2016 Honda Civic Disappointing Interior Finish and Quality

We posted an article talking about the exterior of the new 2016 Honda Civic and how people have reacted to the whole thing. People were anticipating a lot more than what has been delivered. You cannot blame the consumers to want for more. There was a lot that was promised but Honda Pakistan in some ways failed to deliver. Maybe I am being too harsh but seeing crappy welds and paint to cover those welds didn’t fill us with confidence. There were issues with the panel gaps as well.

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Similarly, those who went to see the car at the launch event throughout the country have reported similar build quality issues regarding the interior of the new car. The troubles concern both the fitment and the quality of the material used in the interior. You can see the panels not sitting properly and ghastly gaps between different parts. Also, the seat covers look oversized and feel loose. You can see that in one of the photos below. Some have also reported the faux leather being not stitched properly. Also, the steering wheel in local Civic does not have any leather covering like the one seen in international model.

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (13)

Besides that, the plastic material used in the dashboard feels cheap and tacky. Honda Civic won Ward’s Auto Award for the build quality of its interior not too long ago. But considering how far off the local car is in terms of quality and finish is staggering. If someone is spending almost Rs3 million for a new Civic, they should get way more than what has been put up for the sale.

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (22)

The Pakistani 2016 Civic doesn’t even come with any sort of cover to hide all the wires and holes in its trunk. You can see all the wires and trunk holes.

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (25)

Again, I must insist, we are not hating on Honda. We were expecting just a little bit more.


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  • casimpk

    I don’t think one should be surprised by this AT ALL. The quality of manufacturing has always been this abysmal, this isn’t the first time. As far as i am concerned, the Govt is responsible for letting these auto manufacturers rip us off of our hard earned money. Consumers have zero rights in this country. The politicians responsible for making policies, laws & implementation of it are the real culprits in all this mess. They get millions in commission, roam in brand new imported German cars, why the hell would they care for poor public? Only way is to voice our concerns than to sit quietly & keep buying crap from these 3 manufacturers.

    As for Honda, or the other 2 manufacturers for that matter, have always given us such poor quality products at the cost of equal to international models, but without the same quality & options included. Unfortunately, consumers will keep on buying these cars, we have no other option as far as new cars is concerned, & I do not expect any new auto manufacturer to enter Pakistani market in the near future. Only winners out of this? The Pakistani partners of Japanese auto manufacturers, Govt officials & politicians.

  • Automotive writer

    Where is back cover under the rear lid as shown in pictures??? I think USED TOYOTA PRIUS is FAR MORE BETTER BETTER BETTER BETTER than HONDA CIVIC 2016….. If you want luxury….. isn’t? hats off to those 5000 billionaires who booked car without inspecting…..i am showing you the pics of FAW B-30 launching soon in Pakistan with price almost half of Civic having Volkswagen Engine….. IN 2017………..it is 1.6L , automatic having high end features and comfort

  • patriot

    bhai kab ayigee yi gaadee, may to abhi khareed lo agar yi baat sach hay tu.

  • Yasar Yousafzai

    I visited local Honda dealership and had a look at the new car. To my surprise, the fabric lining of the sun-roof cover was all lose. Felt pretty cheap

  • David Blaine

    Called Honda dealership here in Texas yesterday and MSRP of 2016
    Honda Civic LX is around $19000 with dealers offering $3500 to $4000
    discount on each unit. This shows how much Atlas Honda has been
    looting poor awam of Pakistan with the help of lootter sahrif family.

    Pakistanio, wake the fucckk up and stand up for your rights

  • adnan syed

    Looks like Pak Suzuki team joined Honda. Even Mehran had a cover on it. Excellent cost cutting measures by the brilliant marketing team of Honda Pakistan. Well honda marketing u spoil the party.

  • Badar Shehzad

    I find this amazing that people are finding ways to blame the government for this. Atlas Honda is not govt. property, it is not the govt’s job to check every vehicle that leaves the showroom floor. The only people to blame here are Honda Atlas but I guess its pointless arguing with the “Jahil Awaam” as they would even blame the govt. if the window of their house breaks by a child playing cricket on the street with the argument “Govt. ko street cricket ban krdena chahie” rather than realising it was the child’s fault. SMH.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro


  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    b70. any chance of this one?

