2015 Toyota Prius V receives new tech and an angry face

Punjab wouldn’t be getting any CNG for the next four months as winters are here and people would be utilizing gas heaters to stay warm. It’s a necessary sacrifice as natural gas remains are diminishing commodity in Pakistan, government chose to keep people warm and the industries running rather than the engines of our vehicles.

Every dealer we have met has said that Toyota Prius is in great demand in Punjab specifically, the province most severely affected by the CNG crisis. It gives a mileage as good as 25 kmpl. Even though the price keeps it out of reach of masses, yet, Toyota’s giant remain the Prius and now, the Toyota Prius V has received a facelift that resembles anger and killer instincts of a whale.

Look at that wide open grille, the redesigned angry headlights however, rest of the car remains unchanged except new head and tail lights, bumpers, rims and new exterior colors are added; Attitude Black Metallic, Absolutely Red and tasty Toasted Walnut Pearl.

It has the same the Hybrid Synergy Drive found on your normal Toyota Prius and deliver 44 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway, mainly due to the fact that the new Prius V is 268 pounds heaviers than the lift back Toyota Prius instead of being lighter.

The biggest worry that buyers of Toyota Prius face and are unable to answer in Pakistan specially, is about the battery and powertrain. The Toyota Prius from a dealership comes with an either or 100,000 miles warranty for all the electric parts and power-train while a 36 month or 36,000 mile basic new vehicle warranty applies for all components other than normal wear and maintenance items.

The battery is also covered for 10 years/150,000 miles but the cars being imported by dealer into Pakistan, regardless of how much miles the battery has seen, doesn’t have any support for the battery.

We think this is an opportunity for Indus Motors to sell warranty to those buying imported Toyota Prius vehicles. What do you think?

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  • Faraz

    Indus motors would extend support for 3rd party imported vehicles only in the form of repairs. A used vehicle can be warranted, especially if not bought from the company itself. Providing a warranty for an imported vehicle with unknown history or pedigree would be a shot in the foot. Further, they would sell their mother before extending support that would in any way encourage imports and threatening the local manufacturers mafia.