Types of pedestrians you will find on Pakistan’s roads

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On the road, we face a wide variety of living, breathing and organic beings when travelling. Most of our pedestrians pay the least attention to oncoming traffic and just step on the roads. A Majority of the pedestrians do not have the slightest concept of Zebra crossings and are in a rush to cross the road as if their life is on the line.

Frequently we hear about accidents involving pedestrians, some even fatal. If we know the psychology of the categories of people on the road and drive accordingly, we can minimize the chances of an accident.

1. Children

Having an abundance of schools just alongside major roads and the school timings matching peak traffic hours, one is bound to encounter children on the street. Some of the children are street smart and cross roads sensibly whereas others take it as a FUN or NERVOUS exercise depending on the child. A Majority of them will just run on the road without any regard to the traffic both ways, or they will see the traffic from one side and make a run for it. IF you are seeing children cross the road, slow down and do not HORN at them, it will only make them more conscious and nervous and increase the chances of them crossing the road in a hurry increasing the risk for an accident. Another thing which I have noticed about children is that the youngest ones even try to touch a passing car which can be very dangerous. So even if you think you have crossed a child, still be vigilant about his location, otherwise it can cause him great body harm.

2. Women

Another category which a driver should understand. Women tend to get confused in the mid of the roads because of nervousness. For a driver, if a woman is crossing the road to the right side, she can even make an abrupt 180 degree turn and head back towards her starting point due to fear/confusion and this sudden reversal in direction can lead to an accident. Drivers should be aware of this psychology as well and drive accordingly. Again speeding up towards them or using horns will not help your cause and will only increase the fear in them.

2. Men

There are many varieties of pedestrians related to this category. Some dare devils stand in between moving lanes and move accordingly thinking the driver will stop the car and won’t hit them. They suffer from the “Superman syndrome” where they think their body is made of steel and nothing bad can happen to them. Well, when the driver also assumes the pedestrian will stop then an accident is imminent. So for the safety of yourself and these supermen, it is advisable to stop the car and let them cross the road and then continue your journey.

3. Animals

Animals have all the traits of the humans listed above. Some cross sensibly seeing traffic. Some act like children and make a run for it. Some make a U turn in mid-way. Some walk from one end to the other with the least regard to traffic. And then there are the urban shepherds who bring their herd for walks on the roads.

If we understand the psychology of these beings and drive accordingly, we can save ourselves and them from trouble. Pedestrians are also requested to pass roads responsibly to ensure theirs and others safety


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  1. Fahd Riaz Ali says

    the superman syndrome LOL

  2. Mujtaba Abbas says

    True story O:)

  3. Judge Judge says

    some @holes dont want to mention that footpaths are not available and school education does not include anything about safely….dont blame padestrians….I own a car a bike and I
    walk as well….you weathly-bastards needs to take care of padestrians and take your hands off from horn……………..

  4. Arif Raza Khan says

    An Excellent Informations

  5. Mujtaba Abbas says

    thanks 🙂

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