2016 Honda Civic in Pakistan and its Questionable Exterior Build Quality

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So the new 2016 Honda Civic is finally here. The car had been in the news since last year now after its international launch event in the US. It’s a first American designed Civic, so it got some serious press coverage in the States. But it became a star on its launch in Pakistan. But with the launch of the new car, people around the country have made some observations regarding the new Civic.

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And one of the major concern of the new car is its build quality. The social media is filled with photos showing the quality of the car from different aspects. But for this blog, we will only be talking about the horrible welds and paint quality of the car. They are like an eyesore on otherwise I pretty decent looking car. It feels like Honda Atlas had denter and painter from the side of the road to come and weld the car for them. There are several photos of different cars, and you can see the subpar finish of welds and then paint over those welds. In one of the photos, the paint isn’t even covering the whole weld.

And this is not it. Many potential customers have observed misaligned body panels of the car. In one of the photos, you can see the bonnet of the car is not properly aligned. It is yet to been seen if this was an anomaly or will there be more cases of similar nature.

Considering the top of the line 2016 Civic in Pakistan is priced at eye-watering Rs3mn, it is hard to digest such low level of craftsmanship. Honda Atlas initially used to import few hundred units from Thailand to sell here. Maybe they should have done the same thing this time as well. Its like all these cars were hurriedly finished for the launch event. The lack of quality control is quite obvious.

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (4)  2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (16) 2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (8)

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (9)

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (10)

And it is not that we have something against Honda or Honda Atlas. But considering the price of the car, I think Pakistani auto consumers deserve much more than what has been offered. All these photos were taken from various social media portals and many people had shared the same concern over the car’s price and overall quality of the product. If you have different opinion about the matter, feel free to comment in the comments section below.


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  1. ali raza says

    This article has omitted many problems in new civic which are mentioned in forum and needed to be addressed. My suggestion to author is to go through that forum thread, facebook pages and re-write this article. Pakwheels blog is major platform to raise such concerns and sadly your article lacks that punch which Honda Atlas needs right now to come to their senses.

  2. Aamir Malik says

    The customers certainly deserve better build quality and higher value for money for a car which is in the Rs. 2.5 – 3.0 million price range. Both the 1.5 Litre Turbo and the 1.8 Litre models have the same alloy rims. In other countries, the Turbo (being the top-of-the line model) has a different, distinctive looking rim design. Low quality local tyres and cheap, single cone speakers also add to the disappointment. A car of Civic’s in this price range should offer a premium audio system (including high quality speakers).

  3. Skt_Z4 says

    That what Happens when A Company is in Greed to Make Quick Big Bucks & Don’t care about Customer Care(The Most Vital ingredient of a Business)

    (Pr Qasoor tu un Shidai Customers ka hai jinjein Kon Samjhaiye jo Phir bhi Teeess Laakhh Phenkanay ko Tiyarr hotay hain!!, Akhir Ird Gird k logon me Show bhi tu maarni hai)

  4. Skt_Z4 says

    Brother the Main Fault is of the Customer themselves, who are so driven by their show-off factor in society that they don’t even bother these little things(it’s for them not me) If these customers are a little sensible then.. I like to say in urdu (Atlas walay khud seedhay ho jaiye Teer ki tarah Price me kya Quality me kya)

  5. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    it is stated in the start of the article that it deals only with paint quality and welds. Mr. Fazal Wahab is writing another piece to give his final verdict on PKDM Civic X.

  6. ali raza says

    I know it is mentioned above but the blunders done in this car cannot go unnoticed and need great detail. Paint quality and welds is just cherry on top of pile of s*** honda atlas is throwing at us. People don’t raise their voice and that is why corporate thugs take advantage of customers. Fazal has been active in that forum thread and shall be looking forward to his article. This trend of accepting compromises should be stopped. If they can raise the price of car, they better raise the quality too.

  7. Awais says

    some one wrote to Honda already or it will be just another public cry.

