Yamaha Pakistan Is Coming Up With New Bikes

After the successful launch of YBR 125, there is good news from Yamaha’s side. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer is all set to launch the new models of bikes in Pakistan. The launch of the new models will begin from September 2015.

The first upcoming model would be YBR KG-125 Off Road. This model would have the same engine as the currently available model of YBR. Unlike YBR 125, the YBR KG-125 would have a spherical headlight and heavy tires just like most off roading bikes, and will be launched in two colors: Red and blue. As far the price is concerned, the YBR KG-125 will be priced just a few thousand more than the YBR-125. So we can assume that YBR KG-125 would be priced between 130k and 150k PKR.

YamahaMoreover in 2015, launch of regular YBR-125 in black colour is also expected. Currently the YBR-125 is available in blue, metallic grey and red colours.


A base model of YBR 125 will also be launched by the end of this year or by the start of next year. The base model would be called YBR Z-125.

This would be all from Yamaha’s 2015 chapter. In the next year, a new category of bikes in 150cc would be launched perhaps by April 2016 . These models would have more dynamic looks and shape as compared to all other models. The 150cc range would be named as Fz-16 (150). The Fz-16 (150) is expected to be priced at around Rs 170,000 to Rs 200,000.


Fz-16 back

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Shaf Younus

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  • DJ

    “expected to priced around 170k to 20k”. .. 200K Correct it please and yes upcoming bike is the trail bike lot of bikes coming lets see.
    what i expect right now from Yamaha is the that please reduce a bit of your prices and increase your After sale service network it is right now in worse condition and with very less knowledge mechanics have.

  • heartyboy

    we waited so many years for these type of bikes to launch but not with these type of high price tags.I understand there is not much localization of the parts of these bikes resulting in high price but still yamaha pakistan still need to lower the prices without compromising the quality. though eagerly waiting for fz16 known as lord of the streets but not having price tag more than 150K. IT will be game changer for our youth and yamaha pk.

  • Ali

    I was really excited when they launched their first bike. And I’m more so to hear about these new bikes, especially the 150cc category. Keep this up Yamaha.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    The feedback from most people about Yamaha is about price, I think yamaha’s products are priced right according to current economic scenario, the cg with 30 year old design is for 105k, a 21st century bike for just 25k more isn’t bad considering we get
    a modern engine
    which is silent
    which smoother
    which is more powerful
    which has better emission standards
    yet has a carburetter design so our uneducated mechanics who are still understanding suzuki raider’s carb won’t have to understand anything new.
    modern design in which nothing is copied.

    people should think that we are getting the outdated cd100 for about 90k so a modern bike under 1 lac is impossible at-least 110k should be the budget for a 100cc modern designed bike.

  • wasted youth

    Well I am so happy to know that Yamaha is going to launch FZ series. Al last old boring CD 70 shape and CG 125 shape will be thrown out but wait, this nation is mentally at lowest standards of life so roads will still be filled with old crap shapes same as our governments.

  • Ata Ul Aziz Usman

    I will be the first customer of FZ-16 considering the bike is launched with same specs and shape as above and as far as the price is concerned, I think its just right. 170K to 200K is not much if bike is decent and worth it.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Same as Mehran 😉

  • wasted youth

    Rightly said….

  • heartyboy

    Its because of the price range .who doesn’t want to buy new tech,new shapes ,style bikes but yamaha pakistan is also following the traits of big 3,as it has no competitor it can demand whatever price its wants.

  • wasted youth

    No boy, you are short in knowledge in this regard. This is the problem of this foolish nation. You must blame your corrupt mother f****ker leaders for this. They looted and looted and still looting this country and whole loser nation is happy to be kicked on their shitty butts. It’s the pathetic economy to look for. Formula is simple, encourage competition which will boost investment which will result in boosting economy and problem solved. But your ganjas and zardaris and all other mafias are just shit hole and no brain at all. And this whole nation after being subjected to rigorous butt kicking has become a prostitute who is happy to be f***ked.

  • Ali

    Couldn’t agree more! And if an honest leader comes, he gets bombed or shot.

  • Mian Zeeshan

    Bro are you people sure that fz is going
    be launched in April???

  • wasted youth

    As far as logic is concerned then yes… As you might know that Yamaha is now operating independently and has to increase the range of the products. Like Honda and Suzuki, Yamaha has to launch it’s premium products to survive and compete with CBRs and INAZUMA, INTRUDER and Hayabusa…. So, it’s mandatory for Yamaha to launch FZ series and also increase the range gradually. Conclusion, be positive.

