1st Benelli and Keeway Display Center Launched in Lahore

In a very surprising move earlier this weekend, the first display center was launched for Benelli and Keyway Motorbikes in Johar Town, Lahore. This launch was a total surprise for many people, including me. There was a simple Facebook event page created prior to the commencement of this event. So, I decided to explore the products from this company on an unofficial visit.


When I asked about the simplistic approach to quietly launch the display center from an official, who was there to receive and cater the queries of visitors, he replied:

We had spent huge amount of money on the official announcement for this venture earlier in June, but this time we opted for a simpler approach to let the public know that we are in business…

Currently the company is taking orders from their Lahore office and is planning to open new display centers and showrooms across the country.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from potential buyers and showroom owners. People have been very forthcoming and positive about our products. So we will hopefully be announcing some of our affiliated showrooms in a couple of months” replied the Director of the company.


The company is offering two categories of products in Pakistan, where one would be aimed to cater the entry-level and the other would be aimed to intermediate-level bikers. The bike in question is Benelli TNT 25, which is a 250 cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled engine capable of producing 25 bhp at 9000-RPM and 21.5 NM of torque at 7500-RPM. This motorbike also comes equipped with a 6-speed transmission and Keeway RKS150 Sport, which is 150 cc, single cylinder, air cooled engine capable of producing 12 bhp at 8500 RPM and 11.0 Nm of torque at 7500 RPM. It is also worth mentioning that the company is claiming the 45-50 km/litre mileage off the RKS150 Sport.

Initially, the RKS150 Sport was offered in two variants, RKS150 Sport-GS and RKS150 Sport-CG, but I found out that the company is not taking orders for the CG variant. Upon my inquiry on this latest step, the director replied:

Initially we wanted to probe the market about what people are expecting from us and that is why we introduced 2 variants of the same bike. The CG variant of RKS150 sport was designed to be aimed at the Asian markets, while its other counterpart RKS150Sport-GS was specifically designed for the European market. As I mentioned earlier, this was a calculated step to engage the public’s interest and people have confessed on buying a superior engine and a bike with better build quality. Moreover, the price difference was on 10,000 rupees, so we are not taking orders for the RKS150 Sport-CG.

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Now I know all of the above mentioned facts are great but you might be wondering, “what about the bikes?” I will be honest, both TNT25 and RKS150 Sport are quite the lookers, coupled with a premium build feel at first glance, I would say they are very visually appealing and will definitely stand out from their competition. Unfortunately, I was not able to test drive them and that is why I can’t express my opinions on the bike ride and other technical points. But one thing is for certain, these new bikes definitely hold the merit of further scrutiny.


Furthermore, we have a psychological barrier in Pakistan when the total purchase crosses the figure of 100,000 rupees, and that is why I asked the company official on the possible financing of these bikes. And he replied:

We are currently negotiating with Silk Bank and Bank Alfallah, so hopefully in the near future, we will be able to offer our products to a wide variety of customers at their convenience

I decided to bade farewell by asking one last question from the director on the Govt.’s attitude towards their new automobile start-up, and he replied:

The current Auto-policy has really opened up the doors for a lot of investors. They have decreased the duty on the CBU’s which is a really welcome gesture. Plus, to encourage new investors they were kind enough to relax some taxes for our initial units, which really shows a positive attitude towards encouraging auto-industry. The Govt. has also allowed us to import 90-100 units for the testing purposes, which will really help us in our future endeavors of introducing full-fledged sports bikes in the local market.

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Abdul Hanan

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  • Smokingaces


  • What are prices ? & i never heard about this company before!


    chinese? european? you have given very little info.

  • Bitter_truth

    Benelli is Italian brand and Keeway is from Hungary

  • Abdul Hanan

    The images have been added in the post…
    p.s: My apologies

  • Benelli is actually owned by chinese group qianjiang.

  • NP.

  • Guest

    What is this “premium kit” costing 11o,ooo by itself?

    AFAIR premium kit of Wagon-R costs 99,ooo!


  • Salman

    Visited them this weekend. Very disappointed to see the “enthusiasm” and the knowledge of the persons at show room. It was like they are forced to talk about it. Showroom was as quiet as a cave. This isnt not how you launch a new “Bike”. At least excite the showroom, make it more biker inspired. No option to start the bike. Its a huge sum of amount for average biker in Pakistan and there is no way they are going to buy it just beacuse it looked pretty. They need to open up, show deep knowledge of the “tech” involved. Show them, let them hear it roar at least. When asked more technical questions related to bike, they handed over a broucher of it. That was welcoming. I dont think anyone who visited them after the launch day would love to go back to talk to them. There goes your brand recognition and future equity (if they are planning for long term) At least i dont.

    I was very excited about TNT25 and have had almost decided to buy it but then these guys let me down. How can i buy a bike from a person who isnt sure about what he is selling or not even a bit excited about it.

  • Ghost

    Has anyone actually booked/received any of these bikes yet? What’s the status on showrooms in isb/rwp? There are so many questions regarding this bike that I think this company will vanish into oblivion in the next 2 months a.k.a Chery QQ and Mitsubishi lancer