5,000 Honda Civics Booked In Under 10 days

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Just last Monday, Atlas Honda opened dealership doors for the booking of 2016 Honda Civic. According to an official at Honda City Sales, on the first day of bookings alone, they received 200 orders while 2300 Civics were reserved across the country. We have reports from officials of Honda’s dealerships that the reservation tally for the All-New Honda Civic has reached a whopping 5,000 meaning that Honda has generated 5 billion rupees in cash in a matter of ten days. Pakistani Market’s veterans are calling such a consumer response an industry first!

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Most surprisingly, people are paying PKR 1 million which is non-refundable to Honda for a car they have not yet seen. Dealerships and Honda Atlas both are not confirming the specifications and features for the car they are booking at an upfront payment of PKR 1,000,000. Furthermore, Honda City Sales has reported that Honda Atlas would not offer a manual transmission for the new Civic. As far as color selection is concerned, dealerships will ask customers for their color preference at the time of balance payment.

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Moreover, the hype is not fainting as Honda Dealerships across the country are still swarmed with potential buyers paying the down payment to get in line for 10th Generation Honda Civic.


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  1. echo bandit says

    Well we all new it .. nothing new or utterly surprising here ! People are too desperate to buy anything around here as there is not much to offer to the locals.

  2. Fazal Wahab says

    And I believe there are many investors who booked multiple cars to make profit on it..

  3. Naeem says

    I think they can hardly produce 1000 cars a month at the Honda factory in lahore…….how do they plan to manufacture 5000 cars in 60 days is a big big question…….this is a total PUBLICITY DRAMA to increase the sales of the new Honda Civic………the source of the news is highly unreliable…….a stealership…….

  4. Agha says

    “We have reports from officials of Honda’s dealerships “…………………a very doubtful story……nobody would buy this Car for such a huge price…………………………i have FROM MY SOURCES heard that after the launch of Civic the Vezel imports have increased to 5000 a month………………………….FABRICATED STORY to Increase Sales…….lets wait for PAMA monthly sales…………im 100% sure they would still show City and Civic Sales together there……………

  5. Saqib says

    Publicity Stunt……to increase poor sales and response……HONDA STEALERSHIPS are LIARS…..

  6. Saieen says

    Honda City Sales told me today that 1 Million Honda Civics have been booked in Pakistan in a single day……a world record……lol

  7. Salik says

    “Pakistani Market’s veterans are calling such a consumer response an industry first!” can u name a few of these veterans Adan Ali???? from where u got this news…..this is Hilarious…..

  8. Saieen says

    this is the photo taken from quad cam ….scenes from outside Honda Factory Lahore……….lol…..POOR publicity STUNT….

  9. Babar says

    line outside of showroom in Chechoun ke Maliya……. people just want a glimpse of the majestic Honda Civic……best car of the world………To hell with u Honda Atlas for giving us such a expensive car….

  10. Badar says

    well i just got a report that the delivery of the Honda Civic booked today would be in Jan 2017………….people book ur cars early they have stopped the early booking now because factory can not produce more then 1000 cars a month…….no wait wait……..they are still taking bookings…..this news was just a PUBLICITY STUNT to increase sales…

  11. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    source? who are these officials? did you see the actual paperwork? lets wait what PAMA has to say about this.

  12. Charlie says

    “Honda Dealerships across the country are still swarmed with potential buyers” latest pic is here guys of people swarming Honda Showrooms….no place to stand even in the show room…just look at the pic…lol

  13. usman niazi says

    lolz… par yaar yeh bikes kee dealership hay…

  14. Muneeb Bhatti says

    What about the price of honda civic

  15. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    Do people below even know how to post comments rather than posting like spams?

  16. Honda Londa says

    Honda is afraid of launch of BESTURN B-30 by FAW in coming days. FAW is biggest automotive giant in CHINA and now has stepped into SAUDI-ARABIA. You can watch FAW-ARABIA cars on YouTube. FAW is all set to launch high end best finished cars in EUROPE , MIDDLE EAST and PAKISTAN. Don’t believe in me , better search YouTube or GOOGLE it .

  17. Taimur says

    Don’t make up figures .. Honda can make 90 cars per day on one factory alone .. they make 50 to keep the market tight .. They can easily produce 2700 + per month ..

  18. Atom Bomb says

    2700 civics or total cars including Civic, City etc?????????/ what is your source???? Are u line manager at Honda????lol

  19. Saqib says

    This is a FABRICATED News to give boost to Honda Civic Sales…..because nobody is interested in booking this car and Honda is afraid………..they need to bring price down in order to survive……..BYE BYE HONDA ATLAS……..

  20. Hassan Jalil says

    Showing picture of Honda Bike dealership when the topic is about the car ? Seriously bhai rammadan main bhang peena to chor do

  21. Salik says

    Lol nicely done…..good depiction wat Honda showrooms are really like…..really they are making hype of a car with very less features as compared to international market and it is highly over priced….we need nissan, renault to these 3 idiots a tough time…

  22. M.B says

    How can we not say that this is a sponsored post. Only figures are given but no reliable source of them. So……

  23. wow says

    This is nice.

  24. Khawar says


  25. teendabba says

    oo bahi ksi ne nai leni 2 no. honda. qaom mein shour agya ha. serious hojao werna niklo Pakistan se. Khota reri bechni wali qaom

  26. car says

    FAW might offer cars for very less money compared honda/toyota etc but i have seen the SIRIUS S80 , although it offers many great features the interior is not high quality. honda and toyota may charge more money but not even the BESTURN B-30 can compete with the look,comfort,features and drive quality of honda/toyota. You can never compare toyota/honda other cars available in the local market . There is a reason why toyota is the top car company of the world, even ahead of BMW(2nd).

  27. Muhammad Rizwan says

    lahori baray goray hogae hen aj kal

  28. Muhammad Rizwan says

    just tell them to give names of these stupids

  29. Mohsin Javed says

    this is the example of the saying “pani ki tarhan bikna”

  30. Mohsin Javed says

    khota rola kai buyers ki akal ko 40 topon ki salami, bike dealership hai kaka g

  31. Mohsin Javed says

    :rolls eyes:

  32. Muhammad Zim says

    But this is also a point to THINK that in a country of majority where it is difficult to eat, drink clean water, have own place to live. we had 5000 bookings of car worth almost 3.0million

  33. Junaid Abbas says

    Hopeless design, is it a f**king coupe or a sedan? There must be a proper trunk to make it look like a sedan. They tried to copy vezel and miserably failed.

  34. Junaid Abbas says

    One more thing, Look at the Hood carefully. Exact copy of the new Corolla.

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