World’s First Bicycle Using Strings Instead of Chains

Stringbike Bicycle

Have you ever wondered that you own a bicycle which doesn’t feature conventional metal chain and is easier to maintain? If no, then this is the right time to think it over as Hungarian designers from the manufacturing company Schwinn Csepel Zrt have manufactured a bicycle called the “stringbike” which doesn’t house a regular metal chain as well as sprockets; instead it houses a rope and a pulley drive system, which means you don’t have to oil the chain to make it smoother and comfortable to run.

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The ropes which are being used on the bike are similar to the ropes used in fitness training to lift heavy weights and in sailing. The stringbike uses Dyneema ropes which are world’s most active Fiber—meaning it won’t break easily like traditional metal chains. The strings are attached to pulleys, swinging lever and cam mechanisms on each side of the bicycle.pakwheels-stringbike-7




One of the exciting things about this innovative bike is that it uses 19 gear ratio system, unlike traditional bikes which use 10-speed gears ratio system. In simple terms, it means that when the rider changes the gear, it won’t slip. Moreover, a rider can also change the gear ratios even when the bike is stationary. It has a gear range of 3.5 to 1.





The biker can change the transmission ratio with a shifting knob which is placed at the right-side handle grip. Furthermore, it would be worth mentioning here that the bicycle was unveiled back in 2010.

The bike is useful not only for bicycle enthusiasts but also for the non-regular bike users as well. People who are living in developing countries are usually not fond of riding bicycles same goes with the Pakistanis because traditional bicycle consumes time for their maintenance but with this innovative bicycle it might be possible in near future that people living in Pakistan or any other developing countries use the bike for fitness purposes.

Apart from the good side of this bike, there is also a drawback to the bike, and that is its braking system which solely depends on V-brake because the hub of stringbike cannot support a rotor.

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