A Wild Car Tyre Burnout! [Video]

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General Tyres Pakistan

I am sure you all know what a burn out is, and for those of you who don’t know, it is the spinning of the wheels to create a large amount of tyre smoke. The car is kept static while the tyres are made to spin. Burnouts are best done in vehicles that are rear wheel drive. To do a burnout, you need to have a car with a really powerful engine. The trend of doing burnouts began from drag racing. It is thrilling and dangerous, it’s strongly recommended to do burnouts away from the public places.



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  1. Asim Zafar says

    Stupidest thing to do and plz don’t promote or glamorize this thing on pakwheels!

  2. Guest says

    Agreed. Doing this sort of stunts in public is always bad. And what’s up with the write-up?
    Yes, I understand the video but can’t understand its relevance or purpose. What is the writer trying to say?
    If it is about doing this stuff in Pakistan, than sadly we (majority of Pakistanis) don’t have access to RWD cars, which contain enough torque to do this.

    Writer Bhai jee kahna kya cha rahay ho? Don’t mean to offend you but iss blog entry ka purpose kya hai? Are you against it or in favor of it, and why? What are the goods, the bads and the worst? Bhai khuch tou batao write-up main.

  3. Guest says

    The writer is a new teenager on the block who adores burnouts, craves for motorsports (which are nonexistent here), and overall loves destruction.

    He just shared something he liked, plus he got an opportunity to publish the advertisement of General tyres, which incidentally don’t even have a temperature rating (according to the UTQR standard) labeled on them, hence they are not even relevant to someone who’d want to perform a burnout.

    It is just pure luck the fuel tank didn’t catch fire. At this heat level, even the interior cladding could have caught fire, not to mention the differential oil.

  4. initial d style touge says

    i have a chevy trailblazer ss burnout machine if u like burnout it is fun just do it in open places before going to tyre shop not in the city like bitch

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