2015 Ford Mustang pictures leaked, or have they?!

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The whole world of automotive press and enthusiasts are clutching feverishly in what might be the next 2015 Ford Mustang. The folks over at Car & Driver magazine say that this is indeed the final interpretation of one of the most popular sports/muscle cars of the world. We can’t even deny this as Jalopnik and Car & Driver once got hold of a set of pictures of the new Corvette leaked by an insider to them, and those pictures were as accurate as Japanese bullet train.

So this we think, IS the Ford Mustang 2015.

Ford has said that Mustang will not be distinct (stand-alone styling) from the entire line-up and will in fact retain some design cues to all the Ford cars.


The car’s styling however has grown quite aggressive as the front lights have gotten sharper and smaller. Overall, this is a much much better looking, perhaps the best of the modern day Mustangs.


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  1. Fawaz Farooq says

    Looks like a Jaguar to me

  2. Waqas Khalid says

    not agreeing to the best looking part!

  3. Qasim Naqvi says

    the 2009-2012 was and remains to be the best looking modern stang; aggresive and VERY clearly mustang. this is good too; just NOT as good in my opinion

  4. Hasaan Ahad says

    sach kaha

  5. Junaid Ur Rehman says

    I dont think its a real stang… the front grill is clearly inspired by an Aston martin… the hood and front lamps from a new beamer..i'd say it is an artist rendition

  6. Ali Umair Jaffery says

    front looks like evolution X

  7. Imran Sheikh says

    they've managed to ruin it again, just like they did in the 80's and 90's

  8. Qasim Naqvi says

    i wouldnt say its ruined..however the front fascia could have ben better with stronger front lamps..the quarter windoes hail back to the 1969-73 era whci is cool. the tail lights are correct and modernly revised..its the front lamps that has killed the whole mix..bigger brasher lamps would have nailed this 50th anniversary perfectly

  9. Waqaruddin Vicky says

    look like ex

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