  8. Move On Pakistan says

    Honda Civic Turbo 1.5L cannot go to KALAM , BAHRAIN, GILGIT , HUNZA, RAKA POSHI , PAK-CHINA BOARDER , MANSEHRA , even MURREE for long days trip because it runs on ONLY HI-OCTANE which is almost rarely but even NOT AVAILABLE in HILLY AREAS OF PAKISTAN………….. kya faida aisi gaari ka jo itni comfortable ha k aap ko longest drives p lay k he nahi ja sakti………………. LOL and HATS OFF to HONDA……

  9. Saad Farooq says

    We, as a nation, should boycott Honda Atlas and Indus Motors to teach them a lesson! Otherwise they will keep looting us.

  10. Masroor Gilani says

    Civic is very good shape wise, but I did not like its interior a bit. It’s not extraordinary. Also rear floor hump is too repelling, middle passenger on backseat will be in constant agony, esp on long journeys. For me driving position was a big turn off. I felt sunk in the seat and and when increased seat height for better visibility my head touched the roof and I am just 5-7.

    Turbo is super fast, but hey see you on next speed bump, where you will be dead slow and zig zagging while I will pass over like a boss. Just joking. Speed has never been my priority. I like smooth and comfy drive.

    I sold my 1.6 to get new Civic, but when I checked it thoroughly at showroom, I was utterly disappointed, not a single thing attracted me to go for it. I did not not like its interior at all, felt cramped and congested. Nothing in this car screams: “forget everything else and bus lay lo.”

    Now Grande insha Allah after seeing the new goodies in it, esp the instrument panel and unbeatable fuel average and features like LCD and leather seats are standard. Simply more value for the money and peace of mind on all kinds of roads and terrain.

  11. Masroor Gilani says

    Those who can afford a Turbo Civic can also afford to buy a tanker filled up with hi-octane and following them everywhere 🙂

  12. Masroor Gilani says

    Jub tak Kashmir azad naheen hoga aisa kuch naheen hoga 🙂

  13. Guest says

    Quality of manufacture of Atlas has traditionally been better than Indus and PakSuzuki. (Gandhara were best but they sold only a few Nissans).

    Now the quality (as seen from the photographs) is _______. This kind of weld (bulging) is also present in rickshaw. Such an eyesore.

    The welds in some of the pictures look like the welds in 40+ years old black cabs. The welds in the black cab look like this because the cab owner who owns a 40+ years old cab can afford no better, otherwise (40+ years ago) when the car was new, it was perfect.

    Now I regret that I ever wished Atlas to introduce Civic X. 9th gen had lost some quality over 7th and 8th gen, but still it was better than the other (local) manufacturers. Soon 9th gen resale value may actually go up. And not many have been sold therefore the quality may go up.

    Once again Atlas cheated customers over Civic X (first asking for down-payment before confirming specs, second, coming up with requirement of expensive and rare fuel, third, poor build quality). But then it happens when they know people would pay them blindly, without knowing the features and build quality.

    Anyway, we can sum up in one sentence: ایٹلس نے سوک کے تابوت میں آخری کیل ٹھونک لی ہے!
    But then you don’t know, it may as well have been pre-planned. They have stopped manufacturing Civic for JDM, they may want to stop it in other markets too and just continue with the City which is a bestseller in Pakistan. Anti-Americanism is high in Japan as well as Pakistan. The “American” Civic can be shown not to cut “it”.

    By now we can safely say that currently Swift and Wagon-R have the best build quality in all the locally manufactured cars.

  14. Adyiator Gallagher says

    it’s $.23,000 in USA.

  15. Adyiator Gallagher says

    Hi Octane only is its biggest let down.

  16. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Agreed, some fanboys try to defend Honda, while I’ve commented numerous times on Sir Fazal Wahab’s posts that he isn’t against Honda or Civic but against what Atlas Honda has made out of it.

