Why Doesn’t Honda Atlas Bother To Recall Cars With Faulty Multimedia Headunits

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It’s not been so long when the folks who own the latest Honda Civic started mentioning about issues they started facing in their multimedia units. Recently, we highlighted this issue with reference to a Pakwheels member tausifs@pw, who brought up the issue on PakWheels Forums. He not only thoroughly highlighted the problems, but he also gave a solution to this problem, which apparently was to get the whole unit replaced by Tacking World, makers of the headunit.

As discussed before, the problem actually was an incapable multimedia and navigation unit, which didn’t have the ability to do what it was advertised to do. When asked by Tracking World, they blamed Honda for not giving them enough time for the successful development of the unit, because the unit couldn’t go through a proper testing phase.

It’s a general perception here in Pakistan that WE, the consumer, have to deal with faults that emerge in our new vehicles and automakers share no responsibility. Our quality standards have dropped to miserable levels. Why? Because we chose this ourselves. We never boycotted any of the particular vehicle for its pathetic quality, but we boycotted the cars that couldn’t be sold easily later (resale nahi hai gee).

This whole issue, sounds not much of a deal to people who don’t own a Civic, but the ones who do own one, with a 1st and 2nd generation Multimedia/Navigation units, ended up paying almost Rs. 75,000/- extra of their hard earned money. Paying that money and getting a faulty unit for that price, and knowing that even the company isn’t going to help you, you realize you’ve made a mistake.

And going to Honda and asking them to fix it will surely leave you disappointed. They won’t fix this and they are not even sorry about it. On the other hand, you can go to Tracking World, hand them your old unit over and pay them Rs 20k on top of it and get a newer updated unit.

Yes, it sounds doable and kinda affordable. But why did this happen in the first place? Honda charged you extra for the multimedia/navigation in your car which turned out to be faulty and then they denied its replacement too, telling the customers to deal with it themselves.

This makes the Tracking World sound like good people that at least they’re cooperating and trying to help, but what about Honda Atlas? What are their customer services? Is this the way of ripping someone who spent 2.5 Million PKR on their brand new car? No way. This can’t be it. Honda should have admitted their fault and recalled the cars fitted with faulty navigation units.

I solely blame Honda Atlas for not taking the responsibility and creating a mess for the people who bought the Civic. I still hope though, that they will realize their mistake and will try to rectify and compensate their customers.

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  1. Dr Samiullah says

    Honda civic navigation bothered me a lot ……and i contacted honda north……but they seem like helpless…..they would refer me to tracking world….some guy named imran……..though the cars ride is damn good and better than corollas……..but still i will prefer that honda do something about their relationship with customers…….and employ some potent men…who can solve your cars problem….

  2. wasted youth says

    All one educated person needs is to prepare a hefty and heavy petition and file it to HONDA Headquarters in Japan and also send them a legal notice at Headquarter and see what happens but the problem is Honda Atlas is owned by f***king ganjas so they are the major errors in this country to be removed. Honda Japan knows that country is being ruled by mother f***kers so don’t bother.

  3. Guest says

    Major grammatical mistake which changes the entire meaning. “Why Didn’t Honda Atlas Bother To Recall Cars With Faulty Multimedia Headunits”. This means that initially they didn’t bother, but now they have finally bothered. Shows that the case has been closed and this is just a historical record of something that had happened and is an issue no more.

    But the article tells us that Honda still “Doesn’t” bother to recall.

  4. abbas says

    Shame on Honda Atlas….skimming people’s money…and paying little care to customers

  5. Shurjil Butt says

    exactly my friend .. dil ki baat ki hai ap ne

  6. Tanveer says

    You must be fun at parties.
    Its an auto blog, not english101. get over yourself.
    english yahan kisi ki first language nahi. hr koi seekh raha hai. aapki hai to aap yahan kya kr rahe hein.

  7. Yunus Naul says

    I am user of Honda too .. so ready to serve legal notices on behalf of aggrieved parties / customers.

  8. Shahnawaz Khan says

    I am also suffering with mentioned issue. I am being told since last 45 days that my faulty unit will be replaced. But every time I contact, there is a new story waiting for me… These units from tracking world are truely “makhmal men taat ka pewand”… Such a pathetic multimedia unit in such a fun to drive car… Honda better listen to its loyal customers before its too late for them…

  9. Asad Aijaz says

    I have tried reporting the issue to honda outlet i bought the car from. I even emailed to tracking world but did not get any reply. If anyone here can help me out ill be obliged.

  10. Taha Raza says

    Have they fixed the problem in the yet to be delivered cars???

  11. RE says

    Nothing new from Honda Atlas. A faulty navigation is not such a big thing. They’ve sold faulty cars, current gen 1.3 l Honda City prosmatec, and gotten away with it.

  12. Munaf Razzak says

    I bought a honda city back in 2005 brand new manual and it was my first and last local made car my dad bought it for me and it was on a bank lease story is this after driving the car for 150 km gear box for the car started giving issues it won”t shift the gear from 2nd to 3rd it grinned the gears like your not pressing the clutch at all but when i put it from 2nd to 4th and then downshift the car to 3rd it slips in I took the car back to honda 4 times in a month they keep the car for 1 day return the car next hai and same issue keep coming up finally thier service manager got fed up and told me iska gear mein masla hai change howa I said its in warranty not driven even 1000 km and he said warranty is this keh hum appse labour charges nai lenge but gear or engine ki warranty nai hai appne dekhke delivery lehni thi and new gear was at that time 80,000 so I sold it never buying any local POS evver

  13. Ahmad says

    Tons of issues with my Civic 2014 model multimedia. Just to list a few:
    – When I put it to mute and shut down the car, and turn it on again, the mute is no more. Sometimes at night unexpected loud music gives a heart attack.
    – GPS Navi is most pathetic and difficult to use even for a techie like myself.
    – The iPhone cable is quite moody and many times refuses to charge.
    – The USB internet (that can be used to update software) doesn’t work with most EVO and USB sticks. I am told that it only works with a very specific EVO dongle version.
    – Cables for USB, iPhone and Wifi are just thrown in the glove box.

  14. wasted youth says

    Thanks for supporting me. Otherwise this country is full of quantity of crap and a very little (0.00001 %) quality. U know what I mean…..!!!!!

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