Women – Being the Queen of the Road

8th March, every year, marks International Women’s Day. The trend of celebrating this day has become common in our country as well, and why shouldn’t it be? Our women have strived so hard to come at the point of success, making a difference in every field they enter.

However, there are still some typical minds in our society, who have this negative perception in mind that women can’t drive the car. The phrases like “Oh Bhai, gari bacha, agay larki hai,” and others like this are commonly heard on the streets when a woman is driving nearby. The sad reality of our society is that being a male-dominant society, who still believes a woman should just sit on the passenger or back seat, and that too quietly.

But, things are in the process of change – the change in the mindsets. We can now see more people are welcoming women to share the public space on the roads.

Moreover, the government is also working towards empowering women on the road. Not just the cars, our women have taken the front seat on bikes and rikshaws as well. A few years back, woman-only rikshaw service was launched in Lahore, Punjab and recently, the government of Punjab, under their Women on Wheels project, announced to provide subsidized bikes to women.

Wishing every woman a Happy Women’s Day – More Power to You!

Notable Replies

  1. Firstly let me take an oath here that I have no objection to women driving at all. They like us men have every right to drive HOWEVER:

    At the same time I am compelled to say that mostly women not all drive with utmost carelessness and sheer stupidity on roads. I have witnessed same attitude amongst women drivers be it in USA or in Pak. Here in Pak, daily I witness the following:

    1. They will seldom give indicators.

    2. They will apply brakes all of a sudden.

    3. They will stop anywhere on the road only to hear their damn cell phone.

    4. Always in nervous mode and if they clip any car then its the other car's fault most of the times in their opinion and they will eat your head out to win arguments and this point is supported by lots of of youtube videos :slight_smile:

    5. Did I mention applying lipstick while driving.

    Therefore, "Oh Bhai, gari bacha, agay larki hai" holds 80% true. Again there are great women drivers too who follow rules but mostly ahem ahem !

  2. Well there is no denying the fact that change in mindset is very much needed in Pakistan for people who are not in favor of women driving the cars and who in general do not like women participation in all areas, due to their religious or cultural closed mindsets.

    However what I fail to understand is why such articles that talk about women equality conveniently ignore the fact that one of the biggest reasons why some people are against women driving is the way they drive! There is not even a single line in the article that acknowledges the fact that there is a vast majority of women drivers, who despite years of driving, are not that adept in handling the car as opposed to male drivers with the same years of experience. This is the biggest stumbling block due to which many people do not like women drivers around their car. Reasons due to which some women cannot master the art of driving (maybe due to lack of proper training, unexplained fear of driving etc) should be explored and addressed.

    By thinking that the phrases like 'Oh Bhai Gari bacha agay larki hai' is only spoken by misogynists who fear women participation is quite ignorant tbh.

    Anyhow, it is indeed good to see women driving bikes and rickshaws and becoming less dependent on their male counterparts to meet their commuting needs.

  3. Due to our cultural issues, many women come to driving at age of late twenties or thirties. Before that they do not have any idea about driving rules and road etc. So at this age its always difficult to grasp driving sense or in general any demanding task.

    While almost all male drivers start driving in their teens (at least motorbikes if not cars). So they develop better driving sense at much younger age.

  4. My wife drives the car and is doing so for the past 30 years and the maid who goes with her on her routine drives is always scared of her driving. So much for the expertise gained over a period of time.. Zahid sahib is very right coz earlier you grasp the road and traffic sense better it is.

  5. Absolutely True. Add to that, most woman drivers use shades for privacy on all four windows, causing them to become totally blind.

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