  17. Armush Mahboob says


  18. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Well, all I can say is very soon part 2 of this article needs to be published ” questionable interior quality” of civic x by Atlas. Instead of improving, I guess we are the only country where auto-manufacturing standard is going down in spite of inflated prices.
    After having visited the launch, I can safely say, in my opinion, the most expensive civic ever launched by Atlas is the most pathetic in terms of quality as well, be it exterior paint, finish, body alignment or interior. Its almost like taking the pictures from US model and rest doing it by roadside mechanics.
    For how much longer, people of Pakistan with their hard earned money be defrauded and looted in the name of after sales service ??

  19. Sohail Akram says

    until monopoly of Honda and Toyota is there and Govt don’t allow other manufacturers to come in and install their plants in Pakistan

  20. Mohsin Habi says

    With better specs and power

  21. FAW COMPANY says

    FAW V2 is far better than WAGON-R sir g…… FAW is also going to launch BESTURN B 30 in Pakistan….. aap youtube karen BESTURN B-30 , pta lgay ga k kya balla ha wo….

  22. Inzee says

    launching soon in Pakistan

  23. Adan says

    Great News

  24. Zuhaib Khan says

    Definitely, if all the hue and cry is real then everyperson who has bought one should write a mail and try to upload videos on youtube showcasing all the flaws. If there was ever a chance to get legal demands listened at, now is the time. Social media ka zamana hay, post your vehicles flaws on there official pages.

  25. casimpk says

    Consumers will still buy it anyway. Pakistanis are deprived of choices, & when something new is given to them, they just go for it. People were going mad at one of the Honda franchise, at launch day near my place, as if they were giving civic for free!

    All of these companies treat their customers like crap, apart from when you’re giving them a bank draft. Nothing will happen.

  26. asad says

    my dear PakWheelers,
    92 ron petrol is going to available very soon. So itsof no use to critisize.

  27. Bilal Shakir says

    Seems Honda has outsourced it’s denting painting to Suzuki. Lol

  28. ahsan says

    In Europe and u.s the production of 1.8 civic was stoped few months ago because of some engine issue and throttle body

  29. Syed Ehtasham Hasan says

    Our choices are limited to Japanese and… well Japanese cars. There are the Korean cars, but their parts are not easy to come by if you had an accident. The same model of a car in other countries for the same price will be pack with technological gizmos. But with such a monopoly on the automobile market, how can we change this? I mean the German brands are to expensive and the Chinese ones mechanically are beyond our comprehension.

  30. haseeb says

    Is Honda Atlas’s QC Department in a vacation???

  31. Guest says

    Please read it again. “…currently Swift and Wagon-R have the best build quality in all the locally manufactured…”

    Is FAW V2 locally manufactured? Or is it still being imported from 长春?

    I have sufficient knowledge of Besturn. Even when Besturn comes, it will not be locally manufactured, at least not initially.

    Please make up your mind about what you are talking, at least if you want to use the name like FAW COMPANY, and make good use of language if you want to leave a good impression. Not like 1/3rd sentence is in English, the rest is in remaining Urdu.

    In addition, do not insult the intelligence or information of others if you want to sell your product. Others have a very good idea of the “balla” you are talking about. Assuming others do not know what you know is demeaning and belittling. Potential customers do not take kindly to this high and mighty attitude of the seller.

  32. Guest again says

    Available where? Only in one petrol pump each in 2 or 3 major cities of the country?

    And you ignored the factor that 92 is more expensive. Customers booked a car assuming a certain running cost, understand? Specially there are customers like companies who booked 100 or 1000 cars, now imagine if petrol quota of 200 litre is given to each car per month. It is 12 lakh per month, enough to employee or give bonus to sooo many people.

  33. Ahmad says

    IS this a joke??
    what the hell what they done ??

  34. Guest again says

    We can change this through powerful government regulation. Powerful government will ensure public benefit even if there is only one manufacturer.

