Umar Akmal’s misdemeanor with traffic police, here’s how he should’ve behaved with them

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Umar Akmal got arrested due to scuffling with a traffic warden. He spent a night in prison and got his driving license suspended by the traffic police authorities and he was lightly go as such misbehaving with a police official falls as misdemeanor charge and they don’t you go easy.

According to news, he did not stop at a red traffic light even when traffic wardens tried to stop him. And when he did stop, he started throwing verbal and physical abuse at the warden; even tore his uniform. This prompted me to write an article on how to deal with traffic police once you are pulled over to avoid these types of situations, or even increase your chances to go without a fine and just a warning.

Get your attitude right

Yes you have been stopped by the traffic warden, probably because you are at fault! The officer has nothing against you; he is just performing his duties. DO NOT take it personally and cooperate with him. You may be in a hurry or get frustrated, but look in this situation from his perspective as well. He may be standing in the same position for hours under the scorching sun with lower payroll and be more frustrated than you. Don’t let that frustration go down on you by your negative attitude.

Being Umar Akmal could’ve helped him anyways with the warden if he was nice to him instead of behaving like a punk. Maybe offer him an autograph with a smile and apologized by pulling over would’ve worked so better.

License & Registration

Many people when asked for their license and registration start the typical dialogue “Mene kia kea?(what have I done?)”etc, without handing him over the documents. You should act as the traffic warden is in control of the situation and not you. It will help you in pleading your case later on. Not showing the Driving license or car papers will only enrage the warden and lower your chances of getting away without a fine or any other penalty.

Do not tell about yourself

Saying things like “Tujhe pata hai mei kon hun? (Do you know who I am)” will lead you nowhere and will only cause resentment and anger to the warden. Saying you know someone in the police or politics won’t help your case either. For the Warden, hundreds of people say the same thing and they are indifferent to it. Umar Akmal is a well-known celebrity here and probably a hero to many, but did it help him out of this situation? It did not! But maybe it did help in score a century FINALLY!


The only reasonable thing to do here is to apologize and admit your mistake. It won’t make you any less or a MAN you are and will even lighten the mood of the warden. Apologize in a respectable way, tell a reason for your violation (For example some emergency) if you really have one, I won’t promote lying to save a FEW bucks. Apologizing to the wardens have caused me exemption from fines a few times, or reduction from 500 to 300 or so. Well didn’t hurt much did it?

Do not try to Bribe them

Well this is against moral and religious grounds. If you have committed a mistake it’s better to face the music and get a ticket than trying to use Unlawful means then later on, complaining about the corrupt system. Paying a fine will also help you remember your fault and will act as deterrence in the future.

Traffic jams and we’re pretty sure, most of the time people stopped for long by wardens because they don’t have the most necessary documents to present like the license and car’s registration documents and then we corrupt the system by either bribing or not following the laws.

Do not try to Flee

Yea you may have a fast car compared to a bike or no bike traffic warden but never try to escape once he points you to a side. You may over speed and cause an accident further down the road. The warden may wireless your possible route and car number and a warden ahead of you may stop you. You can get imprisonment and get your car impounded. Also it can be a safety risk for you as well as others. It is strongly advised not to run away from the wardens.

So instead of being an Umar Akmal on the roads, follow the rules and drive with absolute confidence because if you have all documents which you must, then the warden will check them and let you go most of the time unless you break the traffic rules.

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  1. Pakwheels Tester says

    nice… lets follow it

  2. Tayyab Shoaib says

    "So instead of being an Umar Akmal on the roads" LOLzzzz 😀

  3. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    these tips aren't for Pakistan i think or for isb only, fleeing works best, still if u are somehow stopped don't show any papers(especially original) unless u want to spend time getting them back after a challan.

  4. Amer Iqbal says

    It is people like you who pollute our culture and society

  5. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    hmm, how much tax do u pay????? cuz i do and the donkey cart wala doesn't yet he wont give me way and his behavior is like h owns the road, if he'd scratch my car he can get away by "maafi" even if i dont want to forgive him only to set an example but i have to cuz so called Islam k mamu's who make a huge crowd that forces u to leave him while Islam allows an eye for an eye, a life for a life kind of revenge…

  6. Khuram Javaid says

    Oh God, your English's horrible.

  7. Agha Mohsin says

    Very good and i will agreed with the statement to apologize promptly , few days ago warden stopped me at mall road and i came at from my car and said dear sir i apologize as i was not aware about the rules of service road and i can't argue with you i can only say give me chance and favor and i will obey the rules in future and he allow me to go. Wardens are good human beings and they are performing their duties and we should give them respect !

  8. Mian Hamza says

    If you have made a mistake , admit it! This won't let you down!

  9. Awais Rasheed says

    Chawal ha chawal Prado wale ko b rok ke dikhae to mano Ab to Chup ke khare hote ha Challan karne ke lye!

  10. Mian Hamza says

    Awais Rasheed let them do it anyway, our duty is to be a law abiding citizen 🙂

  11. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    Fun fact: We are Pakistanis. Not Englishmen Mr. White.

  12. Khuram Javaid says

    whoaa hostile response. why not write in Urdu then. you'll have a bigger response Mr confused.

  13. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    Let me fix that for you: Woah! That's a hostile response. Why not write in urdu then? You will have a better response Mr. Confused.

  14. Umar Azam says

    You never know what happened in real. Traffic wardens are really showing bad attitude towards general public now a days. They will issue you ticket for no good reason. And its their typical excuse, that other person tore their uniform and stopped them of performing their duties. So before making such offensive statements about some one you should thought what else could have gone wrong,

  15. Mujtaba Abbas says


  16. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Mian Hamza , Agreed with your P.O.V 🙂

  17. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I have seen the attitude of Umar Akmal in real as well, and trust me, what i say, definitely he is to be blamed..

