Toyota – The top most automotive brand for 2014

The annual list of top 100 brands by the brand consultancy firm Interbrand is out. The list consists of top brands worldwide according to financial standing, brand’s influence on the purchase decision and the competitive strength of the brand.

Only 14 automotive brands made it to the list, amongst them Toyota is the leading brand in the automotive category out of those 14 brands, followed by Mercedez-Benz at second, BMW at third and Honda at fourth.

The overall ranking of the 14 automotive brands in the top 100 list as follows:

Interbrand List of Top Automotive Brands 2014

  1. Toyota – 8th
  2. Mercedez-Benz – 10th
  3. BMW – 11th
  4. Honda – 20th
  5. Volkswagen – 31st
  6. Ford – 39th
  7. Hyundai – 40th
  8. Audi – 45th
  9. Nissan – 56th
  10. Porsche – 60th
  11. Kia – 74th
  12. Chevrolet – 82nd
  13. Harley-Davidson – 87th
  14. Land Rover – 91st

Source: Interbrand

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