    When people talk about market competition, they forget the concept of regulation.

  35. Saad Omer says

    Making your article’s base on just the social media pictures, is non-serious writing. Your facts and figures might topple if they pictures you mark are morphed and/or fake. Pakwheels is a serious forum, and should support more realistic articles than masala rice extracted from social media only.

  36. Syed Farhaan Tariq says

    May be this is in Pakistan only where it’s known that these brands sells their B and C quality products as there are no laws and regulations about them.
    I live in Canada and here since last 18 years Honda civic is the hottest selling compact sedan and we have no such issues what so ever.
    When i use to live in Pakistan, i have noticed that even cell phone brands like Samsung, htc, lg, they all use to sell crap quality phones, and that’s true with every other thing because there are no laws to govern these things and since corruption is so high and every where that no one even care about it. It’s a sad but true reality of Pakistan.

  37. EHSAN UL HAQ says

    It look like the new model is in fact thrown at our faces instead of launching. I ve seen the new model in middle east and yes it is in pristine condition, hardly any recognizable flaw. Buyers should reserve all the rights to protest. We should get rid of this Honda Toyota Monopoly.

  38. Junaid Abbas says

    Honestly, I didn’t like the Exterior or the Interior of this Civic when it was launched and the images were on the internet as compared to the new Corolla. Corolla is way better in Exterior design as compared to this but also not happy with the Interior of the Corolla too. And now this type of Quality for Civic in the year 2016. This is bullshit but rather worse, Even new Suzuki mehran has defects in it but not this types of horror defects or welds.

  39. David Blaine says

    Called Honda dealership here in Texas yesterday and MSRP of 2016 Honda Civic LX is around $19000 with dealers offering $3500 to $4000 discount on each unit. This shows how much Atlas Honda has been looting poor awam of Pakistan with the help of lootter sahrif family.

    Pakistanio, wake the fucckk up and stand up for your rights

  40. Syed Ehtasham Hasan says

    Guest, can you explain to me what kind of regulations? And when will this powerful government take such actions? I mean these cars are out of the hands of the majority of people. Suzuki alto and mehran are also increasing in price. And most second hand cars now have mechanical issues.

  41. Salman Asghar says

    It’s really upsetting. I’ve seen this welding myself. Can’t customers launch some campaign for their rights? Is there any authority in Pakistan which can help these poor customers who blindly trusted Honda and paid record breaking money?
    I wish the cars delivered to the customers have no such issues.

  42. Ali Hafeez Azmat says

    JDM all the way

  43. Javed Jabbar says

    Honda used to be a good brand. But they have passed even the Suzuki in ripping off the customers firstly by not launching Honda City new shape despite it has been changed in 2014 worldwide and now with this pathetic quality built car.

  44. ameek says

    honda civic 1.5 turbo in indonesia and pakistan look difference in headlights!

  45. adnan syed says

    As these joints r spot welded and phase peoperly. But this is not spot welding. Its a work of a art at some local workshop. So the next thing it might crack. Where is the QC? After marketing team blunders now comes the QC. What’s next

  46. Badar Shehzad says

    I can testify to these pictures as I have visited two showrooms in Lahore and all 4 of the vehicles on display had these welding problems.

  47. Shaaf says

    Wow! That reminds me of quality issues of the legendary Adam Revo

  48. Maroof Zaidi says

    Honda is ripping off us (customers) by welding and painting in a pathetic way. They are offering international shape with local substandard finish.
    Customers should boycott the civic and whoever already purchased it, must claim for all these defects.
    Issue must be raised at all international forums. And there must be a way to protest to Honda Japan.

  49. Waq says

    I think the price is too much for a civic 1.5 turbo
    It will fail miserable u have many option in local and imported car in less price and better build quality

  50. Shahid says

    Honda pakistan is turning into just like our Pakistani government. Asking for too much and returning nothing. Promote Japanese used vehicles. This is the best way to put them back on track.