  • casimpk

    “govt regulations” or “consumer rights” – ever heard of it? It’s a thing that is used in the west, for the protection of consumers. Can consumers make or implement policies?

    & your analogy is just awful! comparing a trespassing with consumer rights! lol. do this, Read 1) economics. 2) Consumer law. 2) Civil law.

  • casimpk

    Honda, & the other 2, save lots of money on each unit. They save it from 1) Marketing (they hardly market their product here compared to the west). 2) The awful local plastic interior they use. 3) those pathetic general tyres! 4) old engine 5) cheap labor. 6) They charge international prices & give us a product which isn’t even close to the base international variant! lastly 7) They earn interest on all of the advance payments we make with a delivery time of couple of months!

    It’s a total rip off. These companies earn ton of money. & all of it is happening right underneath the Govt’s nose.

  • Badar Shehzad

    As for someone who has a doctorate in Economics the last person on the planet who needs to teach me Economics is you. Secondly, government regulation in the west deals with safety, emission and variables such as the postion of the bonnet or tail lights etc, their job is not to maintain Quality Control at a private company, their job is to test a unit and pass it if its fit for production, a lack of trunk liner or poor paint job does not validate as reasons to stop production. As for consumer laws, a consumer court case is only applicable if Honda shows you a model with American build quality and then sells a poorly built model, if the case is “what you see is what you get” then you have no case as a consumer as you made the purchase knowing full well the lack of quality control. The only people you can argue with are Honda as far as quality control is concerned. So before you actually tell other people to learn Economics and Law, google their basics FYI.

  • casimpk

    err well you were generalizing the whole country as “jahils”, so, we know who should retract his statement. Don’t be the “all know-er or the only sane person on the planet”. See how you felt when i attacked you on not knowing “economics”? so, kindly abstain from name calling whole country/others, & be mature for once. 🙂

    Again, go & read about the regulation authorities that are in place in the western countries, & are working, unlike in Pakistan where Govt officials have a share in these monopolies at work.

    If regulatory authority, or laws for that matter, are insignificant, then i wonder how are those countries maintain such a high standard of quality products? Their consumers overlook the quality & safety standards, in manufacturing plants? or their Govt agencies? The answer isn’t that hard. 🙂

    When there is no rule of law, rampant corruption in Govt, poor/lack of policies, & inept regulatory authorities, then this is the result you get which you see in Pakistan. Stop blaming the consumers, they’re not that dumb as you’ve painted them to be.

  • Umair

    Exclude 33% Tax the turbo price will be around 20 lac so why blame Honda we can’t get a international quality level car in Pakistan if any price

  • Badar Shehzad

    Firstly the quote marks around the words Jahil Awam signify its use in a sarcastic point of view, something you would know if you were a “know-it-all” like me, by the way that is the correct term, not “all know-er”.

    Secondly, the reason why quality is maintained in international plants is not because the government has sent special agents to check every car that leaves the factory floor, it is because the consumer who buys that car using their hard earned money is smart enough to weigh their options because the competition in international markets is a lot stronger than Pakistan, the manufacturers make sure to deliver the best product. The “sane” consumer of Pakistan ordered 10,000 civics before they were even publicly displayed, hence I blame the idiots who booked before checking the product. I myself had set aside money for the 1.5 Turbo Civic but upon inspection I am now using that money to buy a Honda Vezel, if I were an impatient idiot like them, I would have ended up wasting almost 3.2 Million on a car in which even the doors aren’t welded properly. As for Quality and Safety standards being inspected by the Government, no Government in the world is responsible for the quality control of every car being produced by a private company, if you can find one then do let me know. As for safety, the government of Pakistan needs to crash test a few Honda Civics to compile its results and figure out if it could be put into production, after that the government’s job is done, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to maintain the quality of production to the same standards.

    Your argument that Quality Control of a product that is manufactured by a private company is the responsibility of a Governmental institution is infantile, and although I was not generalising the entire consumer market of Pakistan to be “Jahil”, in your case I might have to make an exception.

  • David Blaine

    OK smartazzzz! If this is not government job then they need to get the fuucckk out of auto industry and let the “Free Market” decide. Honda sale car cheaper in US and expensive in Pakistan. Open the market and let the free competition begin. But as long as government don’t do that sorry to say they will be blamed for sure!

