Toyota Yaris 2020 exclusive pictures are here!

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From the day it was reported that Toyota IMC is replacing Corolla Xli and Gli in favor of Toyota Yaris 2020, a lot of people started to look forward to seeing the car. And here we are with the first exclusive pictures of the Toyota Yaris, see them below:

As one can see in the pictures, the car will be available in different colors, including Red, White, and Brown. Furthermore, it will be available in both manual and automatic transmission. Moreover, as per our credible sources, the particular car will be shipped in the market with a 1.3-liter engine option; however, there is a high probability that the company might also ship the car in a 1.5-liter engine option. Additionally, the expected launch of the car is in March 2020.

Our sources also revealed that the starting price of the base variant would be around PKR 2.4 million.

Toyota Yaris also comes in other auto markets such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. It’s known as Vios in Malaysia while it comes under the nameplate of Yaris and Yaris Ativ in India and Thailand, respectively. In India, it was recently launched last year in the 1.5L variant.

Globally, the car comes with features like air conditioning, 6-7 airbags, cup holders, power lock doors, power steering, power windows, tachometer, stereo speaker audio system, power-adjustable mirrors, front fog lights, heated front seats, satellite navigation, climate control, power door mirrors, cruise control, Xenon headlights, and rear fog lamps. Let’s wait and see what features IMC will give to its customers in Pakistan.

Aside from these exclusive pictures, previously camouflaged Toyota Yaris has been spotted doing test rounds.

See the walk-around video of Toyota Yaris below:

That’s it from our side, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Faruk Khan says

    This car is already available in the world as yaris.The hatch back version is being sold in pk as vitz with a price tag of 16.5 lakhs ( used).As usual the dealers and auto companies will fleece the poor consumer and the government will play background music .welcome to pk.

  2. Dr Sohail Akhter says

    I’m using this car automatic version since 2016 in saudia. The main problem is its ground clearance is very poor. only two airbags, no cruise control, no front fog lights but place is given, no heated front seets, no satellite navigation, no back fog lamps.

  3. Kamran B. says

    Nice car but nowadays because of car prices the market is down in Pakistan, there are number of good cars recently launched but because of their prices they are out of reach from common user. This is good car by IMC but price will be high like nowadays GLI and XLI sales are down because of their price. If this came with same price then it may out of reach of common person. Best alternative to such situation is 1000CC cars with lots of options and excellent build quality so that user attracts to them and being 1000CC its pricess will be under 2 million.

  4. fed up says

    Please be aware that Indus motor wants to clear its piled up stock of Toyota corolla cars, crossed more than 3000 in numbers. Recently price has been reduced to clear this stock and at the same time Toyota Yaris launching news is being spread on some web sites, quoting the starting or base model price from 24 lac. Now the interesting question is, if people are not interested to buy toyota XLI automatic ( reduced to 2475000) and XLI manual (reduced price 2374000), who is going to buy compact Yaris manual base model in 24 lac 🤔🤔???
    Announcement of Yaris high price is nothing but to exploit people to purchase piled up stock of corolla and to clear the way to launch Yaris. Believe or not, Yaris is not going to be priced in the mentioned price of 24 lac but less. There is a new Electric vehicle import is a matter of just final signing authority and here you go a tsunami of electric vehicles.

  5. khurram says

    Front of this car is not decent, it does not mirror manly values Toyota used to be famous for.

  6. Tahir says

    This car looks decent but media outlets in India reported that this car is smaller than honda City. In thailand this is considered an green eco vehicle so this is smaller and cheaper than City so how can they launch it in same price bracket as city and replace corolla with this.
    By looking at pictures it misses out on xenon headlamps, LED daytime lights, front and rear parking sensors, Shark fin antenae, Chrome door handels vs India spec car and LED daytime lights and parking sensors vs thai version. Also Indian version of car comes with 7 airbags even on base model which we can be sure Indus won’t give to us. Indus wants to milk money from people by launching a sub standard car than a corolla at same price. In thailand this comes with 1.2 engine to comply as green eco car while in India this comes with 1.5 engine so it will be interesting to see which engine it gets here. I think this will be 1.3 to compete with city.

