Punjab Government to Charge A Fix Tax on Imported Used Cars!

Yesterday, Punjab’s Finance Minister Aisha Ghaus Pasha announced that the Government of Punjab would impose a one-time tax on imported used cars. The statement came during the announcement of the province’s Finance Bill 2016-17.

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The amount of the fixed one-time tax varies with the engine capacity of the car ranging from PKR 25,000 for cars with engine displacement of 1000cc to 1300cc going all the way up to PKR 300,000 for 2500cc imported vehicles.


Furthermore, the tax will not apply to the vehicles owned by federal and provincial governments of the country. Also according to Punjab’s finance bill for 2016-17, the government reserves the right to exempt any class of cars from the tax. In a nutshell, this tax looks to be aimed at discouraging the import of used cars to foster the growth of the local automotive industry through Auto Development Policy (2016-21).


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Adan Ali

Adan is a Rising Journalism Sophomore at Northwestern University, with an inclination towards non-political investigative journalism and advertising. He is currently serving as a Research Assistant for the Arab World’s first media museum, The Media Majlis and an Admissions Diplomat at NU-Q. Adan comes with an experience of almost three years in the field of media creation, alongside Dawn, Parhlo, PakWheels, and The Daily Q occupying the roles of an Intern, Guest Writer, and Staff Reporter. Formerly, Adan has served as a Founder and CEO of The Nixor Times, a media and advertising company, besides which, he has offered his services as a Member of Board at Nixor Corporate. He tweets @adanali12 and runs a channel on YouTube.

  • wierd

    other provinces are exempt from this tax ?

  • Adan Ali

    Yes as of now but there’s a chance they too will enforce it in the coming months

  • Badar Shehzad

    Time for all Petrolheads to move to Dubai. Soon owning a car in Pakistan would only be limited to politicians.

  • Awais Yousaf

    yeah you are right!

  • rashid

    why does the government hate 2000cc+ engines ?

  • Adeel Rehan

    Renault is planting its feet in Pakistan. A friend of mine told me. He works at Karachi Port


    Great.. I want a complete BAN on imported used cars. We donot want PAK to be a dumping place of CO2 emitting JUNK CARS…. These IMPORTED USED CARS are just like JUNK FOOD which we people enjoy and then spoil our health….

  • Hassan Mansoor

    Down with the Punjab Govt. for the taxing the middle class which is already crushed under load of multiple and virtually non ending string of taxes. This is anti middle class step and we should stand up against it.

  • kashif

    they dont pay any TAx

  • Badar Shehzad


  • Ali

    LOL .. joke of the day 😀

  • Aisha Khurrum

    What about vitz 996 cc , exempted or included?

  • Adan Ali

    If the displacement is anywhere less than 1000cc then it’s exempted

  • Aisha Khurrum

    vitz 996 cc is exempted right?

  • Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq

    It will take years. I don’t believe. Please provide some sources !

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro


  • Sarbland Malik

    Are you serious?

  • usman

    Oo pai kerhi middle class 1300CC se ziyada gari le sakti hay … Khuda ka naam le bhai … middle class wala banda apni roti poori ker le buhat hay … Je 1300CC ya es tu achi gaddi rakh k tusi janab ae keh rahay ho k tusi Middle Class Ooo… te… Nai … janab tusi ameer aadmi O..

    Hun deyo Tax… jere tusi plan keetay hoye nay .. imported gaddi lein de.. hahahaha.. enna tu middle class

  • Shurjil Butt

    Joke of the decade I must say .. This guy indeed is on weeds

  • Sultan Kiani

    Keep dreaming until (Na)Pak Suzuki introduce a Hybrid Mehran

  • Sultan Kiani

    What about Prius and Aqua? They hybrid, greener than Vitz and other under 1000cc vehicles

  • malikfc

    Ab garian aor kitnay mehangi karo gay? Down with govt.

  • Salman ahmed

    Honda has already started making their cars mire expensive .i think i will stick with my old suzuki mehran and buy benetelli tnt 25 . The govt can eat its vagina

  • Sadiq

    All Governments till now in Pakistan liked its citizens to use old used specially cars which have become kabari. Whereas other nations promote their industry to make cheap and cheap cars with good features while for ordinary people of Pakistan Gadda Garhi is left. Other Nations dump old cars while in Pakistan we use 50’s, 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s model cars. Our technicians even change their body parts for us to use them because we are the only Nation left in this world where getting a cheap New CAR is IMPOSSIBLE. Why not we make donkey cars for our use. May be by this method our Governments get ASHAMED. But they have no shame left… Ordinary people of Pakistan can only get a new car in HEAVENs and not in their lives.

  • German Ab

    you mentioned 1000cc – 2500cc or abover. what about 660cc.

  • Rizwan Anwar

    Will it run on GOOBAR?

  • Sultan Kiani

    I hope so

  • Salman ahmed

    Tax agleye Saal lag raha ha Dubai main

  • farok sayer

    cleaner pakistan was admitted yesterday to mental hospital