  51. Umer says

    this is truly pathetic considering the price that a consumer has to pay. but then again honda knows that the regulation here is pretty much non existent so that they can get away with this . it is sad to see the lack of progress towards breaking the cartel of these three japanese giants. had this been done else where for e.g. in america or europe, honda would have been slapped with heavy fines.

  52. David says

    Honda is Honda…. Thanda Thaar AC aur sound proof cabin……… ye choti moti body marks sy kuch ni hota…. Mein tay Honda he lessan…. It is far batter than KHOTA COROLLA

  53. Muhammad Yasir says


  54. Ghaus Iftikhar says

    Check out the Honda Civic launched in Indonesia. It has LED headlights, 6 Airbags, and a lot more features. In Pakistani version they’ve installed normal headlights, 2 airbags for front passengers only (which means this is NOT a family car. If you get into an accident, and half your family dies, there is nothing you can do), and stripped off many features. If anyone from Honda’s management is reading this – shame on you!

  55. Awais Khan says

    It is our fault that we still buy these cars whatever their price tag is, and weather its pak suzuki, atlas honda or toyota indus, they all know that whatever we make, people have no other option, and they are compelled to buy whatever the price tag is…
    there is no competition, bcoz only 3 sedan cars are there in Pakistan, Corolla, City and Civic.. so they dont have much to care about..

  56. YAHYUJEE! says

    Honda Atlas has been a disappointment since past three models of Civic. As for Civic models launched in US or Japan, those models are way too better, yet cheaper than what we get. REASON? Govt of Pakistan get a huge tax-bhatta from these manufacturers, and then ignores every law or regulation to control what these monopolists do.
    The best way to deal these manufacturers is to stop buying these cars for just one year! Things will start getting better. And if not, wait another one year. I think we can afford to continue using our old rides for a year or so more!
    Hit these bas-kards financially, the way they hit us.

  57. Foulad says

    If this is the state of affairs with the launch vehicles what should we expect from the mass production units. Terrible. The Corolla on the other hand is comparatively better made. And for the record, I am a die hard Honda Civic fanboy.

  58. Guest yet again says

    Multiple kinds of regulations are present in other countries, such as emissions standards, crash safety for occupants, crash safety for pedestrians, lighting/signals, mechanical reliability, recently there was even a new regulation in USA where the government required the new cars to come with a brake booster which can provide the same stopping distance with x% less pedal force.

    In some countries, governments require each new car that is sold, to be sold with certain safety features such as seat belt, air bags and ABS.

    Pakistan also has a few regulations which shape our auto market, one is the tax structure which distinguishes on the basis of no. of passengers, engine displacement and whether the vehicle is for commercial/private purpose.

    Around 4 years ago, government banned CNG kits and CNG availability. Suzuki and Toyota stopped fitting CNG kits to their cars, even though Toyota had recently had started to put CNG kits in Corolla. Now the ban has been lifted to some extent, and you can see again factory-fitted CNG is being considered.

    Government regulation was seen improving the lives of people when they required by 2012 each new car should conform to Euro-II emissions standard. Because of this regulation, Mehran, Bolan and Carry received EFI upgrade, cold-cranking on winter mornings has become much easier. As a result of the same regulation, Alto was stopped and Wagon-R was introduced in its place with a gap of a few years. Stoppage of Alto had another parallel reason, and that was a trade embargo with India, which again is a governmental regulation.

    Pakistan never had a powerful government. The power of state is only exercised through security agencies as tools of oppression and torture, which is a continuation of colonialism, rest the state is not interested in protecting public benefit. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is a distinction between government (which comprises elected individuals, mere ceremonial figures) and state (comprised of hidden characters called the establishment).

    In the rest of the world, there are democratic governments and progress is happening. And in some countries, there are non-democratic governments and progress is still happening. Look at some of the Gulf countries, China etc. Look at USA, India etc. Look at Japan, UK, Thailand.

