Pakistani 2016 Honda Civic Speculation Round-up!

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Just last weekend we reported that the bookings of 2016 Honda Civic were open. We followed it by a step by step procedure of booking it. However, we still don’t have much confirmed details regarding what will come on board the All New Civic in Pakistan. So to ease your anxiety, we have created this round-up after analyzing rumors and reports from multiple Honda dealerships, PakWheels Forum, and Social Media.

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The purpose of this post is to bring all the available information we have on the new 2016 Honda Civic in one concise blog post. Some of the information present is based purely on speculation. If you feel there is something that we have missed, kindly do mention them in the comments section below. Happy motoring!

Civic Engine and Transmission

Features Civic

Safey Features

Pricing Civic

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  1. HondaFan#1 says

    how is it 26 50 and 28 50
    in previous blogs it was a flat 26 and 28

  2. Guest says

    Its the 1.8 that has a chrome coated grille the 1.5 does not have a plastic but a piano black grille. This is also the same as in indonesia so please fix this

  3. Umair says

    1.5 turbo will be a good choice like a big car in size and power.

  4. Guest says

    The 1.5 is piano black

  5. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I want an opinion.. I can get Toyota Premio 2011/14 for around 22-24 or should I opt for this overpriced Civic?

  6. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    and btw, I absolutely love Premio. Best Jap sedan on the market

  7. Guest says

    Buyers would be stuck between low tax of 1.5 but low maintenance of 1.8.

    Let’s see how the “resale” scenario unfolds over the next few years, as 1.8 will have higher tax while 1.5 will have turbo problems.

  8. m. saad says

    vezel is better in this price range

  9. Awais Yousaf says

    If superior drive and build quality is your thing then go for premio but if a newer and better design and bigger cabin is you thing then go for the Civic. Although i am a big fan of premio but nothing has changed in premio since 2007 so why not wait for civic and check it out?

  10. Awais Yousaf says

    There is no news about official pricing yet so you have to be patient 😛

  11. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    which one is faster ? 173bhp seems faster but other things like nn and torque is higher for 1.8. so i guess 1.5 turbo will be quicker than 1.8. right ?

  12. Guest says

    Yes 1.5 variant will be faster

  13. Ali says

    26 lac + taxes 1.5-0.75 lac, the registration as well + tire change , should cost 30 lacs , that is way too over priced!

  14. Fazal Wahab says

    The turbo variant have piano black front grill NOT chrome plated. 1.8 NA will have chrome plated.

  15. ysk says

    If you are willing to put 30 lac on this one…u probably can stretch a bit and can get a German car right?

  16. Faisal says

    Those who have experience of driving Civic 2016 1.5 L-T and Vezel please provide comparison between them so that decision to buy better vehicle can be made easily.

  17. Muhammad Abdullah says

    1.8 has 173 nm torque while 1.5t has 220nm torque. so both gud accelaration + fuel eco

  18. salman says

    i called a dealership he said dont disclose his name, he said1.8 ltr Rs. 2.7m and 1.5 ltr Rs.3.2m. also do remember that 1.8 is 2005 10 years old engine and is offered in countries like us.

  19. echo bandit says

    this is just so sad ! that ridiculous price for the same old engine .. hideous

  20. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    Hmm. Thanks

  21. Abdullah says

    why are they charging such a huge amount for this car????????????????????? Atlas Honda your sales would be very low…………….i work in a public sector organization where people do buy lot of Honda cars………and NOT a SINGLE Guy out of the almost 1000 officers we have stationed here at my station is ready to buy this CIVIC with such a HIGH price tag………………..RETHINK your pricing strategy…….SHOW ROOM OWNERS do not represent the feelings and BUYING POWER of a common pakistani from whom U have got the pricing questionnaires filled at your launch in the factory ……..

  22. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    are you saying the Civic has a bigger cabin than the latest Premio going around?

  23. Awais Yousaf says

    Even the new Corolla has a bigger cabin than the premio and the Civic X has even bigger cabin than the Corolla. I guess it clears out!

  24. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Premio has a wheel base off 2700mm while Corolla has 2600.. and I just check Civic X which is 2690. So according to specs these cars are more or less the same but in my experience Premio is spacier than the Corolla at least. Well thats not to say that Im just stuck on Premio, I will heed your advice and will try the new Civic

  25. Awais Yousaf says

    Well Both current corolla and civic have 2700mm wheelbase same as premio but at 4630mm and 4620mm both civic and corolla are bigger than premio (4530. Both corolla and civic have more rear passenger legroom. On the other hand definetly try the civic x cause who knows it can be a game changer.

  26. MySchizoBuddy says

    Changing tires of a new car is obligatory for us

  27. Agha says

    i foresee this Honda Car to meet the same fate as that of Atlas Honda HRV…….nobody would buy it for such a high price tag…………very very few car enthusiasts and companies would buy it for their executives……this car is NOT FOR COMMON SALE & USAGE…….it would rather become a SHOW PIECE in Pakistani Market…………..ATLAS HONDA i see your doomsday very near…….

  28. Muizz says

    its doesn’t mean that if you don’t buy a new civic nobody else will it will sell more than the 9th gen you’ll see that.

