Watch A Crazy South African Cop On Motorcycle Shoot Through A Neighborhood


When I tell you that this is something even our Police don’t do, and considering they do some really questionable stuff, its quite fascinating to see that the video below was added by the Rambos at the South African Intelligence Bureau on their Facebook page.

The video shows a crazy cop riding a BMW Police motorcycle in pursuit of a vehicle through a city neighborhood while shooting at the car. The vehicle did come to a stop finally but not before the cop had emptied and entire magazine of his firearm.

The South African Intelligence Bureau had the following to say:

Just another day for our Law enforcement members! This member went above and beyond to make sure he got his suspect!

Awesome (FPV) First person viewer footage…

After the vehicle had stopped, the backup arrived quite soon and he goes on to look at the bullet holes in the car as a result of his crazy shooting at the car. its only a miracle how no one was hit, not even the people in the car or those in the neighborhood.

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