  • David Blaine

    So BCs Pakistani government is filling their pockets with this 33% while closing their eyes on safety standards! Both are haramiz……………car waley bhi aur ye government bhi.

  • David Blaine

    Where did you get your Economics degree? Nawaz Sharif University of Town Drunks? If your argument on quality control is correct, please explain that famous case of Toyota where they got bitch-slapped right and left by US government back in 2008-9-10. Was US government stupid? or may be you are that genius economist they failed to consult?

  • David Blaine

    Back in 2003 I purchased a Chevrolet vehicle here in Texas. It had same kinda of quality control issues. I called them and filed my complaint and they replaced my vehicle with a brand new one with 100% fine quality. You know why?

    Because they were scared of fucccckkkking government of the USA quality controls laws and their enforcement to protect consumer like me. So please get your head out of your rear and admitt that government is the power that should protect consumer against bad quality products made by greedy BCs in the car industry.

  • David Blaine

    In punjabi they say “kutti choran nal mili huwe hai”

    and in this case kutti is the governmet and chorz are 3 Japanese auto makers.

  • Badar Shehzad

    There were a total 3 recalls between 2009-2011 due to unintended acceleration of Toyota Vehicles. The recalls were INITIATED by Toyota Motor Corporation itself and were ASSISTED by the NHTSA. After vehicle owners started filing cases against Toyota Motors, only then the government stepped in. Know your facts “Mr. Blaine”

  • David Blaine

    Even when simplify the whole case to make a point. Let’s just agree with your account. Now would you explain why government stepped in to make sure that Toyota Quality controls were up to the par? Not only they stepped in they prosecuted toyota to full extent and toyota had to pay bigtime.

  • Badar Shehzad

    Firstly, its Smartass not smartazzzzz.

    Secondly, comparing the U.S automobile sector to Pakistan’s automobile sector is the stupidest and most moronic thing an individual could do in this regard. The government has initiated an auto policy inviting several auto makers to come to Pakistan but only a few are remotely interested. As for free market trade, since you are such an expert in macroeconomics, please explain to me what would be the effect on the price of a vehicle which only has one direct competitor in a free market situation. Every country has a set of rules and requirements which an automobile manufacturer must meet before setting up shop. There is no country in the world where anyone can just buy a piece of land and setup a manufacturing plant without going through the necessary processes with the governing bodies. So to blame a government in this regard is, as I said before, moronic.

  • Badar Shehzad

    Yes the government stepped in to “assist” the people once the “people” filed a case and the “corporation” accepted blame. If the quality control was the government’s job then the cars shouldn’t have had that fault in the first place, and if that were the case the people would sue the government not the company.

  • Badar Shehzad

    They weren’t afraid of the “fucccckkkking” government, they were afraid of a lawsuit, or rather the negative press that would attract. Believe me you as an individual going against a company like GM, they would make sure you go bankrupt in lawyer fees before your case even gets a hearing. To avoid that hassle and that negative press they replaced your vehicle. If they hadn’t replaced it, the U.S government was not going to come knocking down your door to help you get a new car. I am not saying that the Pakistani government is perfect but I am tired of seeing retards like you blaming everything on to the government and failing to take responsibility. Maybe its time you get your head out of your ass and accept what is your fucking responsibility. If you are not going to be a smart consumer, maybe you deserve to be ripped off.

  • David Blaine

    I do not speak or write English so take that correct spelling up your rear!

    The best working system available for any auto industry is USA so yes it should be exemplified, compared, studied and perhaps implemented in Pakistan as well.

    Government doesn’t need to initiate any auto policy, they just need to leave the industry the fuck alone and minimize the jagga taxes.

    Here son, let me give you free market lesson. When Pakistan frees its market and quit slapping inhuman taxes, new entrants will come in automatically or perhaps cheaper cars will be imported to beat existing manufacturers from other countries. Let the consumer decide where they want to buy their auto products. Again, just like US of A where some are being manufactured and rest are being imported.

    Your last point on setting up shop. De-regulate the industry, eliminate taxes and keep government out of it. you will see manufacturing units like Gulf Toyota in KY or Mercedez in Alabama pop up here in Pakistan with months.

    At last sorry to say this, I appreciate your urge to defend the corrupt government of Pakistan. But they fuccckkk up everything they touch so we need to get them out of things instead of involving them. “Free market” system with limited oversight to protect consumers is the best proven system so far!