  29. Sheikh Sb The Great says

    Sales will not be LOW. Donot you see TOYOTA PRUIS on our Roads? Is Prius a cheap car? One Who can afford a PRIUS have a tendency to Buy this NEW CIVIC. Pakistan is a very impressive country , booming country and progressing by leaps and bounds. Bussinesses in Pakistan are growing not falling. Pakistan has a lot of POTENTIAL of this car. Those who have a lot of money are least concerned about PAKWHEELS BLOG, Those who watch these blogs and comment here are mostly who can buy upto a CITY .

  30. Umair says

    28 lac for 1.5 t turbo is a good price

  31. Irteza says

    The car is a gem but it would have been much better as well as the sales would have been much higher if they would have kept the same price as the current model.

  32. zain says

    Premio much better than civic if price tag cross 32 lacs.
    Really sorry to say about honda, the company introduce 1800 cc and 1500 turbo while they must introduce hybrid in this price, sorry again.

  33. Kashif Akbar says

    This price tag is a suicidal Plan of Honda Atlas. this will give a clean chit to Corolla to be the second to non choice with far lower price. if Atlas Honda believes they will knot Corolla’s super selling , they live in a fool’s paradise. i personally wish 1.5L Turbo Civic to be around 2 or 2.2 million then we say the game is set. but unfortunately, intellectuals who decide to launch CR-Z, CR-V or even PRIUS or Kazashi live in PK but their souls live in London & New York. they dont’ bother about ground realities of Pakistan Market. with 2.8 Million tag, honda will sell about 10,000 cars in next 12 months, but 100,000 corolla sold in last 12 months are made more better option by the Honda price deciders. CITY is priced good, but new model sidelined for 2 years and no signs yet to be launch soon, i wonder AHL is having a holiday sleep.

  34. H__3 says

    I like the car but 2.2 M is too expensive

  35. Farhan Khan says

    This is actually their exit plan… Honda wants to rip public as much as possible before being give very hard time by the new entrants who are actually entering the automobile industry of pakistan after AIDP 2. Honda knows very well that nobody will give a shit to their cars after people have choice of brands like Renault, Chevrolet, KIA, Hyundai etc

  36. Waqar says

    In this price if I add some more I would like to buy Honda Vezel…

  37. Rizwan says

    Wah… Absolutely right bhai.. I agree…

  38. usman says

    Sir, the prius is a very expensive car, but you cannot compare a prius to this, how many prius do you see out on the road? hardly 2 to 5% of the total cars. The number of prius is in no way comparable to a honda civic, or a corolla or a city for that matter. and if these cars are being locally manufactured then they have to be at par with the sales of their competitors, and if this sells as much as a prius then im sorry to tell you but this would be the biggest failure of a car in the history. Plus prius is a hybrid car, the 9th generation civic gives a fuel economy of about 9.5km/l within the city, which again in no way is comparable to a prius, so be wary of that as well.
    as far as the price is concerned, there will be an additional 1.5 to 2 lacs of tax on this along with another one lac for registration and all, so why will the rich people not go for an Audi or a vezel when you are getting that at the same price with way better specifications and features?
    and just for your information the people you are talking about, who will actually be able to afford this car dont even comprise 10 % of the total pakistani population, and i fall amongst that 10% and if after taxes and everything i had the option to buy a grande for 25,00,000 or this civic for roughlu around 32,00,000 tau i would definitely go for a corolla because believe it or not but 7 lacs actually does mean a lot to me, and the person to whom 7lacs means nothing would not be roaming around in a civic i can assure you that as well.
    please do think about what you comment instead of passing emotional judgements

  39. Shaheryar Sikander says

    Oh shut the fuck up, u Honda’s pimp…..

    the new version costs 18600 dollars ( or less than 2 million rupees) in the West.

    but Pakistan is a heaven for looters and plunders like Pak govt and these motherfucker automobile makers etc.

    I have a new shape civic till date….. so don’t fucking insinuate that a person who is criticising the price cannot afford a new civic, u moron.

  40. Shaheryar Sikander says

    fuck the acceleration. Our road traffic conditions doesn’t have room for fast accelerating cars anyway…. so talk sense and vote against unfair price hike or shut ur pie hole !

  41. Muhammad Saqib Malook says

    Your comment shows how frustrated you are because you cannot afford a car! First thing is roads are not that bad, otherwise thousands of people would have bought trucks instead of cars. Unless if you are living in mohalla . As far as Price is concerned, Compare Toyota prices with Thailand, Indonesia and then india with Pakistan, you will come to the conclusion. Even compare it with UK , Its still cheaper and this honda Civic still offers alot of features which were never introduced in Pakistani market. Pakistan is the only country where Manufacturers has to pay 33% tax ! so tell me why they give you cheap car? Out of 28 lac, 9 lac and 24 thousands is a tax and 18 lac 76 thousands is a car price. Go on any country manufactures websites and compare the price then open your mouth against price hike stuff. Get the fact firs and then talk. and more importantly buy yourself a cart not a car!

  42. Muhammad Rizwan says


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