How do winter tires give more grip? What you need to know

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Winter tires are much safer than summer or seasonal tires. The main difference between winter tires and other types of tires is that the winter tires have a specific compound that contains advanced silica and more natural rubber which reduces the hardening effect during winter as compared to those standard tires. Hence, winter tires make driving safer when the temperature is below 7 degrees.

Apart from the aforementioned feature, they have tiny slits in their tread blocks which are called “sipes”. These sipes are specially designed in order to “pick up” snow while driving in winters which in turn also helps the tire to “stick” on the surface of the road.

Still, thinking more about winter tires? So, the following are some of the facts and figures regarding the winter tires which will help you in better understanding regarding them.

Early break/stopping- This means that if you are using winter tires and driving let say at a speed of 20 miles per hour (mph), then if you apply the breaks on an icy road, then the car will stop approximately 11 meters sooner on an icy road as compared to the same car having summer or seasonal tires fitted in it. And the 11-meter distance is a 3 car length!

More stability and control- Yes, you read it right. Not only winter tires help your car to stop sooner, but they are also quite helpful in improving the overall stability and your control on your car which is a very important factor for both personal and car safety while driving in winter. This property of winter tires is very important considering the fact that 48% of the accidents during winters are caused by skidding. 

Less costly- Last but not least, winter tires are indeed an investment. But, this investment won’t go in vain as it’ll provide safety to you and your family on the road while you are driving during winters. Note here that the initial cost of winter tires is more than any other standard tires or summer tires. And also if you have winter tires fitted in your cars you would also be able to save some money on your car insurance, therefore do inform insurance company when you fit winter tires in your car.

That’s all from our side. I hope you find this article be useful to you.

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