United Bravo Launch Ceremony by PakWheels Live

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PakWheels is bringing you coverage of United Bravo launch ceremony live from Faletti’s Hotel Lahore. Bravo is arguably one of the most-anticipated cars in Pakistan. Stay tuned to PakWheels Blog for all the latest Bravo news.

The ceremony will start at 07:30 PM on Saturday 8th, 2018.

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  1. abdul moeez says

    where is the ceremony ?

  2. Bilal says

    live at 7:30, wait 20 mins

  3. Aaraiz says

    will it stream live at your youtube channel?

  4. abdul moeez says

    if i want to go there personally then?

  5. Noor Ahmed Tariq says

    how and from where to book bravo

  6. Awais Yousaf says

    were you invited?

  7. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq says

    Kia bana ceremony ka?

  8. Muhammad Saleem says

    What is the price announce in cermony?

  9. qasim ali says

    656000 rs

  10. Aaraiz says


  11. qasim ali says

    Bhai g kidding yar ….hold ur breath it wil fall in between 675 to 790

  12. qasim ali says

    Dinner ky ky passay pury kr ky he price btaie gy

  13. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq says

    Price? Automatic variant? Electric variant? Resale?

  14. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    awesome F…. Plan
    thats why i was thinking how could that be possible that suzuki drop down their weapons so easily..
    suzuki and united had a deal, they would discontinue mehran for united so that united could sell bravo at 8.5 that way suzuki would launch alto and sell it at 10 lacs easily,,, thats a game we got played

  15. Sundus Ahsan Butt says

    Pathetic , Useless , inferior shitty thing which would cost around Rs.35000 registeration + Rs.15000~40000 income tax , Rs.850,000. Freight charges ~ Rs.8000+- … Total Approx Rs.925,000 excluding OWN or other stuff if applicable.

    Inshort, a person like me would never invest around 1 million for a chinese re-branded car from a company who makes rickshaw loaders and 70cc motorcycles.

    No Brand strength , lack of dealers network ,

    it will have a fate like ADAM MOTORS REVO.

    Even AL-HAJ is struggling with FAW V2 and people are complaining for its reliability and aftersales services and staff on dealerships.

    One can have Used Toyota Vitz, Honda City 2006-2008 in good condition in this money bracket. Comfort , reliable machines with parts and mechanics easily available around the country

  16. Azeem Waqar says

    Govt should immediately reduce tax on imported cars because these mafias are looting people either by selling 3rd class cars or cheep CBU cars.

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