  18. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Yea, Good manners will get you things unimaginable with Akkar 🙂

  19. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Baber Kaleem Khan , i think he should be given a medal for his superior "Angraizi" then 🙂

  20. Khuram Javaid says

    To be honest, if you go about proof reading your own article, it would have been better. Now, petulantly trying to fix my comments. That's lame. Stay classy like that, Pakwheels.

  21. Umar Azam says

    Mujtaba Abbas And I have seen traffic wardens black mailing drivers of commercial vehicles and accepting bribes from them. And believe me now a days they are some special campaign against car drivers and they have lost their nice touch, they talk to you rudely and deliberately provoke you to say such thing which can be used against you later on. Or else they always have tailor made excuse that common citizen tore their uniform. May be you have noticed incident happened in FSD few days where group of wardens beat car occupants so severely that they were taken to hospital for treatment,

  22. Imran Book Imran says

    umer akmal ko jootay laganay chaeeyain agar es nay galti kee hai tu aur agar wardan galat hai tu us kay sathebheee yahee slook hoona chaheeay sab ka liya braber insaf islam ka mutabiq

  23. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Umar Azam , well i have seen some nice and honest traffic wardens as well. Not everyone is the same..

  24. Mujtaba Abbas says


  25. Yasr Bukhari says

    Usman Haider Sheikh! That donkey cart wala works twice as hard as you. He and many others like him contribute their hard work and labor to the economy. Which enables exploiters and middlemen to make loads of money off their hard work. Which in turn enables them to pay taxes.

  26. Kaleem Ullah says

    I have noticed, they never stopped me for no reason. And almost always they waived off the penalty or reduced fine, whenever I accepted my mistake.

  27. Kaleem Ullah says

    and the new term, Don't be so Akmal 🙂

  28. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Yea.. sadly, the majority of us do not understand this concept…

  29. Asad Ahmed says

    Of course Akmal Brothers got money suddenly and as normal and average Pakistani National its not new. We never accept our mistake, this is our whole story. what to say to Umar Akmal. Following Points i like:
    1) He is big A.H.
    2) Bravo to Traffic Warden
    3) I never experienced that without any reason warden stop riders
    4) Every one blames wardens but never consider their mistake.
    5) He should be hanged.
    6) There should be no exemption for so called national heroes.
    7) Akmal Bros are not national hero rather such people are cancer to our nation.

  30. Ali Adnan Khan says

    lolxxxxxxxxx……"So instead of being an Umar Akmal on the roads"
    kamal dar dia Mujtaba bhai. Yani ab "Umar Akmal" aik kefiyat ka naam he jo kay kisi par bhi taari ho sakti he.hahahahha aur is UA kefiyat me Mujtaba bhai ka article aik mashal-e-rah hey……lolllxxxxx

  31. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Yasr Bukhari working twice as hard means he has got the right to scratch my car? he and his ancestors are major contributers to his miserable life, most people of this category sell their vote and participate rallies by some particular political party for 500 rs and a plate of biryani.

    other than that, these vehicles are highly unsafe for urban areas, they create a nuisance for traffic due to their slow acceleration and low top speeds. with no dedicated brakes or maneuverability control they prove to be very dangrous, 2 years ago a milkman put a dent on my father's car after losing balance on his overloaded yamaha, many supporters gathered around him saying"ghareeb aadmi ha apni rozi kama rha ha, bechary ka apna kitna nuqsaan hua ha" and took him to a clinic nearby. we were in hurry so my father forgave him.

    another milkman on bike hit a pedestrian(16 male) of our area about 3 months ago with the container they use to carry milk, the bone bellow his knee was shattered and he can never walk properly again or play cricket or ride a motorcycle, who's responsible this, the so called gareeb aadmi.

  32. Usman H. Khan says

    whenever i turn from drigh road to shahra e faisal I get stopped by the warden! it doesnt matter if i am the first one or the last one out! its always sir app nai signal tora hai! acha ji I co operate and show all docs n stuff n even apologise but never get away without 300-500 fine! Now I take a longer route to office just becuz it doesnt freakin matter if its my mistake!

  33. Mujtaba Abbas says

    You can complain about that warden..?

  34. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Not sure if compliment or jugat 😛

  35. Ali Adnan Khan says

    Bro surely compliments for you for nice article.

  36. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Ali Adnan Khan Thank you 🙂

  37. Rabeel Ch says

    Usman Haider Sheikh Every One In Country pays Taxes, Having a car will not make you someone special, Even The road you are using is built with the tax money of That ''Donkey Cart Wala'' ,take a Breath and try to Understand his Problems, He doesn't have full control of his situation, so respect everyone and get away with a Smile and don't cause a road rage, I do daily, Even if I am late for three minutes doesn't make me Angry Cause the roads are for everyone not for Car owners,Just try to be reasonable on roads

  38. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Rabeel Ch i'm not being outrageous, i wouldn't survive one day on the road if i were, would i??? neither i'm against anyone on the road but the situation of traffic is getting worse day by day, even on gt road, highway when u are at 80+ u suddenly see a motorcycle rickshaw or donkey cart coming from opposite direction swerving left and right. just to avoid 1 or 2 km journey to a u turn cut. and u have to apply all ur might on the brake paddle just to avoid him. how do u feel at that???? i understand paying taxes or not, doesn't buy one the right to do whatever he wants and get away with it. but it is even more painful experience that those who go by rule, pay taxes, drive in a decent manner, have to face badmashi of one who is carrying 7-8 passengers and pays the lifetime token of 100cc two wheeler, and not even that if the motorcycle part is stolen, without proper documents ???? i admit that i some time drive faster than situation permits me to, but at the same time i try to accommodate everyone on the road.

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