  • wasted youth

    Well, you must know that leverage is for the company not for the public. And you will buy the bike not the parts to assemble yourself. So, it’s 110% justified price comparing to CBR and INAZUAM.

  • pKtuN

    Bro you are right it should b less then 150k

  • Asad Zulkifal

    agree with you..

  • Ahmed Zubair

    I agree with both of you, We all are responsible for this crappy old stuff, economical policies are all dependent on the morons sitting in government, they are not consistent, so NO investors, NO sponsors, NO research and NO innovation … and so on leads us to the bottom line, and like hearty said I don’t think its a justified price, how come Indians afford to sell bikes so beautiful innovative and yet so cheap? this is not a nation its a crowd we still need to work for generations on this.

  • Sharjeel khan

    Guys this is Sharjeel khan if anybody want to buy Yamaha fzs I m ready to export cuz import duty is very less what’s app me on 0091-9871789849

  • Umair

    How about yamaha fz spied 180cc? Fz18 i think. Whats the price in India and what will be the duties?

  • Umar

    Any Latest Update regarding FZ 150cc launching in Pakistan? as you are saying in April 2016….Is it confirm or just assumptions???

  • zeeshan

    how we import this bike will you tell me the total expense

  • Shafiq

    Friends I called Yamaha Centre they said we are going to launch 150cc but after one year not in april 2016.

  • Sikandar Mahmood

    Has there been any official announcement? Or you just made this shit up?

  • sabir hussain

    Yes i want to buy this bike. How many amount. My cell no is 03465252025

  • arif

    Dear All brothers can you tel me where we buy this Yamaha model YBR KG-125 Off Road and what is Price?

  • muzamil

    If anyone want Orignal Studds Helmets for Bikes in Islamabad contact me on 03455205006 or whattsApp me .

  • Waiting for models like MT & R1S

  • R1S <3

  • well said

  • Shah Rukh Qasim

    Correction: It is not more powerful than CG 125. YBR 125 lost to CG 125 by lengths even though two people were riding the CG 125 and only one on the YBR.

    It got the new tech, sure. But lacks the power.

  • Shah Rukh Qasim

    Is it true that these bikes are going to be launched in April 2016? Only two weeks to go then.

  • Siro

    fuck our pakistani government hum kitnay salon say heavy bikes kay intazar may thay jab bikes aye to harami tax 90 % tak lagaya ja raha hai 50000 ka bike 2 lakh ka per raha hai

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    bro, the bike isn’t faster, but the engine is more powerful. cg 125 is faster due to its power to weight ratio, it doesn’t have fairing, after all it is an old school bike.

  • Umair

    Sar mje fz 16 buy krni hai agar apko is bike ki launch date or price pata hai to plz mje btae my cont number is 03452428603 and I live in Karachi

  • John Martin

    abhi tak launch nahi hoi or ap ko buy kerni hay pehlay he wah 😀

  • yousaf

    Will it release in pakistan.

  • Zohaib Akhund Zada

    Well i am intrested In Fz-16… can u tell me how much will it cost to reach my door step?

  • Saad

    Ybr 125 indian price is 55000 equal to 85000 pakistani rupees. Yet it os being sold at 1,30,000. I dont think yamaha would offer such an upgrade for only 20k pkr. We can never be that lucky. Dont be surprised if this bike is even above 200k

  • Hendrik

    Hello we are exporter motorcycle.and We have yamaha xabre 150
    Cc . Can u info the import in pakistan who interest this bike from indonesia. Www probikemotor. Net

  • Athar

    is there any update for these bikes ??? launched or not ??

  • Anwer

    November 2016 is nearing its end. WHEN are they launching FZ 16 ?

  • Anwer

    Can anyone please tell me how to import Yamaha M-Slaz 150cc or 200cc 2016 model from Thailand. Also how much should it cost.

  • Waqas Wiq

    A.o.A Fz16 now available in market

  • Naveed Rai

    Yamaha ys 125 kab launch ho raha ha pakistan mn
    Price Kya hain.

  • Daud Rattle

    Really ??

  • nadeem1368

    Please share where to find Yamaha FZ16 150cc motorcycle in Pakistan

  • Armughan

    I would like Mr Shaf Younus to update this as per new development in Yamaha Pakistan.