10 Things To Keep In Mind While Driving – Defensive Driving Procedures

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When you get on the road, you end up facing all kinds of driver, some careful, some rash. But one should always remain vigilant when driving and always be wary of other road users. One way to remain safe on the our roads is to adopt “defensive driving procedures“.

Have a read and let us know what you think. Some of these are:

  1. Driving at a speeds at which you can easily control the vehicle. I tell my wife that when she is driving through the bazaar, she should keep the car’s speed down to 10 KMPH. Another place to slow down is in front of schools at drop off time and pickup time.
  2. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. As per the law the vehicle at the rear is considered at fault when it hits the vehicle in front, even though the vehicle in front stops without any reason.
  3. Using the indicators when you are about to make a turn but at least 100 meters before the turn. This warns the vehicle in the rear that you are about to slow down. I have seen drivers turn their indicators on just at the last moment, almost causing an accident.
  4. When it rains or it is very windy, you should slow down. When it rains it causes the road surface to become more slippery, so if you have to use the brakes it will take longer for the vehicle to stop. Your vehicle might aquaplane. In case of windy weather, the stability of the vehicle is affected. So by slowing down the vehicle comparatively is more stable and gives you enough time to react accordingly.
  5. When driving long distances, stopping and stretching your legs after every hour or two is good for you. When I use the M-2 Motorway, I generally stop at Bhera which is midway between Rawalpindi and Lahore. If I feel sleepy (Motorway driving has tendency to do so because of the almost straight and monotonous drive), I stop one more time to stretch my legs and drink something.
  6. When you make a turn on a two or three lane road you should move your vehicle to the extreme right lane for the right turn and the extreme left lane if you intend to turn left. Otherwise you risk being hit if you try to change lanes at the last minute. Twin City drivers can relate to driving through Faizabad Chowk. If you are coming from Faizabad Chowk and want to use Rawal Road, you should plan ahead and move into the extreme left lane, before reaching Chandi Chowk. All big cities have roads and roundabout like these.
  7. When driving in town or when facing on-coming traffic, you should drive with the headlights at low beam. If you leave the headlights on at full, it is possible that the oncoming vehicle’s driver is blinded and possibly hits you.
  8. Driving requires your utmost attention, so you should pay complete attention to it. Sometimes I have found that I have been so preoccupied while talking on the mobile phone, that I can’t recall how I drove the distance I did. Though now if I get a call, I stop the vehicle and finish my call, before resuming to drive.
  9. Keep your automobile, especially the brakes and tyres, in good working order.
  10. Always wear your seat belt. And make sure the person in the passenger seat wears his/her seat belt as well.

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The above are a few defensive driving steps you can take, to help avoid needless accidents and unnecessary expenditure. If you can think of some points, let us know in the comments section below. Wishing you happy and safe motoring.

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  1. usman niazi says

    i agree with most points… the biggest problem is motorcycles when i drive. They just head into you with no care and they swerve around like drunks all the time due to lack of side mirrors. They will not give you an inch when you try and reverse… the way we drive is that we “snatch” the space to get ahead. It just shows how pathetic we are as muslims in the first place. So i just drive so fast that no one is there to disturb me. If i drive slow, har garee aur motorcycle side marta hay to get ahead and you have to drive slower and slower until you actually have to stop. It is funny sometimes how pathetic our nature has become as we do not care for anyone else. I try my level best to give space if someone wants it and i hate the women and uncles who drive super slow in fast lanes and no amount of horns could get them out of your way… they make us break the rules by letting us overtake them from the wrong side. I always concentrate on the road as i mostly drive for improving my skill and reflexes(stopped fps games some time ago) so i drive a bit fast but i don’t drive rash by cutting of lanes, i drive efficient straight lines as fast as i can, kinda like in the movie lucy:D

  2. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    I agree with your comments on motorcyclists who drive rashly and women and uncles who drive slow in the fast lane. How did they even get their driving licenses?