  • David Blaine

    let me expand your knowledge a bit. There are US safety inspectors on premises of Gulf Toyota in KY working as of today. Even have authority to shut down their plants in NY minute.

    Same is the case with all other consumer products manufacturing units even all the way down to small vegetable packers and meat product plant, even a small damn farmer who is growing steers or milk cows.

    Brother either you have limited knowledge or just too hard headed stubborn idiot typical Pakistan who’s only see the things the way you want to see them.

    Learn MOFO. Go visit these places. At least I did before I open my mouth!!!

  • David Blaine

    Well, that is your stupid opinion. I know the fact because I went through it.

    Just like you we are sick and tired of idiots like you who would defend stupid system of government that is not serving anyone at all but only the few families.

    Lastly, if we the people have to be responsible for everything than why the fuck we even have a government, Pack up all these BCs along with idiots such as yourself and send all of you back where you came from. AT least we won’t have to pay taxes!

    Only then we will take up and be responsible for ourselves and deal with car manufacturers!

  • David Blaine

    And I do hope that someday you, your mother, sister, father, brother and other family member gets ripped off someday by these idiots. Perhaps you won’t cry that day and won’t look towards government who you have been paying taxes to!

  • Badar Shehzad

    You do not speak or write english so please elaborate why do you have a name such as David Blaine and what language have you been writing all the comments in.

    Now “Son” the first thing you need to understand is, the economics and governmental structure of Pakistan and USA are in stark contrast which is why it can not be implemented in Pakistan simply because you commented so. Secondly, the consumer base for Pakistan and USA is very different which is why revenue collection by the government has to differ. People here think that because they were born in Pakistan they own the damn place and therefore are not liable to pay any form of tax be it on their income or expenditure. Where in USA you can end up paying upto 40% as income tax, people here lose their shit when they have to pay 0.03% tax when they withdraw undeclared cash from the bank, and since a government needs money to operate, they have to impose heavy taxes on unavoidable taxes to recover that deficit. Simply adopting a “free market” trade is not an over night procedure and impatient fucktards like you do not understand that. As a car enthusiast paying a 200% tax on every car with an engine over 1800cc does hurt, but that is the best way forward if the local industry has to be set up. If I can buy a Japanese built Honda Civic cheaper than the locally built one I would never go for the locally built one, and that will kill the local market. The idea is to create a market that can export, not one that completely relies on import. So while your “free market” trade idea works in the U.S which has a strong economy, that system is not applicable in a country with a weak economy such as Pakistan.

  • Badar Shehzad

    Let me further expand and stretch out the small amount of brain that is left in your thick skull. You little cunt, while you admit to being unable to write or speak any English and yet have visited automobile and agricultural plants across the United States let me tell you what actually happens rather than you placing imaginary inspectors at “these places”. Governing bodies such as FDA, NHTSA and USDA send their employees to the plants to check whether the company is producing their product according to the standards set by the government, they do not have permanent government employed inspectors on site at all times. Secondly the job of a “safety inspector” is not to check whether the leather on the dashboard is stitched correctly or not, his job is to inspect whether the car will survive a crash, learn the difference between quality control and safety regulations. I could sit here all night and school you about how dumb and wrong you are but frankly I have had enough of explaining to dumbfucks like you that blaming everything on the government is not a solution, thanks to people like you this country can never move forward because they can never accept their own damn responsibility.

  • Badar Shehzad

    Your comment has made my case for me. I have not read anything dumber than this comment in a very long time. I rest my case.

  • Saud Azhar

    Admin i think this issue should be addressed to Honda Atlas as you people can approach them. Secondly is this poor quality observed in every civic or these few are exceptions as they are build in haste for display?

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    Excellent explanation! Hats-off!! 🙂

  • David Blaine

    Only a person with no argument left call someone a “cunt”. So bravo my friend! I think i have made my point.

    Further to clarify, I live in Texas and I speak texan, NOT English. Also For your information I personally know even some PAKISTANIS who are currently working in these plant as federal inspectors!

    So keep grinding same argument. Your anger is enough to show your true colors. Good Night or Good Day! Whatever!

  • David Blaine

    I understand and I don’t blame you. My argument avoe is beyond IQ and EQ level. Try to get out of Pakistan to learn and experience the civilized world if you can!

