamir Bashir

    Thats insane selling cars without any safety features Just cabin with seats plus wheels, no aerodynamics, no airbags, no ABS, no ESP, for suzuki no power steering even, no electric windows, Japanese companies are collecting heavy/big profits from countries like ours where they see no regulations, Policies, Terms and conditions etc

  • Junaid Abbas

    Everyone has its own choice of cars, For some, TOYOTA is COOL , For some HONDA is COOL and For some SUZUKI is cool. But, The truth is that TOYOTA has beaten SUZUKI and HONDA.

  • Ali Yawr

    Safety features and added comfort options are part of the price you pay. If they add those features, the prices point is much higher and you would rather opt for another vehicle. Remember ABS, ESP and Aerodynamics were not available in cars of the previous generation. A capitalist economy runs on demand and supply. If the consumer is ready to pay that price then they might add those features and ‘meet global standards’, as some would say.
    Policies and regulations are what the Government of a country can impose (example: India’s supreme court bans Diesel vehicles in Delhi, UAE bans cars without ABS and two front Airbags). If the government of Pakistan enforces such regulations, Toyota will produce cars within the bounds of these policies.

    All that said, Japanese companies (or any other foreign company) that lets you manufacture their product in your country is essentially allowing local Jobs, increased cash flows and lower imports. These benefits far out-weigh the country’s small abs and esp problems.

    Agreed, the locally produced Toyotas might not be the feature-rich top quality but they are exactly what the consumer would pay for. If the inflation rates go down, economy starts improving and the purchasing power is higher, who knows you might have GM, Fiat, Ford and other who would like to produce their vehicles in Pakistan and might even export it to the neighboring countries.

  • farok sayer

    All cars assembled in Pakistan are junk.There is a three month waiting time to buy a new corolla in Pakistan and then you have to show white money other wise FBR will send u a notice ( after sleeping for 5 years) to show where u got the money .Welcome to Pakistan.

  • guest

    Its good you jack@ss like farok sayer that there is some what marginal improvement in accountability. Since jack@ss like u are not regular filers therefore they should get notices. If u are so transparent then give FBR reply from where u got the money, why are u so afraid

  • Guest

    Yeah right these jacks want a mercedes luxury in the price of corolla or suzuki, Since these cars are max 1800 cc these cars are not designed to hold grip above 120 km/hr and aerodynamics play their role above 100 mph. I don;t know why these half knowledge jacks write comments

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Safety features are always standard features in a sensible society. They should not be neglect in any situation. And they are already charging heavy prices and monopoly is on the way. Remember EURO-II became a standard after government enforcement.

  • Ali Yawr

    Exactly my point.
    E2 is standard in Pakistan, the rest of the world is already on E5 and moving on to E6 and further to Hybrids. The government needs to intervene and start making wiser decisions to curb inflation, improve standards and allow for fair market competition.
    Ref to the original comment by @disqus_cc6Ydexp2n:disqus it isn’t Toyota or any other manufacturer who is responsible for the pollution caused by low standard vehicles being produced. As an example, if the government enforces Euro-5 and contributes in terms of subsidies to lower costs, Toyota will produce more environment friendly cars and there will be less pollution. Lets just hope the ones responsible wake up sooner rather than later!

  • farok sayer

    whatever i am not buying junk and u can do what u like with your patriotism.