    Pakistan has a long way to go … I do not have غیب کا علم to know when it would happen. But surely there are more complex national level problems to solve than having suitable enough cars.

  59. Guest yet again says

    And then it was resumed, did you know?

  60. sir says

    gaando qoom ko aisay he lotaa jaata hay

  61. GB Twister says

    I heard the US production is also being recalled because of engine failure issues. They’ve really messed up big this time around!

  62. Danish says


  63. Ali Abbas says

    Endorsed your views brother, at least don’t buy for 2 to 3 years or prefer to buy used one.

  64. farok sayer says

    Government of Paistan is supporting these robbers, Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.There are 1800 car companies in China why are they not given incentive to come and work in PK?

  65. Hamdani says

    Revo was a muc better quality considering the first car of the country. Compare it with the first car made by China/India/Iran

  66. Muhammad Ather says

    Poor built quality, inferior material is a trade mark of local car manufacturers. They are on last breath to make some handsome money from Pakistanis. Wait for the good time that is very near.

  67. Salman 2119 says

    They are literally bluffing with us….I mean where the hell there Q.A ??? strange thing is that Q.A never check vehicle before delivering it from Plant to Showroom…. I have a horrible experience of New City delivered to me last year where Doors color were not matching with each others…. Requesting for strict punishment legal policy be in place with heavy fines for such morons in Pakistan…

  68. muhammad amman says

    o kuch nahi hota ……………..8 lack ki suzuki lay saktay hain pakistani to in chezon say in ko faraq nahi parhta ……….we were dumb in the past ………..now we are dummer……and we still have to reach the superlative degree………… 🙁

  69. tauseeq says

    Bro it’s not your fault. You have views like the typical “pakistani awaam” RIGID. You like to stay where you are and prefer progress only when it’s offered to u in a silver plate. You have no concern regarding the safety measures. You only prefer the things that will get u the most amount of “wah wah”. Bro there is a life other than that too . Peace mate. 🙂

  70. Syed Ehtasham Hasan says

    Thank you Guest for the detailed explanation. I am aware of other countries regulation on cars since I have lived in a few of them myself. These regulations suit the fine. But emission charges are only useful if our public transport was ideal. It would encourage people to only use the cars during the weekends.

    Currently I am in China. Since the cars from other countries are almost 50% more costly here, Chinese make their own cars. Cars such as Haval and BYD are really good and packed with technology such as auto parking, brake assist (meaning the car will automatically stop if it sees an obstacle in front).

    European regulations unfortunately will increase the prices of the already costly cars. That is the core issue. The government lack of passion to do the one job they were assigned to do. And my prayers are that it will change and aid towards the development of the country. Though I am also happy to see the small changes, these are introduced way to late.

    My question was rhetoric. I do not expect you to know when the change will happen. I am grateful for the valuable information. God Bless you. Take care.

  71. Syed Ehtasham Hasan says

    We should also see under the bonnet. Is there a turbo there? Sounds like a stupid question, but it just might be possible XD

  72. Muhammad Abrar Naeem says


  73. Muhammad Abrar Naeem says

    in jase customers k liye hi to Honda ne ye quality nikali hia 😛

  74. Muhammad Abrar Naeem says

    satto pee k soo rahey hain QC waley

  75. waseem says

    This happens due to monopoly of auto manufacturers. On top of that we do not have steel manufacturers, only Pakistan steel Mill which is being looted continuously. Firstly we need many steel manufacturers then include some auto manufacturers. This will make the vehicles cheap & of good quality. Our beloved politicians won’t let this happen.

  76. HondFan says

    Paa gee towadey liye he tey aye Honda nikli haigi na…..khota corolla na lewo mein be honda he lessan jee

    30lacs As* se nikal ker agar thanda thaar AC na howey tey maza nai aonda yara
    welding shelding de koi fikar nai oye kaka, cabin sound proof hon chaheya da, 30 lukh rupayae ney akhir

    shame on you Honda Shame on you, coming from a die hard Honda fan

  77. Guest there says

    You already have a new car which will be good for the next 25 years. You can afford to boycott.

