The vehicle of choice: Drawbacks of Prius

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I’ve been driving the Toyota Prius for some time now and have also written about it. The car has completely surpassed my expectations on all levels including comfort, fuel economy, reliability, etc. This car is surely a keeper in times of high petrol prices and long queues on CNG lines, but this article is about one drawback of the vehicle which will be discussed below.

Before the Prius, I travelled about 500-600 km per month (including office plus general use). And I thought after buying Prius that now, my fuel expense would slash in half because of the obvious fuel savings I’ll get from this Hybrid, however, my fuel expense remained the same! But my distance travelled in a month doubled.

Most of the people I know, who don’t own a Prius themselves but they take this car like it is free to operate and drive in terms of fuel. In my office, if anyone wants to go anywhere, they will prefer to go on my Prius and eventually do go on my Prius. You ask them why? They utter, “Ae te hybrid gaddi ae” (This is a hybrid car).

If my boss wants to get dropped at his home which is about 12 Km off course for my drive home, again Prius is the leading candidate, because, “Yeh to battery pe chalti hai yaar (This runs on Battery)”. People seldom realise the difference between a car that runs free and a car that runs efficiently.

The situation at home is no different. For everyday tasks, Prius will be used if it is standing in the garage. If the Family has to go somewhere, Prius will be again be the preferred choice. In your friends’ circle, usually you will have to travel the longer distance for a meet-up/get together because, Hey! You have a Prius.

But then there are other drawbacks too, though they don’t bug you as much as the one I have written above, but they exist and I should report them.

  1. Looking through the rear-view as the break between the window and the spoiler takes a little time getting used to.
  2. If you are moving on electric only mode, press the accelerator a bit (assuming cabin is quiet without any music), the engine makes a lot of noise because our ears are not used to the engine running all the time + due to CVT transmission
  3. The beige/suede seats can get dirty very easily and require careful use.

There are no major complaints with the Prius as vehicle which used fuel very efficiently, and that is exactly what it’s designed to do. Go the extra mile so when you’re buying a hybrid, expect some long hauls.

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  1. M. Hameed Ahmed Sumbal says

    Not even one of the above complaints can qualify as a drawback…

  2. Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi says

    Only read through the 3 points mentioned and already I think this is lame…
    Come on Pakwheels be professional!

  3. Muhammad Abbas says


  4. Muhammad Ahmed Qamar says

    These aren't Prius's drawbacks, these are drawbacks of a person who owns it.

  5. Junaid Khalid says

    Overall its a good ride

  6. Abdul Wahab Chattha says

    Brother Mujtaba Abbas inbox me via fb ..i'll tell you a simple solution of it

  7. Rashid HAMEED says

    well these are excellent personal thoughts… very well explained what you should expect after driving home your new prius

  8. Fahad Umar says

    The only issue is, that this car is made for women ! or men with no cahoonas ! 😀

  9. Mujtaba Abbas says

    It was more of a sarcastic article… No need to get serious People 🙂

  10. Asad Riaz says

    Well, i have been following many reviews related to hybrid cars, however, none have answered my queries. prius is by far the best hybrid in the world, winning awards til date.
    What i would like to know is the battery management. Most of the prius available here r imported.
    1. How can one choose the one with the best battery pack?
    2. Has anyone of the Pakwheelers replaced these batteries, no matter which car?
    3. What r the best practices to increasing life of these?
    4. What are the prices of battery packs and what kind or ratings r available in the market?
    5. Does prius or any other hybrid has a battery performance management console or r their any third party devices available?

  11. Rabeel Ch says

    Misuse of the car can not be the Draw back of The Car 🙂

  12. Amjad I. Chaudhry says

    Which particular model is the article about? Is it the 1.5, 1.8 local or jdm?
    Write some more, any maintenance issues, etc.
    Interesting read.

  13. Kashif Aziz Ahmad says

    Title should have bee " MY MISUSED PRIUS"…….

  14. Mujtaba Abbas says

    1. Read blog, how to buy a good prius.
    2. I don't think so, or i haven't come across anyone
    3. Increasing life of what? Battery? just drive it normally and it will last the lifetime of this car
    4. 50,000 for a USED battery that will be equally as good.
    5. I don't know about third party devices, and there is a secret-ish type of menu to check battery charge etc. Google it 🙂

  15. Abubakar Shaikh says

    u dontt know a shit about the article u r writing , likhnay ka itna shok ha tu ghr ki dewar pa likhu yar , we need quality articles not a time waste piece of shit

  16. Mustafa Altaf says

    1. The one with the least mileage on the ODO. Now you will ask how would i know if the mileage is genuine or not! That is where Auction sheets come into play.
    2. Replacement can only be done at Toyota Dealership. I read somewhere that it needs special tools to unbox bla bla bla… Our normal mechanics can easily mess it up.
    3. You don't need to worry about increasing their lives. Toyota has incorporated a system in which the battery doesn't charge itself more than 80% and when it reaches 20% it stops using it.
    4. You can buy used battery packs (which are useless anyway) from scrap market for around 50k, New one costs around 2 to 3 lacs.
    5.It does have a console which tells you from Usage to how much mileage you are getting from the battery. You cannot install third party apps as far as i know! Heck you cannot even change the language if its a JDM prius.

  17. Zil E Ali says


  18. Shahrukh Munawer says

    What an utterly useless blog

  19. Haq Farooq says

    Fuel avrgee ?????

  20. Haq Farooq says

    Pakistan me kya fuel avrge hai is ki.

  21. Rafia Farrukh says

    hahahaha waqay ghar ki dewar pa he likhna chahye 😛

  22. Ammar Iqbal says

    no dout abt it jst awesum and fuel is really half like cng cars but the main issue is parts if u want 2 find sumthing for this, u wont find.and then u think abt only place is Bilal jung…but still its damn gud!

  23. Adnan Khan says

    I think PakWheels need to do a better job on assessing which articles are worthy of being put on the website …

  24. Zohaib Babar says

    chawal he mari ha, pakwheels should not publish such posts thts lame n not benificial

  25. Ahmed Talal says

    What the hell? I came to read this post to understand the drawbacks of this car and came to know that the poster is a retard. You call these drawbacks? (no offense intended) ;/

  26. Vishal Preetam says

    i cant help but laugh at ur misfortune
    fell sorry for u

  27. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    atleast the 1.8 prius is better in accleration than civic & altis.

  28. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    nice article, u have always been helpful for those who are trying to buy imported cars, hybrids particularly. those who disagree have typical paindu mentality according to me. ever watched top gear, 5th gear, discovery turbo or any other automotive related tv show or read any article written by some foreign critic, they criticise even for lack of cup holders, the complains owner made are just, if anyone of u ever drove prius than u would have known that prius' back windshield faces upwards and the glass through trunk makes it annoying to look for cars coming behind.

  29. Asad Riaz says

    Mujtaba Abbas and Mustafa Altaf thank you for your comments 🙂

  30. Fahad Umar says

    acceleration is not the only thing you look for in a car, i have driven it and its boring as hell, handling sucks monkey balls, horrible driving dynamics, not to mention the ugly exterior and terribly designed cheap plastic interior with a high price tag !

  31. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Fahad Umar i know, it feel like u r coasting all the time, agree with all points but the interior of even cheapest trim is better than any pkdm.

  32. Arif Khan Mahsud says

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  33. Saad Ali Gishkori Baloch says

    I hav heard dat Prius has one draw back dat it dont go well on rainy days.. Means the watr gets into its electronic system nd crashes the whole engine or blast the hell out frm bonet! Jst heard! Tel me if dese r true nd plz do cnfrm urslf b4 telng! :p

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