Yamaha Releases New TV Advertisement Marking Its Arrival In Pakistan

Earlier, we shared with you whatever we knew about Yamaha and they just released the advertisement clip of their arrival in Pakistan making it official. The vehicles they have shown in the advertisement displays the whole portfolio of Yamaha. From off-roading buggies, speed boats, scooties, motorcycles, superbikes, electric generators, to jet-skis, it seems that they are coming in with everything.

The local motorcycle assemblers should be afraid, very afraid of Yamaha’s new portfolio of technologically advanced products which suits today’s age. It’s a pity that someone from the outside had to come in and introduce R&D and take us to the next age of motorcycling while our own assembler are just busy rounding up cash by importing the same product for the past three or more decades.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

  • Fateh

    Have they launched their official website for Pakistan?
    Are they launching any heavy bike shaped bike like R15 in for 1.5 lac ?

  • Baber

    Most probably they will. They already have the R something which is a 125cc for Europe and Pakistani market just have massive, massive gaps available for companies to exploit.

  • Ali

    a humble request to yamaha! please think of launching some sporty shape bikes in 125 cc class or 150 cc…CG125 sucks in quality and has a very ordinary performance

  • saad

    they will be launching 2 models this year and 3rd model in next 2 year.
    all 3 are are sporty shape.. YBR125 , YBR 125G

  • Asad Malik

    YBR 125 indeed has nice shape,the quality of these bikes will be unmatched as they wil be imported as CBU’s.Time to kiss goodbye to lame ass AHL

  • 9900 GT

    good news

  • hash

    time for the obsolete local bike mafia to do something about their business !

  • rashid

    a 400 or 600cc naked, will be great!

  • shahbaznazir

    hope they will also work on 2 stroke parts >>

  • Junaid Abbas

    For God sake, Bring YZF R125(Image attached) and keep the prices similar to the international market, Dont put too much shit of customs and duty

  • Guy Chauhan

    my eyes on yamaha yb 125 sp or yb 125 z.

  • Azhar Yousuf

    FZ-S or FZ like the one in India or even R-15 will be a good treat if Yamaha is serious about it.

  • ahsan

    any body plz tell me when yamaha available in karachi

  • M.Haroon Iqbal Khan Alizai

    It will available tomorrow