Volta Is Offering Free Battery Checkups To Car Owners In Twin Cities And Peshawar

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Volta Batteries has started an initiative to check the car batteries of the consumers free of cost. Volta has chosen the renowned petrol stations in the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. The aim of the program is to help end consumers know about the health and general maintenance of their car batteries. The free battery checkup activity has been well received by the general public and in just initial two days, around 500 cars were inspected by Volta professionals.

It is a two-month activity where trained professional from Volta inspect the battery water levels and overall condition of the batteries. Also, those who brought their cars for the checking received special gifts from Volta. What should be appreciated is that Volta is not only entertaining consumers that only have their batteries installed, but also those who are using batteries from other manufacturers. Volta is currently providing 10 months warranty on their batteries.

Volta officials told us that buyers usually forget to maintain their batteries soon after the purchase. And that can lead to premature failure of the batteries. This activity was initiated to make people realize that with proper maintenance, they can achieve the maximum from their batteries. A properly maintained battery won’t only save you money in longer run, but will also prevent any unpleasant vehicle breakdown that could have been prevented in the first place.

Volta produces all sorts of batteries and cater all types of vehicles; private, public or industrial. Volta produces not only regular car batteries but also maintenance free batteries for various applications. Volta which is popular among the general public is also being used by different governmental departments, including Pakistan Army.

Volta Free Battery Checkup

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  1. Asad Fatimi says

    VOLTA Zindabad…..

  2. Guest says

    “trained professional from Volta inspect the battery water levels”

    Comical representation of the situation.
    They should bring sealed batteries by now. Instead of selling obsolete things. People will pay for the peace of mind (at least in the place where battery theft is uncommon) of a maintenance free battery.

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