Man Smashes Into Two Brand New Chevrolet Corvette’s

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In the early hours of Thursday 9th July in Toledo, Ohio a man who was exiting the highway suddenly began to suffer from a seizure and lost the ability to control his car. Luckily for him his wife who was in the passenger seat beside him managed to take control of the steering wheel and regain some control of the car but unfortunately they still ended up crashing, and right into the Dave White Chevrolet dealership. Most importantly we are glad to report that the man and his wife did not suffer any serious injuries and were taken to hospital within minutes of the crash. Though the sad part of the story is that they crashed into two brand new Chevrolet Corvettes Stingrays. The damage done to both cars accounted to more than US$ 200,000.

Drive safe out there folks.

Story: Carbuzz

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