This is the world’s smallest Honda CG125 so far

Are you not able to decide the gift you want to give to your loved one? Is he/she also happens to be a rider? Is he/she fond of motorcycles? Does he/she get the tingling sensation when an ‘alter’ 125 passes by? Does he/she aspire to be a 125 rider and make respect for themselves? Does he/she want a one-two-five? Then worry no more. We have found the perfect gift for you.

This is the world’s smallest 125 we’ve seen yet. It is an scale model of the Honda CG125 but since the motorcycle, only has the cult status in Pakistan, thus, no one else has made a scale model for a motorcycle, more famous for street and other crimes rather its performance or reliability.

In the video, you can see that the suspension to be in working condition but the engine seems to be ‘ceased’.

Just don’t strike a wheelie on this one please.

Hat tip to: Zia Imran

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