United Bravo launched with a price tag 850,000 PKR

United Bravo

The most anticipated car of the year, United Bravo has been launched on 8th September 2018.

The launch event was held in Hotel Falettis, Lahore, where the company officially revealed the price and the technical specifications of the car.

The 800cc United Bravo is a Completely Built Unit (CBU), with the price tag of PKR 850,000 and it is the first passenger car that the company has introduced as a competitor to Suzuki Mehran.


Bravo comes with a 3-cylinder water cooled engine coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission that makes 40 bhp and 60 nm torque. For now, the car is available in three colors; White, Grey, and Silver.

Following are the features:

  • Rear view camera
  • 2 Cup holders
  • Wooden panels
  • Fog lights
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Alloy Wheels
  • USB Ports
  • Seat-belt Warning Indicator and more

United Bravo






At the event, the company has also announced the official launch of its 1000cc pickup – Punjnad.


Speaking at the event, the CEO United Autos Sana Ullah Chaudhary said, “The cars will soon be available at our 3S dealerships across the country within next few days.”

Moreover, he also added that they will be launching its automatic variant in a few months and the company plans to introduce electric cars in 2019.

Check out the live show at United Bravo launch here:

Stay tuned to our blog and Youtube channel for a detailed review of the car.

Notable Replies

  1. centos says:

    yeh really bad decision, should have been free and delivered right on your door step by ceo himself

  2. Price must be around
    5 lac for China VX version type
    6 lac for China VXR version type

    It's not a budget range 850,000 for China car

  3. awesome F.... Plan
    thats why i was thinking how could that be possible that suzuki drop down their weapons so easily..
    suzuki and united had a deal, they would discontinue mehran for united so that united could sell bravo at 8.5 that way suzuki would launch alto and sell it at 10 lacs easily,,, thats a game we got played

  4. There is no local production as of now and United will first sell CBU to see how Bravo is received in the market. In other words is it worth investing in the BRAVO.

    well, I dont want to disappoint anyone and I would like any other want to give sometime to United but the launch product on display were CBU. By CBU we all agree that It will have a much much better fit and finish , materials and quality of built. BUT it was completely other way on the launch. IF CBU has a questionable quality then I dont know how much better can be a local assembly.

    Bravo is a re-branded DH350S from a small Chinese firm who sells cheap electric cars. Like many other Chinese products and commodities, you can re brand any product of choice and place an order and same is the situation with Bravo. Dahe is not any well known brand even in China. As I mentioned earlier also, why Mehran is benchmark. Bravo should have made its own name. Mehran is near end of its life cycle soon and BRAVO will have no competition. BRAVO is just another Mehan with a different face and name.

    The FOB of DH350s is $4000 with minimum order of 4 units and its negotiable on larger order..

  5. Too many features in the Bravo, my opinion , but the car looks cute.The price is high, maybe they could have dispensed with the gimmickry and introduced an analog model at a lower price. A/c and power windows is all we need in this part of the world apart from a working car in this segment. I still wish this car well and i hope it catches on in the market.

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