  • David Blaine

    It is not admin’s job. Why admin should waste his time and energies for free. Perhaps you should contact your elected government to stand up for your rights and protect your rights!

  • David Blaine


    You are 1000% but patwarism is kind of condition that has no cure. So lets leave this “cunt” alone. He is real cunt who calls everyone else a cunt.

  • David Blaine

    Not at least until this corrupt government of PMLN + PPP is in power.

    Hell, even Musharraf days had more choices and players in auto industry than now and he was a so called “Dictator”.

  • David Blaine

    This system didn’t work for the last 4 decades and will not work for another 4 even if we keep trying. Instead of improvement, it actually came down further with less choice and higher prices.

    So let’s keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

    Please do check how many cars Ford made in early 20th century and how many bottles Coke sold initially. US seen worst days after the World War. People had to stand in line for Soup bowls everyday. But they protected protected “Free Market” even back in those tough times. And look where they are at today!

    I understand its heavy shit to comprehend, because Pakistani and Indian people brains are not even able to understand these concepts. They need to get out and come live in civilized world to experience and learn.

  • U.J

    You’re an Asshole, acting like a Frustrated Bitch!

  • Zuhaib Khan

    Sorry, I talked to a rep of FAW – Al Hajj few weeks back, I am also in the market for a car 1300-1600cc… He said that they have no plans for a launch in near future. Leave a message on their FB page everyone and lets see if they re think.

  • Badar Shehzad

    Right so if someone calls you a cunt they have no argument left but if someone calls you a MOFO before that then they’re fine. Shove that dumb logic up your ass. Now “Mr. Blaine” Texan is a term used to define a resident of Texas, it is NOT a language. The closest you can call Texan a language is the Texan Accent which is of English itself and it has no grammatical differences so there is your BS out on the table. I bet you can’t name all the states in the United States let alone be living in one, so now crawl back into the deep hole of Malir Cantt or whichever broke ass third world neighbourhood you belong to and try not to embarrass yourself any further.

  • Hashim Zuberi

    Expect “just a little bit more”? Shows what sort of a “car person” you are – the quality of this car, compared with its price is simply too much … Honda Pakistan’s licence should be revoked … martial law should be imposed on their factory … they should be made murghas and beaten with a stick! Shame on you for not hating on Honda for this insane behaviour … I am a die-heard honda fan but this is simply unforgivable!

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    Back cover of CIVIC USA.

    Pakistani needs to raise its voice.

  • Faisal R. Durrani

    David, you are right but its also the job & duty of mother company (Honda International) and its quality department to have a check/Hawk’s eye on its daughter company (Honda Atlas) to maintain the name and craftsmanship of its product(s). What do you think of misleading information and craftsmanship by daughter company is earning for mother company? A bad name and image? Certainly its more job of Honda International than local government to have standard quality checks been implemented.

  • Muhammad Talha

    Gulf don’t take 40% tax from salary, they should also charge 33% on every car. ShitLogic.
    My father is banker and pays his tax along with many other employees, gov also charge him 33% on car purchase,another shitLogic again.
    This country produce 1.2 Billion rupee / day corruption according to official NAB reports.
    Sir if govt stops charging 33% from where will it make those 1.2. Accept reality and open eyes.
    If people will have more choice and lesser price automatically they will reject poor quality product which will eventually improve quality standards in Pak.

  • Badar Shehzad

    If you weren’t so hell bent on blaming the govt you would notice that the 40% tax rate that I am talking about is in USA and also the tax bracket depends on how much you earn, its not a flat fee.

  • Muhammad Talha

    Such an arrogant piece of crap you are, look at your writing, always blasting on others, sensible people respect difference of opinion. You are claiming that Gov has no role in the fact where our car industry is standing right now, making “teen ke dabe”. My stupid friend just one thing, we all have noticed that after Gov allowed importing cars from Japan sales of local makers have effected and as a result, to compete they have started improving there products slowly. See how Gov played role in improving competition and compelling car makers to improve product. In fact for years we have been paying more for low standard cars. Gov play a huge role in this. But arguing with you is like talking to a dumb cow, who use no brain and just say “Mo Mooo”. How hard is it to accept such simple thing. But no you can never accept you made a mistake or thought wrong cause you are a stupid cow.

  • Badar Shehzad

    Get a life. Its been 9 fucking months. Let it Go.