Benelli And Keeway Motorcycles Launched in Pakistan!

Benelli Keeway Feature

Since the start of this year, Buraq Automobile has been teasing the launch of Benelli and Keeway Motorbikes for Pakistan. Now, the wait is over following the launch ceremony of Benelli and Keeway in Faletti’s Hotel in Lahore. Currently, both Benelli, originally an Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer and Keeway, a Motorcycle brand from Hungary are owned and operated by Chinese Qianjiang Motors.

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The launch took place after a joint venture between Buraq Automobile, and Qianjiang Motor Company of China was put into motion. Benelli would be selling its TNT 25 motorbike in our market. TNT 25 comes with a 250cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled engine giving it the power of 25 horses at the red-line of 9000-RPM along with 21.5Nm of torque at 7000-RPM. This 0.25-liter engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission. In addition to this, it comes standard with electronic ignition along with both front and rear disk brakes. It will be available in two colors i.e. red and black. Benelli will sell it at a competitive price of PKR 455,000 which is over PKR 2.5lac less than the price of its direct competitor in Pakistan, the Suzuki Inazuma.

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Furthermore, Keeway has launched two motorcycles for Pakistani market, RKS150sport (CG) and RKS150sport (GS). Both the bikes come equipped with 150cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engines. The key difference between both the variants is the engine; (GS) option has what Keeway reported as the more stable engine of the two which gives it a power output of 11bhp as compared to 10bhp of (CG) variant. In addition to this Keeway claims that GS model would do 35-40km/l in comparison to CG’s 30-35km/l. Other than that, both the bikes would come with a 5-speed transmission with both electric and kick start option on board. Front brakes of both the bikes would be disc with the rear ones being drum. Both GS and CG variants would come with three color options; blue, black and red. Keeway has priced the GS variant at PKR 199,000 and CG at PKR 189,000.


Benelli TNT 25:

Benelli TNT 25 launch Benelli TNT 25 launch Benelli TNT 25 launch     Benelli TNT 25 launch Teaser Benelli TNT 25 TNT 25

Benelli Specifications Benelli Specs Benelli Specifications

Keeway RKS150sport:

Keeway RKS150sport 4 Keeway RKS150sport 8 Keeway RKS150sport 3 Keeway RKS150sport 7 Keeway RKS150sport 5

Keeway RKS150sport 2Keeway RKS150sport 1Keeway RKS150sport


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  • YO

    Adan Ali, Do you call 455,000 competitive price.
    in india tnt 25 is for inr 1.68 lac which is roughly equivalent to pkr 2.6 lacs

  • Guest

    I think he is right about 455,000 being a competitive price….. In India TNT 25 is being manufactured which reduced it’s price…. In Pakistan TNT 25 is being imported which gave it this price…. And see its competitor in Pakistan, Inazuma’s price at Rs. 725,000!!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    WTF too expensive :/

  • Silent hills

    To all those who are comparing Benelli India prices with Pakistan Benelli prices. Kindly see what is the price of suzuki inazuma 250 in india.

    Suzuki inazuma price 221,000 in india (assembly)
    Suzuki inazuma price 725,000 in pakistan (assembly)
    Benelli tnt price in india 168,000 (assembly)
    Benelli tnt price in pakistan 455,000 (import)

    The exact way to convert inazuma india to pakistan 221,000 x 3.28 = rs725,000….Now convert tnt25 india to pakistan 168,000 x3.28 = rs551,000 but it is 1 lack lesser than the converted price.

    Suzuki 250 pakistan 725000 benelli tnt25 455,000. A difference of 275,000 is fare enough for intelligent people who really wants to buy a 250cc.

  • Progressive Group

    Idiot AutoMotive Experts are in abundance in Pakistan. From the launch of Honda Civic to These Bikes, it shows how idiot is the thinking of automobile experts in Pakistan. Pakistan needs mini bikes like TVS, and Tata produce, like weight 4 stroke mini scooters, Pakistan need highly fuel efficient 70 cc modern automatic bikes, Pakistan need 125 cc fuel efficient bikes like bajaj produces in India. Pakistan needs small eco idle cars for the General Public of Pakistan. But our experts are not more but IDIOTS. ()

  • Naeem

    wow……wow………awesome…….i would surely buy a 250 cc one……awesome……

  • cbing

    The funny thing is that the reason Inazuma failed, and was eventually discontinued in India, is because it was felt a bit expensive when compared to similar ones like CBR 250 or Ninja.

  • Awais Yousaf

    Those Idiot AutoMotive Experts have to speak out on everybody’s choice. There are people who still buy Honda Civic and would buy these bikes too. Everyone has his/her taste in certain way! If someone doesn’t matches yours then why don’t you take the part rather than mocking them?

  • Hamzah Ghayas

    Excuse me, I don’t know who you are but let me correct you. The conversion rate you’re using is totally absurd. Its actually less than half of the one you’re stating. 1INR= 1.57 PKR. This makes a benelli tnt 25 to be around 260000 PKR. Please get your facts straight my dear. 🙂

  • Very competitive, considering the features on offer and the design etc., one really shouldn’t compare the indian prices with ours – manufacturing there vs. Imports here and relatively low customs and import duties as compared to ours.

  • Silent hills

    Bro I would suggest you to read my comment again.

    Convert inazuma india price according to your assume rate which is 1.57
    I come 346000. But in Pakistan it is 725,000. So the conversation doesn’t comes like this…the duties are different the taxes are different you are just holding one end. Brother indian market is very big they have ZERO duty on assembling Benelli is assembling in india by assembling in india they also adding local parts e.g mrf tyres but in Pakistan we are getting the branded metzeler these things matters for a rider in Pakistan. Unfortunately in Pakistan the duties and taxes are like 150%. So in my opinion i thank our local benelli company to offer the cheapest price in the category of 250cc. We must appreciate them considering Honda cbr150 price is 660000 in Pakistan.

  • rashid

    Companies are trying, the only thing really holding the market to expand rapidly are tariffs/duties the government imposes.

  • Salman ahmed

    Gonna buy the 250 cc benelli and ride with speed on 40 km/h on pakistani roads .yes yes yes!

  • Salman ahmed

    I am buying it the day my city dealer gets his stock

  • Hoping it doesn’t end up like the Ravi Piaggio thing.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    inazuma is being assembled in Pakistan?

  • Muhammad Aamer

    I 100% endorse the above statement.

  • Dani Udass

    Is k mechanic kaha sy lao gy???
    #noEducation for this kind of tech

  • Saqib

    pakistani 1 rupee = 0.65 rupee. not 3.28

  • Kash

    Anyone has any idea about a Chinese Cruiser Bike offered in Pakistani Market ?

  • Ali