  7. Tahir says

    You are right, they want to want to clear the stock of Corolla but I think corolla is much better than this, I have driven both in dubai and it is even worse than corolla. They will launch a car worse than corolla at same price and milk the money out of people.

  8. fed up says

    You are right, Corolla is much better than yaris,although Corolla is under power car with 1300cc engine. Indus motor is fooling Pakistanis since long with this so called 1300 cc proven engine.
    Time is going to be changed and they will have to launch a car in coming tough competition of Chinese EV’s. If an EV cost 20-25 lac pak rupees and travel 300-350 km in a single charge of 7-8 hours, who is going to buy these substandard IC engine cars???.
    Big three mafia has lotted poor Pakistanis for years.

  9. Aquib Muhammad says

    I think again Toyota has raised suspension and it looks bad, also they are going to face the same braking issues as with all other vehicles

  10. Khawar says

    Toyota Vitz is called Toyota Yaris in UAE.

  11. muhammad zeeshan shoukat says

    Interestingly, Honda has introduced a 1000cc engine in Honda City in Thailand. This turbo engine delivers more power than the 1500cc engine. If Honda Pakistan brings this vehicle to the Pakistani market, then the car will win the market.

  12. Tahir says

    Yup! You are right but I highly doubt they will do it, Honda said this 1.0 turbo is exclusive to Thailand, even India and Japan where turbo petrols are common will not get this, although they are expected to have 1.5 Hybrid ( already sold in Japan but new to India) and India will have the regular earth dreams turbo diesel as well but this one. Honda said they used this engine only to comply with thailand’s eco green car program. Besides we know how turbo civic gave a headache to both Honda and customers. Moreover turbo engines are very rare in our market anyways.

  13. Arshad says

    Announcement of Yaris high price is nothing but to exploit people to purchase piled up stock of corolla and to clear the way to launch Yaris. Believe or not, Yaris is not going to be priced in the mentioned price of 24 lac but less. There is a new Electric vehicle import is a matter of just final signing authority and here you go a tsunami of electric vehicles. So in this tough coming competition, Yaris is not going to be survived in this price .

  14. Ch Waheed Bhutta says

    Perfectly correct comments….we all must not allow the Indus Motor to squeeze blood out of of illiterate society……………………. people like you are commendable who high light the looters in Pakistan……………………stand up all against such looters of our hard earn US Dollars that japanese shift back to Tokyo and what they sell to us is sub-standard vehicles…………Best way to smack on the faces of Toyota-Nissan_Honda is to allow the UK Pakistani Nationals to bring in used personal cars into Pakistan up to 10 years old with full safety and luxury specifications………………….Govt will earn loads of foreign exchange by way of customs duty if sensibly paid in advance in Pakistani Hi-Commissions……………… The monkey Babu ( bureaucrats ) will not ever let that happen. That is for sure. Remember, UK/Pakistani expats are sensible and well educated…………they are an asset for Pak economy. Allowing them to import used cars in Pakistan is their basic right. They all earn and send loads of pound sterling to Pakistan…………………. do not bow to the demands of Car manufacturers such as Toyota-Honda-Nissan or any other in similar business………………………. Shame on our political bosses and pleet harramy mindless FBR who facilitate smugglers to import NCP cars in Pakistan.

  15. kash says

    at least give it 16″ wheels, they look tiny. 16″ is the norm on small cars

  16. Ghulam says

    Toyota IMC, for the sake of Almighty and Corolla Lovers, Please don’t replace Corolla GLi with Yaris. Yaris is nothing in replacement of Corolla GLi. Many People will prefer Honda Civic or Honda City over Toyota Yaris .

  17. fed up says

    Absolutely right you are. In this country only we are going to help each other against mafias of car assemblers or any other. Good analysis by you.

  18. Arshad says

    The price of yaris will be 16 to 18 lakhs. Otherwise people have many other options. Moreover, Hyundai is going to launch Elentra with much less price.

  19. Zain Sakhawat says

    Toyota Yaris is actually the ‘Vitz with Hybrid technology’ in UK.

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