10 Things That Can Help Improve Your Car’s Performance

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We often come up with complaints like my car is just not as it used to be or something like my car is not efficient anymore. Well, the problem is not just the car. The major part of the problem is with the way you have been dealing with your vehicle in the past.

Good people take a good care of their cars, but the best ones treat them like family. If you take a good care of your car, trust me your car will never let you down. For every car owner, it is important to take care of these things so that your vehicle is more effective and efficient at the same time.

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Drive like a gentleman:

This is not a street race, and you need to drive like a gentleman. Most of the cars have some “ECO” lights to give information about how you are driving, even if your vehicle doesn’t have it go easy on the gas (with a gentle foot). Try to keep it as smooth as possible.

But this does not mean that you drive like a senior citizen, just be efficient. If you want to drive at a higher speed increase acceleration gently rather than just doing it rapidly. This will not only increase the life of your engine but also will increase the efficiency of your car.


Keep your car clean:

Keeping your clean is seems to be less important but trust me it has an immense impact on your vehicle’s efficiency and effectiveness. Try to wash your car exterior and clean your interior on a regular basis (at least once in a week). But as advised by most of the car manufacturers do not wash the engine of your vehicle. Try to clean it with an air blower or get it done by a professional. And when I say keep your car clean, I mean to keep its filters clean as well. It is a healthy activity to clean it now and then, and change it after every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer. If you live in a hot city, also clean the air conditioner’s filter. This will raise the performance of your air conditioner. Get your car serviced every three months and keep a record.

Keep your car clean

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Regular oil works:

Your vehicle needs regular oil works. According to the advice of your vehicle manufacturer and your usage, select engine oil and do not change the type in future. 5w40 (fully synthetic motor oil) is good in the majority of cases. Also, check the break oil regularly. These regular oil works will have a great impact on your car’s performance and efficiency.

Regular oil works

Maintaining wheels and brake pads:

Maintaining wheels and brake pads are crucial when it comes to the drive quality of a vehicle. Only use the tire size that has been advised to you by your car’s manufacturer and keep them properly inflated (look for the proper tyre pressure info on the plate you see on the panel of driver’s door or owner’s manual). It is a healthy activity to change the orientation of your tyres every six months. And change the tires when they seem to be substandard. The life of tires depends majorly on the road conditions. Also, check the alignment of your car, get your wheels balanced if you feel bubbling while driving the car. Install new brake pads when the old ones seem to be over. Do not try to repair them; you need to change them for the best results. If you maintain the wheels and replace the brake pads, this will increase the road grip, brakes, and handling of your car.


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Good quality fuel:

As you choose the healthiest diet for yourself, do the same for your vehicle. Try to use a better fuel. The best way is to use a proportion of high octane with the regular fuel. This will not only increase the efficiency and effectiveness but also increase the life of your engine. It is a healthy practice to get your tank filled as it reaches the half point in the fuel gauge. Try to get your car filled from a petrol pump with a good reputation. If you hear knocking from the engine after a fill, do not return to that petrol station as they are selling substandard fuel.

Good quality fuel

Battery check:

This is critical because if your car is out of battery power, it’s good for nothing. You may have to face some serious problems if your battery gets ill. Check your battery regularly. In case it’s not a dry battery, check the battery acid regularly. And every weekend, check the health of the battery with the help of a voltmeter. If you drive a car with an automatic transmission, you must have battery wires along with your vehicle 24×7.

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According to manufacturers, the life of a well-maintained battery is about three years. Change it as soon as possible if you detect symptoms of a dying battery. And try to use the battery that has been suggested by the car manufacturer.

Battery check

Avoid idling when stuck in traffic:

To increase car’s performance, you should avoid idling when you are stuck in traffic. This will improve not only the efficiency of your vehicle but will also have a positive impact on the battery life of your car. Most of the cars today are built on the brilliant idea that fuel ignition is stopped when the car is at an idling position as this is environment-friendly as well.

Avoid idling when stuck in traffic

Take care of the climate:

Human body tries to adjust itself to the environment, in summers we try to be in a cool place so that we could remain healthy and in winter, we try to keep our self as warm as possible. Same is the case with cars. You should try to keep a car cooler in summer by parking it in a shade and using shaded curtains for the windows. Similarly, in winter, you should let the engine get warm so that you can have a safe journey. Keep on checking fluids like coolant and oils regularly. And take good care of your car.

Take care of the climate

Keep on upgrading stuff:

We live in a world where new things are introduced that make our life much easier on a daily basis. You can also make your car’s duty of being efficient and effective much easier by upgrading stuff. If you feel that any part of your car is failing, upgrade to a better part. Not doing so will only harm your experience with your vehicle. Or if you feel that something will increase the performance of your car after advice from a trained professional, get it installed in your vehicle.

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Toyota Vitz Air Filter

Proper monitoring and swift action:

The most important habit that will help you is appropriate monitoring, and taking swift action when it is needed. As you use the car, the car needs regular maintenance, and you need to change things that are affecting the performance of your vehicle. For example, if you hear an irregular voice from the engine, get it checked. You need to be cautious and alert about your vehicle. A major advantage of being cautious about your car is that you find the problems in initial stages.

Proper monitoring and swift action

If you act upon these points, your car will be more efficient, more useful and your experience will be much better. I have come up with these points after years of experience and research. If you are a new driver and do not know much about cars, you need to act on these, and you will never face any problem. Some precaution and quick action can not only prolong the life of your vehicle but will also reduce the unnecessary expenditures in the form of repairs that could have been saved in the first place.

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  1. Guest says

    “you should avoid idling when you are stuck in traffic. This will improve not only the efficiency of your vehicle but will also have a positive impact on the battery life of your car. Most of the cars today are built on the brilliant idea that fuel ignition is stopped when the car is at an idling position as this is environment-friendly”

    Heat is a battery-killer, but so is frequent cranking.

    Fuel ignition is not stopped at idling. Which engine can keep running without ignition? The engine would immediately stall.
    Maybe the writer is confusing idling with coasting. EFI cars can stop the fuel injectors while “coasting” which is a known hypermiling technique.

    Somehow the article is titled performance and discusses efficiency. The writer is new but the other staff members at PW are not. Can the two terms be used interchangeably?

  2. German Ab says

    Ins’t idling for traffics? how can harm cars? Engineers and the makers all over the world don’t know this “thing”. They are more specific about the cars performance than us?

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