Truck carrying new Toyota Corollas crashes off motorway

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Toyota Corolla is perhaps the most reliable and durable car around the world. Its a work horse. And, the new Toyota Corolla is quite in demand these days but unfortunately, Pakistan Billionaires Club posted photos of seems to be the first crash of multiple new Corollas in Pakistan.

We can’t actually count the total number of Toyota Corolla involved in the crash, but they are quite many as these trailers transport the cars assembled in Karachi, to the rest of the country for deliveries and we’re guessing a lot of customers won’t be getting them soon.

According to the comment on the picture by the page, the trailer crashed off motorway while transporting the Corolla Xli from Karachi to up-country.

We hope that no one was injured in this accident other than the cars which would be sold to local ustaads to be fixed and sold as new.

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  1. Aneef Izhar says

    o bhains. Insured to hongi ye cars from Toyota Indus?

  2. Faiz says

    Hope the driver is insured from boss…

  3. aliqadri says

    ther than the cars which would be sold to local ustaads to be fixed and sold as new. ………. well said

  4. Ahmed Hembel says

    Crash Test for Pakistan 😀 The chassis numbers (or VIN or whatever) of these cars should be made public so ustaads don’t get a chance for fraud

  5. mustafa says

    plzz sell one of those to me 🙂

  6. Lazy Sapper says

    Always buy new cars from well reputed company dealers. Even some of official dealers do fraud and sell accidented but fixed new cars.

  7. Sheraz says

    Sale ho rhi hain yeh tu batayee

  8. basitlhr says

    sad to know. Allah sab key jaan maal aur izzat mehfooz rakhy.. ameen

  9. faiq says

    what is price …………..?

  10. Aatif Chaudhry says

    Not the most reliable and durable around the “world” .. be specific to Pakistan or where you have seen so.
    not easy to be “fixed by local ustaads and sold as new” either.
    However they might be dis-assembled and their parts may come to Bilal Gunj or some auto market sooner this time 😉

  11. Mohammed Faheem Modi says

    New Parts in scrap market will be available soon ” ALLAH TALAH SAAB KO RIZQ DAITA HAI”

  12. Abid Abrar Husain says

    Any coming up for auction. I would like to rebuild one and improve … to Japanese specs and quality

  13. Ahsan Qayyum says

    Last month i.e. june15 another troller carrying corallas accidented near khairpur but no news on web n media.

  14. Faisal says

    I want to purchase these Accidented cars. Plz Contact to me. 0306-5000765

  15. Umair says

    I want to purchase this car

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