    What about those who have old cars, pre-2000. How should they wait? What about those who have no car at all?

  78. Guest there says

    Victim blame.

  79. Guest again says

    You must have seen that Haval and BYD catch rust very easily. Another problem is loosening of welds of front purdies resulting in negative camber. Low quality of manufacture and no robustness, Chinese cars are kind of disposable. It suits their fashion because Chinese people do not like to buy used cars. Most used cars are sent to the crusher.

    But the quality of manufacture of BYD buses is very good.

    If you have observed, cars coming out from local makes for local market, all are lower quality than JDMs. In fact their quality is even lower than what Indus and Atlas manufacture for Pakistani market. Even the Liana they make is of poorer quality than the Liana Paksuzuki used to make. The Mercedes coming out of Beijing Benz are of poorer quality than the Mercedes coming from Egypt (they have a factory there), or UK import. But the cars they manufacture for export are world class such Land Rover Evoque.

    Mitsubishi Lancer made by Guangzhou Auto Company and Soueast V3 made by the same company have marked difference in durability, even if they look same on the showroom floor.

    But definitely what the Chinese manufacture for themselves is a lot better than us, because we manufacture nothing for ourselves and rely on foreign brands to manufacture here or we just import used ones.

    On a sidenote, I experienced that the ABS of Hyundai Tucson (first gen) was far slower than the ABS of a comparable model-year Honda Civic. Similarly, the RPM limiter of Cultus is far slower than the RPM limiter of Corolla. Therefore, having all those abbreviations is important but the implementation of all those abbreviations is not equal, the differences in UX (user experience) are drastic.

  80. akhtar mir says

    Very true. Its the bribery, they do what they like. Thanks to social media today, they cannot buy everyone now. They cannot afford to.On the top of it the price keeps on rising very year.

  81. ahmer hussain says

    I tell the technical issue that is the door panels for all New Honda vehicles are being used from OLD Models of Honda Civic . They are re adjusted and r not in 90 degree cut.. If you chk all civic doors start from 1995 till 2014 u will see 90 degree cut joints vertical or horizontal welled and sealed by Machine ..

    What showing in pictures is Hand done jobs ..Shameful Act By Honda they should be investigate and sued against this…

    These doors will have very less life cycle and in case of normal accident from front these doors will titl and dislocate their alignments..

    I am the Honda Lover but after seeing this people should think other options…

    I don’t know why government doesn’t allow others company like KIA HYUNDAI …ther hv dominated the world market with low cost high quality cars ..

  82. Zeeshan Lateef says

    This is nothing new people. Take a look at any Civic or City made in the past 6 years – they all have this issue 🙂
    Sabar shukar kero aur 30 lakh nikalo! Ya phir 38 lakh kee 1.2 Audi A3 ley lo! lol

  83. 14th generation says

    when Paki Customers wil show others that they Got Honda 2016(1.5 turbo / 1.8) thn will good time to say them lo beta kush hogya ab gaandoo log chootia ban gye lol

  84. sarfraz Khan says

    The welding is extremely poor in quality and should have caught the QC eye. It appears there is no quality control and serious shortcomings may appear once these vehicle s hit our roads. However in Pakistan there is no watch dog to catch the manufacturers and they get away with many shortcomings in manufacturing and in design.
    I have a 2015 Corolla. The rear seat head rests are extremely uncomfortable and dangerous as they do not provide comfortable support to the head. Back seat passengers may suffer serious injury due to whiplash . Despite repeated complaints Toyota has not redressed the complaint.

