A Solution To Faulty Honda Civic Navigation & Multimedia System Is Here!

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Finally, someone else brought this up. The factory fitted Navigation & Multimedia System from Honda Atlas are faulty and they can make a mess out of their existence, especially in the ongoing Honda Civic. I have previously mentioned in my articles that the factory fitted Navigation unit in my Honda City Aspire is no good, but the majority disagreed and praised it for its ease of use and quality.

Well, now we have this PakWheels member, @tausifs, who has posted a thread complaining about it and has listed down the errors he came across in his Honda Civic 2015’s Android based Navigation/Multimedia unit:

1. Frequent loss of steering controls.
2. Reverse camera sometimes decides to start automatically even when driving forward.
3. Volume suddenly goes down from high to low automatically.
4. Excessive beeps from the unit without a reason.
5. Skipping of tracks when played with USB.
6. USB interface often gets stuck and fails to recognize a USB flash drive attached.
7. Delay time on startup.
8. Delay time for cameras.
9. Pathetic camera quality.
10. Seriously Pathetic Sound quality.
11. Failed outgoing phone calls.

The above mentioned problems are posted by the member himself. According to tausifs@pakwheels, his experience of spending 70k on this unit was ruined and out of his frustration, he ended up calling the Tracking World – the company which provides Honda these units. To his surprise, someone from the senior management of Tracking World agreed to every fault he mentioned and the blame was put on Honda. Tracking World’s representative told @tausifs that this unit was a failure because Honda had forced Tracking World to provide them a unit as soon as the Toyota Altis Grande launches in the market, which lead to the development of a faulty and unstable Android based unit.

Luckily, the Tracking World guys told @tausifs that the 2nd generation of the unit was available with them, with a very stable base and it had tested in all ways prior to its launch. People from Tracking World came to @tausifs’ place and installed the 2nd gen Android unit, with a promise that @tausifs would pay a PKR 20,000 difference if he is satisfied with it, or it would be replaced back with the older one.

According to @tausifs, the newer unit is better in every way than the previous one, with minor errors and glitches and he is mostly satisfied with it.

You can read tausif@pakwheels’ in-depth review of the system on his PakWheels Forums thread and ask him any questions or queries you may have about the system.


Honda Navigation Unit

We are very thankful to @tausifs for providing us with a very detailed overview of this problem and also giving a solution to it. So now, if you’re willing to pay the difference, you have a solution to the faulty Honda Multimedia units!

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  1. Hamxa Xahid Awan says

    My Honda city aspire 2014 facelift also has the navigation multimedia unit and I must say its perfect and I never ever had a problem with it p.s the sound quality from the four speakers is amazing too , problems in these devices happen to like 2/10 people that does not mean we call it bad over all the way you wrote about it in your article about the city’s multimedia unit

  2. Abbas Khan says

    my 2015 city aspire has an awfully non responsive touch screen . I wish a 2015 car came with a not so horrible in dash unit , especially when it’s in a 2 million rupees car and cost 70k. I’m willing to pay for it to get an upgraded unit but didn’t get any replies from tracking world after sending several emails to all their listed website emails .

    the bluetooth connectivity is good but the touch is horrible and I know its not capacitive but this is the worst resistive touch I’ve ever used .

    also the map navigation is horribly slow once u try to pan around the map .

    horrible horrible device , Honda atlas !

  3. Almighty Zeus says

    Better go for a branded Pioneer or Kenwood system. They offer better sound and NAV capabilities at a cheaper price i.e. approx 10-15k difference.

  4. Abdullah says

    Honda should upgrade all 2015 honda civic free of cost…….That is called us customer service and satisfying your customer…..they already took a hefty amount for the car ad the unit should have been stable in the first place……

  5. Abdullah says

    Honda city unit, even in the facelift is not android based and the Tracking world company has even disabled the feature of changing the LED color of the buttons…..so now in the face lifted city we have a blue odo cluster and amber led back lights of the navigation system of the Tracking World…….Honda Atlas is reckless with Car Navigation systems planning and management…..

  6. Arslan Khan says

    Tracking world cant charge you with anything if there unit has a built in problem. They have to rectify the issue in anyway. Everyone can go to them to get their software upgraded with the new version. If tracking world is not listening to you simply get to the honda after salss team to log a complaint as we havent bought anything from tracking world its the honda responsibility to provide the best services. Same issues were in my car and i followed the same procedure got my whole panel replaced free of cost. Even now i will do the same to get the android version updated free of cost.

  7. Talha Azam says

    In my new honda there is no phone connect and no playstore what can i do? I had search too much about this that there is no play store and phone conmect. Please tell me.

  8. M.Umair Masood says

    My mother has a brand new Civic & the infotainment unit works fine but she has accidently deleted the reverse:Play:forward widget from her home screen & I can’t find it anywhere in the preloaded widgets in the system. What should I do?

  9. Bilal Khan Toru says

    I had this unit installed today. the guy said that the company will now charge 30k for this new unit. i was unable to start audios and/or videos on it according to playlists etc… it seems to pick all audios/videos from storage units and show them all in a complete list. this is annoying. the rest, it’s awesome, i.e. audio/video over hangouts, and skype over 3g. all good. another issue was the reverse and front camera has flickering. the guy said this will be fixed as it requires a relay which they need to get approved from honda first. once its approved it will be installed via company for free.

    It is an expensive solution though. they should have replaced the faulty units free of charge especially with all the inconveniences caused to the honda civic clients. The unit has builtin wifi and they removed the ipod connection jack. there is more freedom to install apps from playstore etc… rest, haven’t used it too much. am satisfied with everything other than the points mentioned which should be addressed.

  10. Muhammad Bilal Zafar says

    I have the same new unit and I am very much satisfied with it. But I have a little problem, my memory card cover got lost while cleaning from service station and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Kindly let me know if someone can provide me that on this number 03226543678

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