This Is The Shady Way Chinese Transport Cars From Factory To Dealerships

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Chinese people are usually considered quite efficient the way the conduct their business, and this was quite apparent the way a Changan dealership in Beijing received 26 minivans at once on a FAW transportation trailer.

According to the fellow who took these photos, the dealership is located in an area where heavy transportation is not allowed. So dealers had to unload their vehicles somewhere else and take them to the dealership on smaller loaders etc.

But now the freight companies have come up with something efficient to save costs, or shady if you want to be technical.

What they do is, unload all the vans or cars or whatever is up for delivery in some desolated area near the showroom, late at night, where there is less traffic, no traffic wardens or traffic cameras, and then ‘hire’ whatever locals they find around, those who can drive, and pay them to drive the unloaded brand spanking new vehicles to the showroom.

It is a shady business since delivered vehicles don’t carry registration and/or insurance. But the upside is, that the dealer gets his batch far quicker and it costs freight company far less compared to what the legal way of transportation is.

changan dealership (1)

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Story: CNC

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