  85. hamdani says

    Its not only QC its a Marketing failure also, their marketing has been non-existent and relying solely on self-promotion of the worth the brand of Honda has…

    Responsibility solely rests on who is heading Honda in this country, no check on Honda Atlas and no pro-activeness from Honda itself…

  86. Mansoor Ali says

    Good idea agreed

  87. Danish Sohail says

    Don’t buy this one, you already have a better car. Why give up on something better to get a poor ride at high prize, just to make sure people know that you own a new car? Even if you want to change it, buy a slightly used car after a year or so. Or maybe grande

  88. Danish Sohail says

    I like corolla interior, it’s strong and reliable. Soft padding and good finish. Exterior, not a big fan because of that rear height. Otherwise it would have been a he’ll of a ride.

  89. Insaaf says

    As long as we vote for the status quo political parties such as PML N, PPP, ANP, JUI etc.(didn’t mention MQM as its not a political party but a terrorist group) then the local assemblers will continue to bribe and keep high duties on imported vehicles.

  90. M. Zaeem ul Haq says

    It is the duty of Govt. to set standards of cars like basic features those are must internationally are charged extra here which is wrong. Such poor quality of cars with too high prices is not justified

  91. Asif says

    Matter of fact the Americans are nation of capitalism, so financing of automobile is best option to make nation fool. So t more you pay for a thing you buy than reasonable the more you deserve to be a fool as buyer from seller. Always depend on yours need than to pay for yours passion and desires in luxury items.

  92. Faysal says

    Can’t believe but sadly its a truth but how would civic capture the market after people knowing and seeing this blunder done by Honda . a lot of people would surely go ahead buying cz not everyone notice these things. They have a satisfaction , a peace of mind that its a brandnew car and came out of Honda so whatevr is in there .. All would be great… It would still be rolling everywhere very soon we will see and people who know about cars and especially pakwheelers wouldn’t buy like yesterday I stopped my friend buying this, he wasn’t getting convinced at all cz its hard to believe that Honda Civic brand new , newly launched and such a famous car so i had to show him these fotos and he was surprisingly shocked to see this and got disappointed and decided to wait for a while until they come up with some briefing or some positive changes in the quality ,fittings and finishing .
    Honda would surely face negative response in the market for this blunder and most disappointing thing is that its the first lot , a sample.. Sample is and should always be top of the line, everything all around but what have they done. Let’s hope for the best and wait , see what would be their next step.
    Shape and features are great no wonder .
    One more thing is that why pkdm Civic didn’t come with a DOHC VTEC , they are giving out earth dream which is great but they could and should have put in dohc in the previous shape at least.

  93. Raja Azeem says

    And the loot maar in the Pakistani automobile industry continues. But this time there’s a twist. This time the cars have defects in places that can be easily spotted! Very clever Honda -_-

  94. TAYYAB ANWAR says

    fuck you ATLAS

  95. Hammad Ahmed Khan says

    Any other authentic resource parallel to Pak Wheel blog?? I mean other news papers i.e. Jang, Dawn, Express etc..??

  96. Buzz says

    Buy two Suzukis instead.

  97. Saad Hassan Khera says

    This isn’t a new thing by Honda ;We can find various defects of this type in previously sold cars . Noone likes to insult himself by publicly announcing the imperfections in his cars……..Its lesson ,but still we have limited choices 🙁 😀 .Secondly, many people didn’t observe thing in that depth……….that is better for us.

  98. Xaib Aslam says

    So who Cares, Hum Pakistani hain or hum bar bar buy karein gay, hamein pata bhi hai k Hum itnay ziyada paisay dey k garbage laitay hain. Hamein aadat ho gai hai kyu k hum haq k liye boltay hee nahi hain. Sirf is car ka issue nahi hai sub cars ka hai.

    Agar koi Malaysia ya Thailand ya koi bhi country ki Car utha lo ap ka dil khush ho jaye ga. Per Pakistan mein Manufacture karnay walay bhi Pakistani or khareednay walay bhi Pakistani. To Pakistani ko Pakistani ki Okaat pata hoti hai, is liye sub kuch yahan chalta hai.

    Still Proud to be Pakistani.

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