  3. Shahid Mehmood says

    I had been taught 5 Things to check whenever you went for a drive specially inter-city travels in a road safety session organized by NHMP. These are POWER
    P = Petrol (Any kind of fuel) It should be enough to reach the desired location.
    O = Oils (All kind of oils you vehicle required. Eg. Gear Oil, Engine Oil, Brake Oil etc. keep an eye on their safe positions)
    W = Water ( the water/coolant level in the radiator)
    E = Electricity (All the electric parts eg: Battery, Head Lights, Indicators, etc)
    R = Rubber (It means your tires should be in good condition)

  4. Nizal Shar says

    Licenses…….!!!!, we have a record to get license of even dead.

  5. lex says

    Can you please elingthen us as to which law in Pakistan deems it the fault of the person who hits a vehicle from the rear (as indicated in your point number 2)?

  6. Bilal Naeem says

    Not only in pakistan . Puri Dunya me yehi rule ha 🙂 hamesha peechey vale ki galti hoti hai

  7. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Thank you Bilal Naeem for responding.

  8. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    That is why the police recommend that when driving you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Many times some drivers keep a very gap, which is extremely dangerous.

  9. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says


  10. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Since my car is old I check these on a daily basis.

  11. Bilal Naeem says

    Btw aik aur chez. Motorcycle valon ke liye koi LINE nai bani hovi.
    SECOND : koi bi gari vala BIKE ko rasta nai deta dont know why so usee gariyon ke beech me se nikalna parhta ha .jitni marzi lights maro HORN bajou vo nai hatte side pe . aur phir agar un ko overtake karo to kehte hain galat jagah chala rahe ho .
    THIRD: mostly gari vale says ke bikes ko most left line me rehna chahhaiyeh. now what i want to ask ke kya bike 80+ ki speed pe left line pe chal sakti hai ? its not possbile or you guys wants us to move slow like 30 or 40 KM/H.

  12. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Everyone should show respect to the other road users.

  13. Bilal Naeem says

    Yup Agree

  14. lex says

    I was not asking as to the general rule to follow. My question was as to the law which mandates that it would always be the rear-vehicle driver’s fault. Give me name of the law in Pakistan.

  15. Shahid Mehmood says

    I have been taught in training whenever you are on highway you have to maintain a safe distance according to this rule ,, your vehicle speed multiply with 2 Feet. eg: if you are going on 80km/h you have to maintain a safe distance of 80 x 2 = 160 feet distance from the front car

  16. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    for first point: Left lanes are dedicated for mix traffic in Lahore, motorcycles being lighter and small possess are easy to maneuver in mixed traffic(found in left lanes) under safe speed limits.

    for second point: I believe that more riders are at fault here than car drivers, how many riders have their rear view mirrors installed to be prepared to make way if a faster vehicle is approaching from behind.

    for your third point I have a few questions: is there any place in Pakistan where it is safe to ride a bike above 60 kph? are Pakistani Bikes(even the new yamaha ybr 125, gd110 and suzuki gs150) safe enough to be driven at sustained speeds of 60+ unless its gt road with no other vehicle in sight? are Pakistani bikes heavy enough to sustain the wind pressure faced when cars overtake them at high speed(the dad of my friend banged into a divider by air pressure he faced at 70kph when a vigo overtook him from left, he was riding near the divider in right lane)? I believe a sane rider would answer no to these questions so whats the point of being in the way of faster cars, facing wind and possibly someone cutting you off while overtaking. A rider should stay in left lane unless he is willing to make a right turn and do that too after making a stop at left and cross the road after observing the traffic flow carefully.

  17. Bilal Naeem says

    i agree bro but some more points,

    mujhe bi gusa ata ha jab without side mirror koi mere agee aa jai aur rasta na de . but horn bajane ke bad bi rasta mil jata ha but gari valo ko jitne bi horn maro rasta nai milta becuz they think they are superior.

    i agree on your second point also 100 %

    bilkul bikers ki mistake zayda ha .

    about third point bro about safe speed . yes i think 50 to 60 for 70 cc tak aur 80 ki speed for 100 to 150 cc motercycles. they are safe and controllable.

    baki bro jo me ne feel kiya ha pakistan me jis ke pas jo ride ya sawari ha us ka attitude vesa hi ha to others.

