Agreement Made For Higher Grade Petrol: But there’s a Catch!

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RON or Research Octane Number is a standard used to assess the performance of a fuel inside an engine. Higher the RON better is the combustibility of fuel. Petrol currently sold in our market is rated at 87 RON. Government of Pakistan has long been pressing Oil-companies of the country to substitute the sub-par 87 RON Petrol in the country with better 90+ RON fuel. This was met with resistance from local refineries as this change-over is costly.

Now, however oil-marketing companies (OMCs) and domestic refineries have formed a pact with federal government which will lead to a partial launch of better quality petrol in Pakistan. But there’s a catch, the higher-grade Petrol would be sold at a higher price than the regular 87 RON Petrol currently sold in the market. The price increase will pay for the upgrade costs incurred to oil refineries for the provision of 90+ RON fuel.

Fuel RON Ratings Around the World

As per the agreement, 87 RON petrol will increase to 92 RON while the High Octane Blending Component (HOBC) or in simple words ‘Hi-Octane’ will upgrade from 95 RON currently to proposed 97 RON. Moreover, from now on all oil-marketing companies will be allowed to import HOBC. In first phase all refineries will choose either to make 87 RON or 90 RON fuel according to their manufacturing limitations. In this regard all companies have agreed to produce 90 RON Petrol except for Attock Refinery Rawalpindi. The 90 RON fuel produced by these refineries would be upgraded to 92 RON through mixing of imported better quality fuel.

“Pakistan has been using 87 RON motor spirit for the past 20 years while the world has moved on to higher RON petrol. In view of sharp reduction in oil prices, it is the best time for switching over to 92 RON premier motor gasoline (PMG) at the earliest,” Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi told OMCs and refineries.

Parco has announced that they will start the manufacture of 92 RON Petrol from November next year. As far as National Refinery is concerned, they currently do not possess a capability to produce 92 RON fuel but they will mix imported higher-grade petrol to increase their RON rating.

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  1. Abdullah says

    Petrol Pump owners in Pakistan mix Kerosene Oil and JP-8 jet fuel in 87 RON Petrol to get profits…….always get your petrol filled from a reliable petrol pump……check it thru mileage that wich petrol pump is giving the best fuel…….

  2. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    that is correct. I once had petrolled filled in a bottle and it was pinkish in color whereas it is supposed to be red yellowish in color. Isnt it?

  3. MalikSaabi says

    Petty thieves!
    They’ve been collecting tax on every liter of fuel for the last 15 years for upgrading refineries!
    Where did that money go???
    Petroleum Ministry mein chor bethay hain. CHOR

  4. Kaka says

    Will any one else please elaborate if we can judge the petrol quality based on its color?

  5. adnan syed says

    Previously we had choices of regular and super at most pumps round about 87-88. But than regular disappear nd we left with super only.

  6. Guest says

    No. Petrol quality cannot be judged based on its color similar to how human’s quality cannot be judged based on physical appearance only.

    Color additive is used based on govt regulation. In Pakistan, government does not regulate different types of fuel to have different colour neither the government inspectors conduct random stops to check which fuel you are using, because fuel is subsidized equally.

    Petrol has no colour. Colour is added to it for identification e.g. which refinery it is coming from.

  7. Sultan Kiani says

    Do something with diesel. We have the dirtiest quality diesel here in Pakistan.

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    there’s always residue in the filter and I have heard reports that due to the bad quality of fuel some Corollas have suffered breakdowns because of residue being stored in their catalytic converters

  9. Kashif Ejaz says

    Would RON91 and above be available all across Pakistan? Or is it suggested only for urban areas? I have been to the public launch of Civic 2016 where the dealers have no idea apart from selling the product into the market. If we look at the petrol’s current situation even an authentic RON87 is not avail in the Pakistani market. How do you expect to run a turbocharged engine when even the company’s authentic dealers have no idea about whats going on ?

    Moreover, on inquiring further i was told to make a purchase of VTI Oriel instead of a Turbocharge which was nothing but a lame excuse. Honda Atlas Pakistan should come up with a plan rather that telling customers to be off. Even a small company go for proper market research before introducing anything new into any market. I wonder that how apt would be the product manager who proposed Honda to launch the TC in Pakistan regardless of knowing the petrol’s berth in the country.

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