Women Drivers: Better Than Men? Yes Or No

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The battle of driving between the sexes seems to be won by the men. Pretty shocking statement right.

Male drivers have outsourced the women drivers not only in driving tests but also when observed on the road. Here are some points as to why male drivers are better than females.

Females Are Prone To Take More Risk

Recently, studies have shown that women display less cautious behavior as compared to men, such as driving closer to other cars and speeding, not wearing seatbelts and trying to fix their makeup while driving. They even take riskier turns and also park inappropriately.

If you observe a lady driving you will agree with some of these points, obviously, I don’t say that all women have same driving habits, but a majority of women have started behaving over smart on the road, which ultimately causes problems for themselves and others.

But…the fact is how a person drives doesn’t really equal with how well they drive. Men are more proficient than women in driving, which con-incidentally is also true by their overwhelming presence in motorsports across the globe. However, there has been a proven record that men also have a higher ratio of getting into accidents.

As a matter of fact, it has also been observed, that women are more likely to get ticketed for “not wearing seatbelts” as compared to men, they are also likely to be the one’s at fault when met in an accident.

Perception Is A Very Strong Entity

Despite the research, psychologists say that it’s hard to govern who is a better driver: men or women. Men seem to be better as they are confident in driving because they are professed to be better at driving, hence they show more expertise. On the other hand, we have a typical stereotype associated with women, that dictates female drivers are not efficent and panic quickly.

Women Are Working Their Way In

Women are getting in the driving game, even though female seem to have a bigger ratio of accidents than men, the gap is getting smaller with time. Recent times have seen a ridiculous increase in severe driving cases associated with female drivers, including speeding, disregard of traffic laws and deliberately getting in an adrenaline rush.

What I believe is that, both the sexes are good at driving, but somehow female driver’ are losing the understanding of driving cautiously on the road. Men happen to be proficient drivers as they spend most of their time driving and are not overconfident about their driving skills, they are not used to fixing their looks while they are behind the wheel. Plus don’t forget to wear the seatbelt or you will be soon rewarded with the challan.

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