    for example jab me normal bike pe hota hoon to hondas vale rollas vale rasta nai dete ya tang karte hain .

    and i ride sports bike as well to jahan bi me jata hoon age vale rasta de dete hain aur foran side pe ho jate hain horn marne ki bi zarorat nai beeshak agee koi bi gari ho . WHY THEN ? becuz mentality logon ki aesi ha yahan pe . apne se neechey vale ko aur neecha dikhate hain 🙂

    btw aik incidient share karon ga . i was on a normal bike near ghora hostiptal aur traffic jam thi . udher i think sirf 2 hi lanes hain. it was like 45 C temp. me ne uturn lena tha basically . aik corolla vala mere peechey tha horn pe horn mar raha tha .me ne peechey mur ke dakha to mujhe kehta ha ke apni line me ja idher kya kar raha ha O.o . me thora sa side pe ho gaya ke chal tu guzar ja . halanke me us ka rasta bi block nai kar raha tha . khair then us ne meri bike ko apni gari se laga ke side pe karna start kar diya and i was like wtf he is doing O.o agar rasta hota bhagne ka ya mere sath koi aur hota to me us ke sheesheey tor ke bhag jata 🙂

    lol khair the thing is that ke we should respect each other chahe bike ho ya gari ho 🙂 everyone has rights bro.

  18. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    I agree, hmary yahan apny sy kamzor ko dabaty hain or apny sy taqatwar k dabao ma aty hn. jb Christians ny rallies nikali theen tb ma safety k leay chottee gari ly k nikla k halat ka pta ne hota, red light pr mery agy ek city ti chowk ma sa rally guzarny lagi tw ma kaha k bhai nikal len ya rasta dy den, inhy ghussa charha ha, nuqsan pohncha skty, agy sy zara ghussy ma bola ma bachon ko leny ja rha, ma smja driver ha, ma kaha k tmy ko fikar ne, malik ki gari ha, meri apni ha rasta tw dy bhai. agy sy glove box ki taraf hua, ma smjha shayd krny lga ha side pr, ma apni gari ma aa gya tw utra ha or mery pas aa k mjy papers diye k dekh gari mery nam ha, sath galt language use ki k tjy ma driver lgta hn, mjy b ghussa charha ma kaha k tmny bat e drivers wali ki ha, agr apni halal kamai sy koi cheez li ho tw bnda fikar krta, aagy sy larai krny wali baten, meri seat ki backpocket ma wrench tha, ma ly k nikal aya, kuch or log akathy hue or traffic police waly aaye, unhy bat btae, un ma dsp traffic mery jan’ny waly thy, unhy ma btaya tw unho ny us sy gari side pr krwai, paper abi mery hath ma thy, mjsy phir bkwas kr rha, saari karwai ma papers mery hath ma e thy, ma ghussy ma 4 hisy kiye uski gari ki reg book k or nikal gya. 😀

  19. Shahid Mehmood says

    I want to add one more thing to your 2nd point. that Car walas are more sensible than Bike riders, and if you observe closely you will find. Jis ke paas jitni bari gari hai woh utna sensible hai, for example. main ne aksar dekha hai ke Mehran walay bohat careless ho ke drive kerte hein, most of the times un ke side mirrors bhi close hotay hein, isi tarah comparison main Corolla wala ya CIvic wala much better drive kerta hai Mehran se

    Or doosri baat jab bhi koi accidient hota hai ghalti hamesha bari/superior gari walay ki samjhi jati hai

  20. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    exactly, infact meri apni driving ma gari ki value k hisaab sy zameen aasman ka faraq hota ha. 😀

  21. Shahid Mehmood says

    hahaha .. buri baat hai yeh to bhai 😛 ,, ap baki mere jese logon ke belief ko or strong ker rahay hein, khair we have 2 cars at home, Cultus and Corolla, mere paas cultus hoti hai,, i drive both car with full care and devotion.. but Cultus mere hath pe chari hai is liye us ko ziada confidient ho ke chalata hoon Corolla kabhi kabhi use kerta hoon like after months to us ko ziada careful ho ke chalana parta hai, coz of huge difference among brakes, clutch, accelerator settings and overall body dimensions differences

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