Understanding the physics of high-powered FWD car

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Rear wheel drive is not an alien term to Pakistani drivers however, the sensation of push is something alien to us as the three cars produced here since forever are Front Wheel Drive (FWD) and even the imported cars are mostly FWD. But while you and I, the enthusiasts understand the fun associated with RWD cars, let’s take some time out of busy schedules overloaded with videos of RWD drifting, burnout, hoonage, etc and read this amazing article about the holy than holier FWD that every automaker has got stuck with.

We know that the front wheels have an important job steering the car around, and it is already quite hectic, especially in the powerful cars with big HP numbers, adding more jobs to the occupied front wheels make cost a lot of strain and there are a lot of forces at play that ordinary writers like you and me can’t possibly explain. We aren’t talking about torque steer and lack of control because those are effects mind you, so Wired’s Physics chapter has got a really good article together that explains the forces at work in a high-powered, front-drive car.

Click here to read the article.

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    trust me, it was a pain reading the article(link).

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